Sunday, April 01, 2007

First Steps

Well, my favorite post is the one from May 23rd, 2006. It actually has nothing to do with it being a great post though. It is basically very dull. It includes the picture of my daughter taking her very first step though.

This is that photo.

It has almost been a year and I am still in awe of me being there and snapping the shutter on my daughter taking her first step.

My blog is all about my life and my daughters, so this picture and this step to me in the highlight of it and the whole reason it exists. I hope you enjoyed walking back in time with me.


Welcome to this month's blog exchange. This month we are trading our favorites posts from our archives. I hope you liked my daughter's first step. Come check out all the other fun things happening in our lives over at The Life of a School Bus Driver.

Thanks Lara for exchanging with me.

And thanks to Jennifer for sharing this moment with us! One of my favorite posts is up at Jennifer's place today, so feel free to go reminisce in the past glory. And don't forget to check out all the other great posts from this month over at the Blog Exchange Headquarters. Happy April!


soccer mom in denial said...

Yeah for that first step! And congrats on being there with camera in hand. Sadly none of my 3 kids have their first steps recorded for posterity.

Anonymous said...

I hope to be so lucky to catch my son's first step in a few months. I always have my camera around my neck except at moments like that!

Anonymous said...

I so hope to be home for Alliclaus' first step, but she seems to save all her milestones for Papa, and Papa only.

Hopefully, he'll snap such a great picture!

ioio said...

What a milestone! Glad I could share it with everyone!

Alex Elliot said...

I don't think I have photos of my older son's first steps. That is very impressive that you were able to take a picture of it.