Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Prepare Yourselves

I am drafting a series - that's right, a whole series - of posts about my experiences of the past week or so, and those should start showing up pretty soon. Those of you who have no idea what's been going on will soon know it all, and those of you who have known, well, you still might end up finding out many things you didn't know.

You deserve a warning for some of these posts. Remember the warning I gave you before
this post, about how it might be too deep? That was nothing compared to this stuff. Some of these posts will give you all sorts of details about my life and my emotions and a lot of scary sh*t I've been dealing with, and it may be hard for some of you to deal with. I encourage and welcome you to read, just read with the knowledge that this is not easy stuff - it was hard for me to write, and may be hard for you to read. But I am a sharer by nature, and writing about it helps me, so I lay it here for you all to see, for better or worse. You'll have to judge for yourselves whether you should avoid reading or not. For me, I need to write it. I need to share it. Holding it in would be too hard, and it wouldn't be me.

Posts to come soon. For now, off to bed.

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Anonymous said...

Hiya - returning your comment love!

It's nice to meet you! I'd love to stalk you.. one more teacher blog for my tally. *keeps score*

Whatever is going on with you, I'm sure it'll be okay. But I'd love to make a new friend, so I'll be back.

-Aly :)