Wednesday, September 12, 2007

You Know You're Curious

Many of you out there have never met me, and so have never heard my voice. Unless, that is, you heard me on Blog Talk Radio the last time I was a guest. Fortunately, those of you who missed it that first time and are desperately wondering what I sound like - or just those of you who want more of my dulcet tones - will be getting another chance. Tonight I'll be joining Kristen of Motherhood Uncensored to talk about "everything from mentally and physically preparing your kids for school, to what teachers would really like parents to know about their job" on her radio show. Many of her readers have already submitted questions, and I invite you to pop on over and leave a question at her place too if you have any. Or, if you're really feeling brave, call in to the show and talk to me live! All the info is at her place, and I have this great button below for you to click if you'd like to listen to the show live.

Tonight, 9-10pm Eastern (6-7pm Pacific). I'll be on during the first half of the show, probably starting around 9:10 (6:10). Hope some of you are able to tune in!

Listen Live


Reading this post after the show? That's okay, you're not too late! You can still head over to Kristen's page and listen to the recorded podcast of the show.


Kara said...

Squeee! I'm listening to you now!!

YOU're amazing. Yay you!

Still Jill B said...

Ahhh! listening to you take callers right now!

Amanda said...

Good luck!

Lady M said...

I listened to the recording (still at work during the live broadcast) - fun! Thanks for sharing.

Kennethwongsf said...

It might sound strange, but you sound exactly how I imagined you would sound like.

Anonymous said...

You sound like YOU!! And you were amazing!! The only problam I had was with the long-winded host!!! Excellent job!!

BTW, you will NEVER hear my voice sinde I had my vocal cords removed 25 years ago, although I can talk pretty well!!

I'm proud of you!! You have a lovely voice!

Lara said...

cape buffalo - thanks for calling in to talk to me! it was fun. :)

jill b - yay! glad you listened.

amanda - thanks much! i think it went pretty well.

lady m - anytime, of course. i'm glad you had time to listen.

kennethSF - i'm glad not to disappoint. ;)

r u serious? - awww, thanks! sorry i'll never get to hear your voice, though.

Angela said...

Now you're going to have to get a shirt printed that says, "I'm a pretty big deal on the Internet."

Chad Oneil Myers said...

Ok, I'm raising my hand, Ms. Laura!

I'm listening to your interview right now. That's so cool that you got on that Blog radio show!

I actually know a couple of teachers our age. It really seems to be a popular profession! One of my friends recently took the new school year off to work at an office with her mother-in-law. She's not sure if she'll go back to teaching next year or not. She has a toddler and says that teaching 6th grade was just too much on top of everything in her life, she was just too tired all the time.

Anyway, congratulations on your talk radio interview ;)

Chad Oneil Myers said...

...raising hand again...

"Darth Vader Mask", that was funny ;)

I'm sure you deal with a lot of stuff and have dealt with a lot of stuff as a teacher.

Lara said...

angela - awesome idea. i'm totally going to do that, and maybe, while i'm at it, i'll finally get my "i'm blogging this" t-shirt, too. :)

chad - a few things:

1. it's "miss," not "ms." i'm very traditional about that. as long as i'm an unmarried female, i'll be going by "miss."

2. it's "lara," not "laura". damn but a lot of people make that mistake. :-P

3. teaching's a fabulously popular profession.... until people figure out how HARD it is. not sure i'll stick with it either. we'll have to see what happens over the next couple years.

4. yeah, i thought the darth vader thing was funny too. kristen cracks me up. :)

Chad Oneil Myers said...

Ok, Miss Lara ;)

I know that both "Ms. and "Miss" can be used for an unmarried woman. I just read a little bit about it though since you brought it up. I guess "Ms." has a little bit different meaning behind it because of how it got started?

You're reasoning of being "traditional" about it sounds cool to me.

As for the miss spelling of your name, it was just mistake.