Sunday, September 23, 2007

Google-age with a Spotlight

"I demand a post dedicated to me."

(Well, that's one way to get my attention, I guess.)

"You can title it 'Yes He Ken: One Man, One Post.'"

(Catchy play on words. It's really not bad.)

"You can talk about how incredibly witty I am, and how I'm funny."

(Yes, and only a little bit redundant.)

"How I'm a healthy amount of crazy."

(I need to find a way to achieve that balance in my own life. I stray far too often into the unhealthy realm of crazy.)

"How we formed the most awesomest rock band."

(Yes. In our heads.)

"About how our conversations are like these creative sessions where we're just building things... thoughts, ideas, etc."

(Okay, he's got me there. We do have the kinds of conversations that really inspire me to do more with my life. He's got a dreamer's perspective, and it can be contagious at times.)

"I forgot: Include please that I'm a rock n' roll historian."

(Yeah, I'm not really sure what the criteria are for identifying oneself as a "rock n' roll historian," so I can't accurately assess this claim. He does, however, know an awful lot about music.)

Kenny Ramone (because that's who we're talking about here, don'tchaknow) demanded that his post be up tonight. Unfortunately for him, I'm not sure he realized that that would mean sharing his spotlight post with Google-age. But it is, after all, Sunday, so I really can't do much for him.

He's pretty much already told you all the great stuff, but let me see if I can share a bit more. Ken used to be my sister's boyfriend, way back when they were in college. I didn't really get to know him well, and when she ended up very hurt by their break-up, I didn't like him well either. He and I had no reason to interact at all really, but then a few months back, while talking to Seeser, she said, "You know who I found out reads your blog sometimes?" And sure enough, it was Ken.

He and I started chatting occasionally, and he quickly became a go-to friend for anytime I needed support or a laugh or a healthy dose of crazy. He and I have a lot in common, not the least of which is our tendency to emotionally channel Eeyore at a moment's notice. We can also both be big jerks sometimes (his word of choice is "asshole" more than "jerk," but I think the point is the same). I would never have expected to find such a good friend in my sister's ex-boyfriend living in NYC, but I'm so very glad that I did. I'm not really at a point in my life where I can afford to turn down folks offering to be a good friend to me. Especially ones who say things like:

"You can note that I like odd numbers more than even. Much more. And that I hate that all the liquor stores 'round me close at 7 on Sundays so I have to settle for beer. And that the Starbucks guy in White Plains supports my life choices. I think all that really encapsulates what it means to be me."

(Yes, Ken. I think it really does.)


Tonight's Google-age will be a short one, and we're going with one and only one category: the all-time reader favorite of...


freshman picture of divine world college - The number one quality of a "WTF?!" search term is when you really just have no clue what they could possibly have been hoping to find. The only thing I can say for this one is that maybe an image search would have been better.

f teacher's farewell letters - Typo or strange code that we don't understand? You decide.

"knee socks" "toes" story - A childhood favorite, of course. "Once upon a time, a pair of knee socks was wandering through the woods, and met a set of toes..."

"fuzzy sticks" cat examples - Is "fuzzy sticks" a euphemism for cat poop?

Monday sunday thursday - Not only are these three random days to choose, they aren't even in order!

blog tickling mom's feet - How the blog does this I have no idea.

holden, hester, and atticus - An interesting threesome, to say the least.

pictures of prepositions - Um... is that possible?

bloggy underwear - Do these exist? 'Cause if so, I want some.

as drunk as phrases - Are phrases very drunk? How do you know when you're as drunk as they are?

ugliest chicken picture - What possible need do you have for this in your life?

barbie fun at google - Google must be working hard to keep its engineers happy.

Grope #24 - There are different varieties? And they're numbered?!

"i look good" - Thanks for sharing that with the Google search box.

And, last but not least...

braces headgear blog skort - I was totally okay with this until "skort" came into the picture.

Any good searches from your sites?


Anonymous said...

when Lara blogs about you, it's like having the really cool kid in school say hi to you in the hallway

BetteJo said...

I wish I could say people find me looking up really funny things but it's usually about how to put beads in a goatee or being menopausal. And I'm NOT! Yet.
Kenny Ramone. Cool name.

Guilty Secret said...

Today I got "how to move on from a pointless relationship" - sounds to me like they're already moving on if they're calling it 'pointless'.

Also, 'how to deal drugs' - as if there's going to be some kind of online guide!

Kennethwongsf said...

For the record, I just want to declare that, though I happen to have the same first name as Ken (abbreviated without my consent by some intimate friends), I have not pestered Lara to write a post devoted to me :-P

Anonymous said...

wow, that's a pretty sweet profile. cute format, to boot. you're such a bangin' writer. let's see... i get a lot of janice dickinson cause i wrote about her one time. that's not that interesting, just lame. nothing like your sweet stash.

Amanda said...

"How to piss of a neighbor"

I suspect they meant "piss off" which I can do without even trying. However if they meant "piss of a neighbor" well then I am befuddled...bepuddled.

Amanda said...



Lara said...

kenny - ha, "cool kid." that's funny. :-P

kennethSF - not yet, anyway...

amandaD - at least they aren't trying to piss ON a neighbor!

amanda - you are just too cute. :)