Friday, January 26, 2007

My Needs, My Rules

I can't keep it up. I think it's very likely that at least one out of the next seven nights I won't get a post up. It's just getting too tough to get one up every single night, while still getting schoolwork done and getting any halfway decent amount of sleep. It's true that I need the blog for sanity, and most of the time, I really love blogging. But there were multiple nights this week where it felt like a chore - like work. It's become something I have to do. I have to post tonight, because I post every day. I have to put up something good because if I don't, I'll be letting my readers down.

That last one's bull, and we all know it, of course. I'm not saying y'all don't like reading my posts, 'cause in general, I imagine you do. If you didn't, I don't think you'd still be reading. But your world doesn't revolve around me and my posts, so if I don't get one up for some reason, I'm pretty sure you'll still be okay. You don't need me and my blog to keep your mental health in balance. (If you do, I recommend seeking therapy. Because the responsibility of being your sole sanity anchor will drive me crazy.)

Sunshine Scribe recently decided to give herself a time-out. And while I'm sad to see her go for a while, I respect her decision. And I understand it too. When blogging stops fulfilling its original purpose, it's time to rethink it. And most importantly, personal blogs are just that - they're personal. Which means they're inextricably linked to people. And each of those people needs to put his or her needs above the needs of blog-readers. SS needed to take care of herself. And I need to take care of me.

Don't get me wrong - I'll still be here, posting fairly ofen. And maybe after tonight I'll be flooded with the desire to write all the time and the once-a-day postings will continue uninterrupted. But I wanted to give a heads-up, so that if (or when) the night comes that I think, "I don't feel like blogging tonight," I'll know you won't all be left wondering what happened.

Maybe I just need to put less pressure on myself to be a perfect blogger. Well, actually, maybe I just need to put less pressure on myself to be perfect.


Anonymous said...

I agree: sleep more, even if it means not blogging. When I'm not hibernating, I'm one of many avid readers of, which at times can go for two weeks without a new post.

Dallas Blue said...

dude. sleep more. blog less.

you need to sleep. period.

sleeping makes the world better. i promise.

i love you!

Anonymous said...

No pressure will probably help. :) I know I don't have things to say every day - well, I do, but nothing anyone would want to hear about! hee!

Take care of you first. We all keep checking back. :)

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

It is OK not to post! Notice my "Silent" theme for yesterday. (Yeah, I posted...but I said nothing!) Be kind to yourself. Even some of the most active bloggers don't post every single day. (I'm thinking of A Shrewdness of Apes and History Is Elementary.) Pax.

Caffeinated Librarian said...


Not that you're going to be blogging less, but that you're feel less pressure to be perfect.

Be careful with that sleep thing, don't go overboard to the other extreme and start sleeping all the time. Get those 8 hours however...even though I tend to have a hard time finding (and maintaining) the right sleep balance, when I do manage it I end up feeling WONDERFUL. I suspect that you'll find you feel better too if you can find your balance.

Lara said...

harry - yeah, sleeping more is important. not to mention just going out and doing things that don't stress me out, or even - gasp! - help me relax!

sassy - sleeping does, indeed, make an awful lot of things better. and i love you back. :)

aimee - yes, the lack of pressure improves things immensely. reminds me that blogging is not my job, nor should it ever feel like it is. i'm very glad to know, though, that you'll keep checking back anyway.

california teacher guy - i did notice your "silence," and i thought it was a good idea. i should let myself do that more often - speak through an image or two and not worry so much about saying everything i want to say in just the right way.

caffeinated librarian - well, i'm glad your outburst of joy wasn't at the thought of having to read my rambling less often. ;) i don't think there's any chance of my going overboard on sleep, given how rarely i have the time to devote to it. balance is the goal.

Sandra said...

I am glad you are taking care of yourself and blogging by your rules. No pressure will make it more fun.

Sleep girl.