Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Googleage - The Bedhead Edition

[Lara here. Bracketed text is added after the fact from me, courtesy of wireless internet at Burbank Airport. Many thanks to Major Bedhead for keeping the place warm for me!]

Hiya. Major Bedhead here. Lara's asked me to do Sunday Google-age for her (foolish, foolish woman) and I've promised not to break anything. I have, however, rifled her drawers and checked out her medicine cabinets and, well, frankly, except for that half-gallon of chocolate marshmallow that I polished off, there's not much to tell. She's got a shitload of dance stuff. And shoes. Boy, does this girl have shoes.

I am now going to try to do justice to Sunday Google-age. I'm not making any promises, though. I've spent the entire day with my mother and step-family. My toddlers had no naps. And the game is about to start. Bear with me. (Lara - Blogger's not letting me upload images, so you'll have to put the icon in later. And the font is totally fucked up. Told you I'd break something. *sigh*)

[Major Bedhead - Blogger can be needlessly cruel sometimes. I'll do my best to fix these problems.]

[Ha! I am awesome! Problems are gone!]

Projecting shame
- Are you asking how? Because I totally can hook you up with a sweet shame projector. They're practically giving them away down at Guilt Guys. High def, surround sound. Be the envy of your neighbours with this baby.

Self injury lips mouth - Listen, I don't know how many times you have to be told, but stop ironing your face.

my grandfathers were tall im short - Isn't genetics weird? Ask Mendel, he could tell you all kinds of stories.

make bigger boat - No, no, it's "We're gonna need a bigger boat."

australian accent tips - Oh, don't. It just sounds stupid. Stick with your own accent. Own it. Be proud of it. Imitating an Aussie is almost as awful as imitating an Englishman.

stop high-pitched screaming - If you find the answer to this one, let me know, because my ears are about to start bleeding over here.

"how to deal drugs" guide - Dave's not here, man.

mom laughable moments - The internet would run out of pixels if I detailed all of those.

iggy obituary - Iggy died? Oh, man, that sucks. Pssst. Who's Iggy? [GASP! Major Bedhead doesn't know who Iggy is?]

hukt definition - Don't spit up a hairball in here; Lara will kill you.

spanky's mom - Sorry, don't know her.

spanky's mom undressed - You, apparently, would like to though.

johnny wears pantyhose - Well, you know, that's ok. Some guys like that. Look at Eddie Izzard.

mommy + 139a - Y'know, I really suck at this new math. I give up; what's the answer?

crafts to do for crustaceans - If you can get crustaceans to do crafts, I think you might have a real money maker on your hands.

nobody gets the perfect life - Ain't that the truth?

OK, I'm hitting post now. I hope I don't blow up her blog.


Major Bedhead said...

Thanks, Lara!

Anonymous said...

You nailed it, MB. (Except for the Iggy part.)

BetteJo said...

Love the google-age - and nothing LOOKS broken!! :)

Major Bedhead said...

I must have missed Iggy. I'm a post-Iggy person.

Lara said...

you know, i like having guests do the sunday google-age. i laughed out loud at multiple points, and i don't often do that with my own posts. thanks so much, MB! also, don't worry about the iggy issue. just be sad now that you know. :(


Guilty Secret said...

Hi Major Bedhead!

I get so many hits from people looking up things like "how to deal drugs." I can't believe people think an online guide is the way to start a life of crime!

flutter said...

mmhmm, you still didn't get "rubber sheets belong in every couple's bed"


IMC Guy said...

I'd glad to be back in the blog world reading your stuff!

Wolf Lover Girl said...

I think you did a wonderful job, and just like with Lara's I laughed out loud!

~ Wolf Lover Girl