Thursday, October 18, 2007

Don't Get Too Cozy, You Still Have to Click Once More

Don't think I haven't realized that my posting frequency lately has taken a turn for the NEVER. I do apologize for that, truly. Excuse the First is that I've been fighting the good fight against a particularly nasty cold. It's not truly horrendous yet, so I'm still holding out hope that I can emerge triumphant. With my luck, however, I'll probably be at death's door right when I'm supposed to go to Disneyland this weekend.

Which brings me to Excuse the Second: I'm going to SoCal this weekend. Preparing for trips always stresses me out and makes me feel even more busy than I am. Given the fact that I still haven't UNpacked from my trip to New York, the idea of doing laundry and packing for this trip is a little daunting. Disneyland will totally make it worth it, though. Among other things.

Excuse the Third is that I've lost a lot of my usual blog time this week. Normally I have a solid hour and a half to read your blogs and work on my own while the kids at school are napping. While there has yet to be a day where everyone sleeps placidly for two straight hours, most days only involve a few wake-ups, and they aren't usually a big deal. Freedo and Dino are the two usual suspect, but they fall back asleep pretty easily if I just cover them with their blankets and rub their backs for a minute or two.

But this week we had a new little girl start with us, and she has not had the smoothest transition. She's another non-English speaker - she speaks Russian - so she's scared and feeling very isolated right now. So far, every single day she's been with us, she's woken up crying multiple times during naptime. You don't know what adrenaline can really do until you have a child crying loudly in a room full of eleven other sleeping children. Seriously, all you want is for that child to shut up because if that room wakes up no one is going to be happy. So I've been spending way more time dealing with her during naptime, and because of the noise she's making, I've had to do more back-rubbing and reassuring of the other kids too. So instead of sitting at my computer for the better part of 90 minutes, I'm sitting down for about 5 minutes at a stretch and then getting up to deal with one of the ankle-biters. It's been quite frustrating, I assure you.

That all said, I have a confession. Even though I couldn't find time to put together a real post here for you all, I did put together a guest post for Elysa over at GenPink. She has put out a call for twentysomethings who want to give some advice, and I thought, having gone through a particularly eye-opening year, I might have something to share. Go, check it out, let me know what you think.

And to ensure that you go, I'm closing comments here. Ha! If you want to comment, you have to go read my (easy, short, won't take you long!) post at GenPink.

(And the first person who says, "I'll just not comment!" gets bitch-slapped.)


Oh, and apparently there's exactly one more day to vote for the Blogger's Choice Awards. Yeah, remember those? I'm nominated for the Blogitzer (the award for best writing). A lot of new readers have joined me recently and may not have gotten the chance to vote. If you'd like to, go here to do so (you have to create an account, but it's quick and easy). I'm not going to win, but if I get 16 or more votes (and none of the bloggers at 140 get any more) I can be in the top five! So go vote!

But, you know, only if you feel like it.