Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Care to Waste Some Time?

I saw one of those cute little quizzes on someone's blog a few weeks ago (can't remember who now, sorry), and it sent me into a spiral of quiz after quiz, just continuing to waste time. Fortunately, my time belongs to no one right now, so I can afford to waste the time. But still, it was a lot of quizzes. Here are my results, with nifty links to the quizzes if you want to waste time too!

cash advance

Get a Cash Advance

[Dood, seriously? College level reading? Clearly they're not taking content into account, because my sense of humor is way too juvenile for college.]

Your Blogging Type is Artistic and Passionate

You see your blog as the ultimate personal expression - and work hard to make it great.
One moment you may be working on a new dramatic design for your blog...
And the next, you're passionately writing about your pet causes.
Your blog is very important - and you're careful about who you share it with.

[Yeah, that sounds about right. Except for the "pet causes" part. Unless my "pet cause" can be myself. 'Cause then? Totally.]

You Are 73% Sexy

Your Sex Appeal Is: Extremely High

You're very sexy. You just have that certain something that takes over a room.
You know how to attract, entice, and keep whoever you want. You are truly appealing.

[I like how mathematical it is about it. "73% sexy." What's the other 27%?]

Your Stripper Song Is

Closer by Nine Inch Nails

"You let me violate you, you let me desecrate you
You let me penetrate you, you let me complicate you
Help me I broke apart my insides, help me I�ve got no
Soul to tell"

When you dance, it's a little scary - and a lot sexy.

[I didn't think I'd be such a scary stripper...]

Your Life is Rated PG-13

Your life isn't totally scandalous, but you definitely don't shy away from adult themes!
What is Your Life Rated?

[I have my R-rated moments, but apparently they happen off-screen.]

You Are 52% Lady

You're part lady, part modern woman.
Etiquette is important to you, but you brush aside rules that are outdated or silly.

[So I guess I'm 48% man?]

You Will Be a Cool Parent

You seem to naturally know a lot about parenting, and you know what kids need.
You can tell when it's time to let kids off the hook, and when it's time to lay down the law.
While your parenting is modern and hip, it's not over the top.
You know that there's nothing cool about a parent who acts like a teenager... or a drill sergeant!

[Was there any doubt?]

And finally, because shoes are on everyone's mind...

You are Slinky Heels!

You're an uptown, well put together woman
But you're not too uptight to enjoy a hot club
You're always the best dressed chick in the room
And you'll only settle for the best in men

[I think I'm more like sexy peep-toe pumps, but I can't argue with anyone who calls me "the best dressed chick in the room."]

So do these seem accurate? If you take any quizzes, leave your outcomes in the comments!


Aussie Boy said...

52% Lady might mean 48% "man", but it could also be "tramp", "boy" or "inanimate object to be used as paper weight."

In other news, having moved my flight forward I now have just 3 sleeps until I board the plane for Oz.

Emoh ekil ecalp on s'ereht.
Emoh ekil ecalp on s'ereht.
Emoh ekil ecalp on s'ereht.

That oughta do the trick.

Lisa said...

Oh my god, that is so completely fun! I don't have time now, but I'm definitely doing a couple of those later!

Mrs. Chili said...

I'm STILL upset that my blog came back with an elementary school reading level. I think I'm insulted...

Hanlie said...

I'm also going to be a cool parent!

Anonymous said...

Who has the time!? I'm just taking the sex appeal one. I'm not publishing it? How sexy is Elmo?

mks said...

I got sucked into not one or two of the quizzes you took but ALL of them

My blog is at the Elementary reading level....hmm maybe should use some bigger words.

I am Kind and Harmonious Blog Type

I am 74 % sexy

I am Closer is my Strip song too

My life is PG-13

I am 52% a lady

I would be a cool parent (I think I would be institutionalized in a week)

I am a big black boots lady!

Natalie said...

Dammit! You're 2% sexier than me! Oh well. I always thought you were pretty damn sexy.

My blog apparently reads at the junior high level.

And I am 68% lady. W00t!

Yuriko said...

Hey don't feel so bad.. my blog is good for Jr. High -- or was it elementary school? I forget. :(

Lara said...

nutmeg - elmo is SO sexy. ooh, baby! ;)

Ashley // Our Little Apartment said...

fun quizzes.

my blog was rated genius. pa-ha! what is that?! i don't even know how to SPELL that word.

Lindz said...

I totally used to do a bunch o' these all of the time when I was bored at work. Now a days, can't allow such vices. But today, I just may have to find out what kind of heels I am... and maybe some others as I watch the lighting of the tree in NYC.

BetteJo said...

I just like to say "peep-toe pumps". There is something very satisfying about the sound of that.

Teacher Anonymous said...

My blog was rated postgraduate. Seeing as I'm a graduate student, I suppose that it makes sense.

IMC Guy said...

These were great. I'll have to try a few.

I often wonder who comes up with some of these!