Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ever So Brief

I really should not be blogging right now. Work is piling up faster than you can say... um... "Work is piling up." And I'm beat-down exhausted from all sorts of bits of life. But I had to say something.

I'd like to do a long post about the medium that is blogging, and the ways in which it is fabulous and the ways in which it sucks. And perhaps I still will, at some point. But I will say this: One of the bad things about blogging is that to retain readers, you have to keep on some sort of reliable schedule. If I go too long without saying *anything*, I'll lose readers. (Not that I have all that many readers anyway, but the principle is the same.) So even when I really don't feel like blogging, I have to put out the effort and get something posted.

Right now, I really don't feel like blogging. But in the interest of keeping readers - especially readers who comment, *ahem* - I will give you this little snippet: five people who've made me smile in the last 24 hours.

Mocha Momma, who complimented my shoes. She thinks they're pretty - isn't that cool?

One of my students, KS, who said I was her idol. Of course, she was saying it because I'd openly mocked another student, but it was all in good fun for everyone involved. Really, I swear.

Seeser, who is just good at making me laugh even when I'm all sorts of snotty, dribbly, sobbing mess. Thanks, Turdy.

CC, who called my writing "english major-y." I decided to interpret this as a good thing, especially since I was, in fact, an English major.

And finally, OP, who gave me a "phantom hug" in class today, which was not at all phantom-like, as I could see him the whole time and the hug was completely real and tangible. But still, any hug from OP is fine by me.

Thanks for the smiles.


Anonymous said...

Anytime. That's what big sisters are for. And since you're the best younger sister that a girl can have, I've gotta try my best.

PS - Ok, sometimes these silly word verification thingys are ridiculously long. I'm getting hand cramps!

CC said...

Glad to have made you smile, lady K =D Good luck on your work!

Anonymous said...


Lara said...

seeser - sorry for the hand cramps, but it helps avoid the annoying comment spam. and much thanks, big sis. you're doing a bang-up job in the sisterly comfort department.

cc - thanks, though work is not really happening much these days...

op - ah, these are more like phantom hugs. can i have a real one in C&I tomorrow?