Thursday, May 31, 2007

How Bad is it When...

... I take the cat's napping on my research notes as a sign to ignore my case study and take a nap myself?

... I take the cat's destroying my organization of said research notes as a sign to just throw them all away and make sh*t up?

... I write a blog post instead of improving the crap-ass draft of said case study that was due over an hour ago?

Yeah, that's what I was afraid of.


Last day of May, last flower picture to tag the posts:

Despite the difficulties of this week so far, life seems to have color again.


Anonymous said...

Down with the case studies. We want YOU back and updating, girly! :P

Anonymous said...

Good luck on finals/final papers, Lara!! As a student myself, I definitely feel your pain (or pleasure - it's all about how you appraise it =D)


MDC said...

Do I happen to know 'said' cats??

Anonymous said...

Cats have no special powers to show us how to live our lives... At least, mine don't. They only seem to have the power to sleep 22 hours of every day.

Anonymous said...


I want a cat-nap too.

Good luck with the studying my sweet. x

Lindz said...

Oh geez the things I have to look forward to! Good luck and from what I hear, most people make most of it up :) Hang in there.

Lara said...

aly - i know, i want to be back and updating, too. :(

CC - thanks, and same to you!

MDC - why yes! yes, you do. ;)

tense teacher - you bring up an excellent point. mine also seem to have the power to severely piss me off at least once a day.

lala - man, just reading that made me yawn. :-P

lindz - yes, you're quite right. there is a lot of making up. isn't that sad? meh, oh well.

Wolf Lover Girl said...

I hope it's not the last of the flower pictures, I really like them!

~ Wolf Lover Girl

Lara said...

wolf lover girl - i'm sure there will be more flowers. they just won't be daily like they were in may. :)