Sunday, April 01, 2007

A Late Sunday Google-age

Well, it's late in the day, because of the Blog Exchange (did you check it out? Did you leave comments?), but we are going to manage to sneak in a little bit of Sunday Google-age for you. I know you're stoked. STOKED. I can feel it.

what are the different ways to love myself? - Well, gosh, there are so many. Most of the good ones involve props, though...

pictures of legs with pedicures gone bad - Why would you want to see these? Are you trying to get evidence for a fake lawsuit or something? You'll have to go elsewhere - I've never had a good pedicure go bad on me.

hooters girls without shirts - Seriously, don't you already get to see enough with the shirts on?

dancing skeleton that sings play that funky music - Ah, yes, I do have one of those. Or rather, my supervising teacher does. Long ago, I wrote about how we had a dance-off between it and the frog that sings "Joy to the World" by Three Dog Night - remember? It was tragic the day that the skeleton broke and wouldn't dance anymore. I cried. Just a little bit.

poem misunderstood anonymous - I didn't realize poems were capable of misunderstanding things. But keep looking around for whatever it is you were hoping to find - April is National Poetry Month, so odds will be better for the next thirty days than they were before.

black flip flops with silver studs - These sound cute! Let me know when you find some. And then tell me where I can buy them.

winnie the pooh flip flops - These sound less cute, unless you're a very small child. A non-ugly small child.

when life kicks your ass quotation - How about, "I hope life isn't just a big joke, because if it is, I don't get it." Or, "Sometimes I think I'd be better off dead. No, wait, not me. You." Do either of those seem like a good fit? They're both from "Deep Thoughts" by Jack Handey.

Diary of Adam and Eve espanol - Los diarios de Adam y Eve.

When we read together AND DARLING - I don't totally get the need for all caps at the end, here. But, DARLING, I love when we read together. Or maybe I don't. It depends on who you are. If you're Bubbers, then yes, I love when we read together. If you're that smelly homeless guy standing behind me in the line at Taco Bell, reading the menu from about two inches away from my face, then frankly, I'd rather we never read together EVER AGAIN. See? I can play the all-caps game, too.

we are all something but none of us are everything - Deep. Thanks for sharing. I'll stitch that on a sampler and hang it by my bed.

My education began with - ... learning how to write complete sentences? ... learning about objects of prepositional phrases? ... a harsh slap on the wrist from a very annoyed English teacher?

"eat your feet" - Eat your own feet, loser.

31 flavors sneakers - Baskin-Robbins has gone into shoe apparel, or so it would seem. I'm going out to get me some mint chocolate chip running shoes. I wonder if I can get chocolate peanut butter pumps. Mmmm... now I'm craving chocolate peanut butter ice cream. And new pumps.

life of an enabler - A new tell-all book, coming in June.

blank stares in toddlers - Something like this maybe? When I get this look, I think it means I've gone over the edge from "silly and funny" to "crazy and scary." It's a fine line to walk, I'm telling you.

DANCE FOR TODDLERS, MO - Boy, you guys are caps-lock crazy this week. Dancing for toddlers is great, but if you find them giving you that blank stare, you might want to re-evaluate your moves.

Life the Ongoing Education - Yes, that would be me. And thank you so much for joining us. You could bookmark the page, if you think you'll be visiting often.

lara home movies - Ha! Many of these exist. They will likely never surface here. I am, however, open to bribes. I mean, incentives.

help flats give me blisters - You poor thing! They do that to the best of us. You have a couple of options here: Invest in band-aids, or buy higher-quality flats. I recommend the band-aids.

My Dog digs in garbage - Hey, so do our cats! What does your Dog find? Is it as gross as what our cat found? And how come your Dog gets to be capitalized?

overdose on trident gum - Wow, that's pretty bad. Did it make you crap yourself? 'Cause that's what happened to some other wayward Googler a couple weeks ago. I'm becoming very suspicious of Trident gum...

broken wings need time to heal before a heart can fly blog - It's true, they do need much time to heal. But I'm not totally sure this is a blog entirely about that. Although I suppose it is fast becoming such, huh? It used to just be about the broken part. Now I guess it is becoming more about the healing. Maybe that's a good thing.

you are such a disappointment - Takes one to know one, jerk.

I am so honored by your kind words - I'm so glad. Um, which kind words, exactly?

boob sunburn - Ooh, Aly had an awful one of these some number of months ago. From what I hear (and the pictures I saw), it was really unpleasant. And apparently, Jase still teases her about the tanline it left.

And finally...

where's the spumoni? - Right here!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you squished in some Google-age today, dear! :) Made my Monday! :P

Anonymous said...

I just realized I haven't posted in a while.

Love your Googlage! Wait..that sounded wierd...

Anyway, thanks for posting it!

Anonymous said...

Ooh! I had a bad boob sunburn when I made the mistake of nude tanning bed hopping. The lobster red skin bikini is never a good thing.

Anonymous said...

OK! I PROMISE!! I'll do a blog on the questions you sent me! I've just been so busy with phone guy #1, the restoration guys, the plumber(s), phone guy #2 and Bert the tortoise, that I haven't had the room or the time on my blogs!! But I PROMISE!! I DO! REALLY.....

Major Bedhead said...

That's a lot of spumoni.

I never get interesting blog searches. I think I need to come up with better blog entry titles.

alisonwonderland said...

that was fun! you get a lot more interesting search words than i do! :o)