Sunday, April 27, 2008

Honoring My Dad

Today marks nine years since my father succumbed to colon cancer. I wrote about it pretty extensively last year (read here and here), so I'm not going to dwell this year. It's on my mind, of course, but I don't feel the same deep sadness that I felt last year. This year, I'm honoring my dad by living life, not remembering death. I went for a long walk in the sunshine, stopping to smell (and photograph) the roses, smiling and enjoying life. This, more than anything, is what my father would want for me - to remember him fondly, without stopping my own life to do so.

Also? My dad would have loved Google-age.

"caught picking a wedgie" - You can pick your friends, and you can pick your wedgie, but you can't pick your friends' wedgies. Or something like that.

i enjoy humiliating myself - Do what you love, that's what I always say. Can you find a way to make money doing this? Jim Carrey seems to have done well for himself...

sue me i have no money - Wouldn't that make you sort of a bad person for me to sue?

trident gum turned my child into a monster - You sound unhappy with the change. Has it ever occurred to you that your child might be *better* as a monster?

pictures of me in my underwear - My dad would be so angry at me if he were alive to see these.

my educational priorities - 1. Learn. 2. Be cool while learning. 3. Get drunk while learning. 4. Get paid to keep learning. (While cool and drunk.)

why people with no education have life so harder - Because those of us who do have an education mock them for leaving words like "much" out of their Google searches?

Because I love you, parenting classes - Thanks! I love you too, so here are some "How not to be a dick to your friends" classes. Fuck you, friend.

life answer machine - "Hello, this is life. I'm out causing problems for you and all your friends, so please leave me a message. If this is a complaint about me and your relationship with me, please wait for a moment while I laugh at your pitiful self before calling you back and laughing some more. KThxBye!"

winnie the pooh fart - I've nothing to say about this really. My dad just thought farts were about the funniest thing on the planet. Immature? Perhaps, but I loved him just the same.

Happy Sunday, all. Go hug your loved ones.


Marcus Aurelius said...

Krung Thai sponsors Hot Chix Dig? For some reason that's just completely hilarious.

Mrs. Chili said...

Honoring those who've gone before in a way that also honors US does get a little easier as time passes. My friend April was killed in a car crash two years ago, and her birthday was Saturday. I stopped for a moment to be still for her and then went about my day. I think she approved.

Anonymous said...

Aw, I'm glad you're focusing on the positive this year. It's still so sad though. You must share those pictures :)

Mayberry said...

Nine years is a long time and yet just a wink, isn't it? Extra hugs to you today.

PS my word verification starts with d-a-d.

Anonymous said...

Wait...I'm not supposed to pick my friends' wedgies? That would explain all the weird looks I've been getting...

flutter said...

Sleep well, and gorgeous and whole, Lara's Dad.

Unknown said...

Sending love and thoughts and hope those roses smell as awesome as they look!