Friday, January 18, 2008

I Live For Little Moments Like This

Posted by Lara at 7:51 PM
Today, some recent conversations with my charges. Just as a reminder, Older Child (OC) is almost 5 years old, and Younger Child (YC) is 2.5.


YC, looking at my head: You have red in your hair. Why?
Me: Well, I thought it would look nice.
YC: Oh. You have a rainbow in your hair. Why?
Me: I have a what?
YC, touching my headband: A rainbow!
Me: Ohhhh... I have that to hold my hair back.
YC: Oh. You have a shiny thing in your mouth. Why?
Me: Because I think it's interesting.
YC: No, it's not.


[OC, YC and I are all playing upstairs. They're pretending to be monsters, taking turns attacking me.]

YC, entering the room: Raar!
Me: Oh no! A scary monster!
OC, entering the room: Raar!
Me: Another monster?! Eek!

[We repeat this, multiple times, with the kids going out of the room each time before coming back in as "monsters."]

YC, entering the room: Raar!
Me: Oh no! A scary monster!

[Nothing happens.]

Me: Are there any other monsters out there?
OC, from the hallway outside: Monster #2 is getting ready! Hold on!


[YC and I are pretending to eat "ice cream," which is really a set of dry erase markers.]

YC: Here, you can have this one, it's chocolate.
Me: Yum, I love chocolate!
YC: Yeah, I love chocolate too!
Me: Is your ice cream chocolate?
YC: No, it's another flavor.
Me: What flavor is it?
YC: Magenta and blue.

[Most interesting to note is that the colors of the pens he was holding were neither magenta nor blue - they were red and brown.]


[This one is my favorite. OC and I are snuggled together in his bed, reading stories before I leave him for his daily quiet time.]

Me: You know what, Older Child?
OC: What?
Me: This is one of my favorite times of day.
OC: Why?
Me: Because I like spending time with you, reading quietly.
OC: Without Younger Child?
Me: Without anyone. I like spending special time, just the two of us.
OC, after a pause: This is one of my least favorite times of the day.
Me: Really? That's sad. Why?
OC: Because it's over too fast.


Damn but I love these kids, and I've only been with them for three weeks.


flutter on 8:09 PM said...

Oh man, they sound so cool!

gnomesque on 8:22 PM said...

Awww, that last one is just too adorable!

BetteJo on 9:36 PM said...

Oh you just have to have some of your own one day!

Hanlie on 10:26 PM said...

Now that's what I call job satisfaction!

LaLa on 2:00 AM said...

Can one BUY children like that, do they sell them at the shops? I want some.

Mrs. Chili on 5:30 AM said...


Anonymous said...

It's so awesome when you're loved by children. I feel so blessed to be a kid magnet.

Angela on 9:18 AM said...

That last one is the kicker. Now I'm officially a pile of mush.

Maxie on 9:28 AM said...

the last one was so cute.

I love it when my nephew decides to say something sweet instead of running around like a crazy person, lol

Maria on 10:35 AM said...

lets just all say it now, collectively:

i would so have kids, provided they guaranteed were adorable like that.

tali on 3:01 PM said...

Awww ... those kids sound so great!

Guilty Secret on 12:31 PM said...

Aw, that last one broke my little heart! Glad it's going so well for you :)

alyndabear on 1:11 PM said...

I love the honesty, hey? "No, it's not". Little cheeky things! :P

CaliforniaTeacherGuy on 8:43 AM said...

That last conversation is so profound! Amazing what wisdom there is in little ones, if only we big ones will listen.

the kaiser on 10:16 AM said...

Shiny thing in mouth = totally interesting.


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