Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fun with Google

Thursday Thirteen #16:
Thirteen Things Lara Needs, According to Google

This is a fun game to play: Type "[your name] needs" into Google, and see what the top searches are. You'd be shocked to discover all you're apparently missing in your life...

Lara needs...

1. ... to get laid. [Swear to God, that was the first one that came up.]

2. ... to stick with Brad's plan. [Who is Brad? And what does his plan entail?]

3. ... to learn how to drive a car at night. [Hey! I'm an excellent driver.]

4. ... some happy white pills. [I already have some happy pink pills. They keep me from strangling people in their sleep. Allegedly...]

5. ... to prevent herself from going under. [Under what? Water? The table? The knife?]

6. ... SSI prayer requests. [So long as 'SSI' doesn't stand for "Satan's Satanic Intervention" or something.]

7. ... a break. [True, I need a break from all this free time. It's just too much.]

8. ... to do something serious that isn't direct to video. [My acting days are long behind me, thankyouverymuch. But I'll consider going back to it, now that you've brought it up.]

9. ... to steal one. [Whatever that one is, it'll be stolen by midnight.]

10. ... to make a few gonzo pornos to update her resume. [Okay, whoa. When I said I'd consider going back to acting, this was not what I had in mind...]

11. ... a Friend. [And not just any friend. A Friend.]

12. ... to see the shot. [What shot? Where? Now I'm all paranoid about shootings.]

And, last, but certainly not least, Lara needs...

13. ... a hug and something absolutely wonderful to happen to her. [Now who could argue with that?]

So, what do you need?

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Teacha said...

i added your link.

I love this. . I did it with my name and b/c my name is so unusual it was weird . .. .

but I did like that I need a "spring break," "peace" "your help" "450 million"

Anonymous said...

Haha! Classic.

Aly needs:

*to accept that no one is self-sufficient all the time
*to learn that logic and reason are only part of the whole picture
*to do one (er, one what?)
*both her father’s skills and her mother’s stubborn courage
*our support
*to watch more Martha Stewart shows

Bernie said...

I might go and 'punch my name' into google and see what I get...
Great list, and do stop on by and check out ours, if you get the time...

Anonymous said...

I need...

"to stop drinking the bong water"

"over 949000 signatures"

"to leave the paintball guns alone"

"to be a Redskin"

among other things. :)

Aussie Boy said...

"silly aussie boy needs guidance"

Enough said.

Still Jill B said...

That's fantastic!

I need... keep my mouth shut about things I know nothing about. move somewhere that doesn't necessitate wearing socks half the year.
and many more wonderful things.

Anonymous said...

this easily made my day, i can't even explain it....of the top ten, my favorite are:

ken needs a penis (first one)

ken needs a tan and better hair

ken needs to look effortless and cool without trying too hard

(all were barbie related)

without question the two most appropriate ones are:

ken needs to learn the balance between being a great friend, and being a poor fiancé


ken needs to come spend a few days with this angry woman

jittacatgirl said...

Jitta needs...

"a drink and to go to the Bahamas and find a man."

Oh hell yes.

Lindz said...

You officially have a "hood." I don't mean that to be dirty either for those of you who don't know that masters grads get hoods! I am one week into the process of getting mine, ahhhh!

Lara said...

proverbs - ooh, 450 million what? dollars? awesome!

aly - you have my support! i'm not sure i can help with any of the others, though.

B - welcome, and thanks for stopping by!

seeser - yeah, i've been telling you for years to stop drinking that bong water. i'm glad someone finally agrees with me. ;)

aussie boy - let me be your guide. to the dark side!

jill b - socks half the year? that's intense.

ken - i'm glad i could make your day. and yeah, ken (of ken and barbie) definitely needs a penis. poor barbie...

jitta - let's do it!

lindz - yeah, i was excited about getting to wear the hood. i felt so smart!

Anonymous said...

Just back from a week with no internet and catching up. Apparently what Tali needs is... play rugby
...a website to sell her badass necklaces teacher assistance with all aspects of learning [probably my favorite one] from as many people as possible [awww]
...more power? [yes, the ? was actually in there]

This was fun!

Lara said...

tali - you sell badass necklaces, and you've never given me one? that's harsh, my dear friend. harsh. :-P

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... when I googled "Lara needs" one of the first things that came up (other than this blog) was "new breasts."