Friday, June 01, 2007

Birthday Fun

Posted by Lara at 4:47 PM
[Updated with the answer at the bottom!]

Recently, I attended a fun and family-friendly birthday party. The birthday girl arrived and exclaimed with joy over her birthday surprise: A Petting Zoo!

There was a goat...

... some ducks and bunnies...

... a pig (complete with chicken surfing on his back)...

... and the ugliest bird I've ever seen.

After playing with the furry animals, all the guests were invited to share some ice cream cake:

And then play (or watch!) some video games:

Sounds fun, right? It was, and I'm glad I was invited.

Your mission now, should you choose to accept it, is to answer this question:

How old was the birthday girl? (Answer to come soon!)



Congratulations to Seth and Lala for guessing correctly. Here is a picture of the beautiful birthday girl, cuddling with one of the bunnies.

Happy birthday, Steph!


Seth on 6:22 PM said...

Twenty Six ...... I've gotta be close!

Proverbs16three on 7:05 PM said...

i feel like its a trick question. . . hopefully 7 or 8. . .but i doubt i'm right

Aussie Boy on 7:10 PM said...

I bet the ugly chicken has a really cool personality and if you only bothered to get to know it before off-handedly judging it fowl based on its appearance alone I'm sure you'd realise the mistake you've made.

The goat on the other hand looked like it fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. To paraphrase the great New Zealand film Footrot Flats, I'm wondering "what he's gonna do for a face when the monkey wants his bum back". That and the fact that it was a bonsai-goat and would never be able to touch the net let alone dunk. Some animals are just genetic defects and would be best euthanised and farmed for their transplantable/edible organs.

alyndabear on 7:33 PM said...

Am I going 25? *thinks*


Sassy on 10:25 PM said...


kennny ramone said...

The name on the cake looks like Stephanie, and there are only two Stephanies mentioned in your blog: your friend from high school Stephanie, and Stephanie Laurens...Ms. Laurens spent her teenage years in Australia, and you've got Aussie Boy, so the answer is I don't know.

Teacher Anonymous on 5:36 PM said...

Just to be different, I'm gonna say 5.

LaLa on 2:54 AM said...


nutmeg on 6:55 AM said...

I'm gonna say 4. You're using reverse psychology here. And when is that aussie boy getting his own blog?

Aussie Boy on 1:07 PM said...

Sorry Nutmeg but I so have nothing unless Lara gives me a branch to grab a hold of. She is my tree I and I am her monkey.

Lara on 3:31 PM said...

seth - right on! and the first guess, too.

proverbs - yeah, 7 or 8 is what you'd expect, but nope, much older. :-P

aussie boy - hey, i made no comments about his personality, or whether i liked him, or whether i judged him fowl/foul at all. i just said he was ugly. the goat, on the other hand, was very cute, but may, in fact, be a sociopath underneath the cuteness. you never really know with those things.

aly - i knew you would like the cuteness of the bunnies. :)

sassy - off by two, but close!

kenny - you crack me up, kid.

teacher anonymous - way to be different! :-P

lala - like seth, you are right on. :)

nutmeg - sadly, no. reverse psychology is too confusing for even me. as for aussie boy, his comment is completely true. without me, he's got nothing. a blog on his own would founder in a week. trust me. he's better off sticking to the comments section at my place. ;)

Wolf Lover Girl on 5:34 PM said...

are you sure that was the "front" of the bird?

~ Wolf Lover Girl

Lara on 9:06 PM said...

wolf lover girl - sadly, yes. that was definitely the bird's head. its butt was actually much more normal-looking. :-P

mayberry on 8:01 PM said...

That pig picture is the best!

Carol on 3:35 AM said...

That's so cute Lara!I love the photos.Happy Birthday to Steph!


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