Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Mom- Er, I Mean, My Aunt

When my sister turned 25, she became my mom's "favorite niece." Mom decided that having a 25-year-old daughter would make her entirely too old, so she joked that Seeser would have to be a niece. Now that I'm 25, I've become her "other favorite niece," and she's apparently childless now.

Personally, I've always felt that my mom has looked incredible for her age, and I can only hope that I age as she has. I know she often complains when she sees pictures of herself. She sees wrinkles as flaws, but I see them for the years of laughter that brought them. She says she looks "tired," but I think she looks wise. She is sad because she sees what she hoped never to see - my grandmother; I see what I someday hope to become - my mother.

I've written my love for her before, so that's not really what this is. This is my love for her through photos - where I share with you her beauty as I see it. This is my mother.

Go on - tell her she's gorgeous. I know you want to.


Anonymous said...

Mom? You're gorgeous!

(I've always wanted to type it that way!)

Anonymous said...

Your Mom is almost as HOTT as my Mum! (I have to be slightly biased for obvious reasons!)

Your Mom's beauty also shines from inside, she looks like a truly vivacious and inspiring person.

Aimee said...

Beautiful! I love the vibrance in the colors on the last picture too.

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Your mom is blessed to have you as a daughter. Actually, the blessing is mutual.

Unknown said...

What a lovely tribute to your Mom... beauty shining straight through from the heart.

MDC said...

Your Mom is gorgeous!!! And you will be too, I promise....

Gina said...

I love the one where she is swiping the hair from her face! She is beautiful!

Major Bedhead said...

Your mom is beautiful. Gorgeous skin and hair and a fabulous smile. I like the hair-swiping picture, too.

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing this is Friday and relaxed around the office. I cried (shocker!!) and smiled and I feel like I could burst with love. Instead, I will go spread sunshine and wonderful feelings to everyone who is fortunate enough to be in my path today. I repeat...I am grateful God gave me You!

Lara said...

aly - what way? you mean Mom as opposed to Mum?

lala - i understand the bias, but i'm glad you acknowledge my mom's beauty, vivacity, and inspirational nature in spite of it. :)

aimee - yeah, i loved the way the boa and the background contrasted with our simple white shirts and jeans.

CTG - the blessing is COMPLETELY mutual. i love her so much.

tori - she's worth any and all tributes i could ever write (or put into photos). she's just that awesome.

MDC - here's hoping... ;)

gina - that's my favorite, too!

major bedhead - yes, i love how natural that is. she really is just laughing and brushing her hair away, and it's so how i think of her, just as she is.

mom - i actually didn't think this one would make you cry, but i'm glad for the "bursting with love" feelings. i'm glad other people got to experience your happiness vicariously. :) i love you!