Thursday, October 02, 2008

Oops - Sorry I Dropped Off the Planet

And then I was all, "Oh, I'll update you soon..."

And then I was all, "..."


I know, I'm a jerk. My bad! But on the positive, I've been totally MIA mostly as a result of my getting out, being social, and actually interacting with people outside of work. That's good, right? So you all forgive me, right?

(Oh, and look! More work clothes pictures! I've definitely started getting spotty in taking pictures every single day, but I try to remember most mornings. At least if I'm wearing something interesting. Of note in this batch: the day I looked like a student, followed by the Back-to-School Night outfit.)

Tpiglette convinced me to accompany her on some outings to help out our old a cappella group with their auditions and callbacks for the new group. I had forgotten how fun a cappella folks can be, and how fun it can be singing completely nonsense syllables along side a group of other completely nonsense syllables and somehow making a song out of it. I got to meet some of the more recent members of the group whom I really hadn't known before, and hang out with some other alums of the group whom I hadn't seen in a while. So yay for getting out and being social!

Unfortunately, it kind of exhausted me so much that this whole week has felt like desperate catch-up to get some rest and stay on top of my work for school. I guess what that means is that I'm still finding balance, huh?

OH, and Tpiglette and I also went to the "So You Think You Can Dance" concert this week up in Oakland, which was AWESOME to the power of AMAZING. Some faboo pictures of that coming soon. (DISCLAIMER: Remember that "soon" in my world may not line up with "soon" in yours.)

In the mean time, I found myself browsing recently, and thought I would use a few of them to give a sense of how I'm feeling these days:

My French students have been ticking me off lately. They talk ALL THE TIME. And not in French.

After spending time with possible new friends from the a cappella world, I realized I should probably wear this as a sandwich board whenever I meet someone new.

Oh, my bloggy friends. All the a cappella friends in the world still couldn't replace you. They just supplement you, 'cause it's harder for you to give hugs.

Small victories like finishing a lesson plan BEFORE the kids actually walk into class. Even if it a mere three minutes and 43 seconds before they walk in.

Because, hey - it's true.

I highly recommend browsing for a while and finding something you relate to. Leave the link in the comments so we can all know what's up in your life by way of a snarky jpeg.



flutter said...

dude. you have the cutest clothes ever and it totally doesn't hurt that your legs are a million miles long

Teacher Anonymous said...

Yay for getting out and being social! I'm actually doing that tomorrow night, after a long block of not seeing people who don't live in my house. They all got jobs and shit, and I'm all, "whatever."

Can you see my jealousy? For the jobs? Yeah, but not for their actual jobs, as the thought of going back into the classroom still throws me into fits of anxiety. Maybe in a few years...

Issa said...

Nothing wrong with being social. That's great in fact.

Cracking up at those cards. I'll just apologize to you, cause I doubt I could find my french teacher. But I was an ass in her class and never learned a thing. So sorry, Lara.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lara! Delurking finally to tell you how cute your clothes are! I just joined a community choir (haven't been in choir for years) to have a social out at least one night a week. It has been well worth it. So, Kudos!

Still Jill B said...

I am jealous. I am not allowed to wear "leggings" at work (never mind that they were "technically" footless tights). It's a blog I've been meaning to write myself, but haven't found the heart for it, yet.

tpiglette said...

Yay for lots of fun time lately! Thanks for being my partner in crime. ;)

BetteJo said...

Yay for getting out and about! Finding balance can be the hardest part of life sometimes. But you're well on your way and still adorable. That has to count for something, right?

Ashley // Our Little Apartment said...

You have very cute clothing!

I haven't figured yet how to have a social life in the grown up world.

:) Good for you!

Lisa said...

I don't have time to do the cards right now (so fun though I want to put some on my blog!) but I just want to say that perhaps you should take some photos of your shoes along with your outfits. I love seeing your work clothes but I keep trying to see your shoes, I can tell by what's peeking out that they are awesome and I want a fuller picture, being a shoe lover myself!

Lara said...

soon, lisa. soon it will be time for the third annual LaBloShoeMo. and then you will see more of my shoes than you ever wanted. :-P

Z said...

LOVE all the outfits! And the ecards as well :)

Anonymous said...

I love the ecards, they crack me up and all kids talk too much, I have a 5 year old in kindergarten that had himself a permanent seat in the back of the room, alone, facing the wall, yes ma'am.

I am a former teacher and my child was NOT going to misbehave at school, all I can say is nom nom nom, toes taste good

Also, on a totally different note, I write a blog called Mom is Teaching ( and it is not what it sounds like - it was at one time a pure homeschooling blog - now we are barking about all educators in every shape and it if you could fit us in...

nutmeg said...

OHH, I love the outfit with the black leggings. I'm glad to hear things are looking up!