Sunday, July 15, 2007

A To-Do Google-age

Well, we all know how much I love lists, so I have to make a little "Things to Blog About" list, just so I won't forget:

  • Meeting Mocha Momma, Queen of Spain, Leah Peah, and WC Grrlie at L.A. Angst
  • Getting to know Mocha and QoS WAY better than I thought I would at our little Friday night slumber party
  • Spending time with Heidi and her baby girl Makayla
  • Spending time with my brother and his baby boy Trae
  • Two wonderful gifts to honor my dad, and how I cried upon learning of both
  • My photo shoot with Mom and Seeser
  • How I feel attending weddings and watching wedding show marathons when I should have been getting married in, oh, that's right, six days
There are probably more things to blog about that I just can't remember now, so keep your eyes peeled. And of course, the fact that I'm starting a new job tomorrow can only mean that I'll have plenty of extra time to be blogging about all this, right? Right?


Get Your Mind Out of the Gutter

naked middle school tramps pictures - Um, hello? This is illegal. If you want someone who just looks like a naked middle school tramp, try Paris Hilton.

sexy sayings to say to your husband - "I shaved my legs yesterday and the kids are at the neighbors' for another two hours."

grope a boob - Save a dancer.

male tampon - This is my new favorite insult.

foot fetish about my aunt's shoes - This probably merits some time in therapy. Seriously. Consider the health of your family relationships for a moment.

i let him see up my skirt - I hope you had on some really hot underwear.

harlequin "throbbing member" - Sigh. Yes, I read these kinds of books. And yes, they really do use that phrase.

lilo and stitch private uncensored life - Their swinger lifestyle finally brought to the public eye.

Vocabulary Lessons

the verb mean - Okay, I realize I'm supposed to be an English teacher and all, but I definitely read this the first time and thought, "Mean is an adjective, not a verb." And then I realized it's both. Oh, and a noun, too.

grammar: nosy - This one I'm positive is an adjective.

another word for thank you - Gracias. Merci. Danke. In English, you could just shorten it to "Thanks."

another word for lucky in english - Serendipitous. Fortunate.

suggestions for drunk jenga phrases - "If you pull it out now you'll ruin everything!" That can actually be used for a number of drunk activities...

similies for said - Similies? Can't help you there. But here are a few synonyms: commented, remarked, repeated, replied, shouted, whispered, muttered, declared, repeated, claimed, stated, implied, snapped, mumbled, announced, repeated.

what does the word Dominatrix mean? - says that it is "a woman who plays the dominant role in a sado-masochistic sexual relationship or encounter."

what is another word instead of appreciated? - Um, depreciated? Or do you mean an actual synonym? In that case, how about valued.

how to pronounce macchiato - mah-kee-YAH-tow

what is another word that means goodbye - I often say, "Peace" or "Peace out." Aussie Boy says "Cya." I think that's the inner rebel in him ignoring the conventions of standard written English.

Audience Participation

What do you believe is the greatest literary work of all time, and why? - Come on all you English majors and teachers, what do you think? I'm going with Green Eggs and Ham myself.

whose 25th birthday on July 9 - Anyone? Anyone?

something you have done as a teacher that you are proud of - All you teachers out there, share your stories!

"what is it" chi omega - I will be SO HAPPY if anyone out there knows the answer to this. (And I mean knows the answer, not Googles it.)

Happy Sunday, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Boy, you've got a lot to write about kiddo. And I'm waiting to read every second of it, so um.. get writing!

(Hope the new job goes swimmingly!)


Anonymous said...

"Lilo and Stitch private uncensored life"?! People need help. ...I think it's time to check in with my site meter again.

Best of luck on your new job!

Anonymous said...

Chi Omega = Lara's sorority =)

You are hilarious - love the response to "drunk jenga phrases" and "similie for said" (repeated...)

Can't wait for those updates and good luck with the job.

Aussie Boy said...

I hope the new job turns out to be awesome. :-)

I do use "Cya" all the time at the end of instant messaging, and it's longer form "Catch ya" at the end of my emails. Not sure why I do, and I know it's definitely not a correct way to do things, but it's definitely something I've adopted in all but the most formal of communications. For example I end with "Catch ya" when I write anything to my former PhD supervisor, and there's few people around that I hold in higher regard. I guess it's just my attempt to informalise interactions and make everything a bit bit more friendly.

You're right that it does feel a bit rebellious too, and helps to perpetuate the myth that all Aussies are laid back, relaxed, anti-authoritarian beings who bath in Fosters and shave with machetes having figured out what time it is by looking up at the sun.

Cya ;-) x

Mayberry said...

My birthday was July 9, but I missed 25 by more than a decade.

Hope today goes well!

Anonymous said...

:) We had fun too...I have no IDEA what you are talking about ;)

Lady M said...

Glad that you are back safe.

Angela said...

Geez, your google hits were quite dirty this week!

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

It's Wednesday? And you haven't blogged since Sunday? Oh, my! Are those little kids wearing you out?

Aimee said...

Sounds like an interesting list! I need some new blog material. But, like you, I am starting a new job soon which I'm afraid will really cut into my blog time. LOL

Trina said...

There are some impressive searches here. I am feeling a little inadequate regarding my google searches.. I believe the last one was, "Evan Almighty, movie trailer". Not exactly thrilling or hilarious. Oh well, maybe I will just enter a crazy one someday and see if I make your list :)

Lara said...

aly - i'm trying, i'm trying. the job is going very well, but boy is it tiring!

tense - yeah, that one kind of grossed me out too. let me know what you find on your stats!

tali - sadly, that's not the answer i was looking for, though you are correct. i'm glad you noticed the "repeated" thing! ;)

aussie boy - the job is awesome... awesomely exhausting. i had no idea "cya" stood for "catch ya." learn something new every day i guess.

mayberry - well, you're still closer than anyone else around here!

QofS - drawing a tidy blank, eh? clever plan... ;)

lady m - me too. let's get together soon for a chat, if you're not too swamped.

angela - yeah, dirty minds seem to visit me in swarms.

CTG - oh, man. soooo wearing me out. i like it a lot, but it'll take some adjusting, for sure.

aimee - if you want to blog any of that for me, i'd be grateful. of course, it all seems like the kind of thing only i can do, but maybe you'll surprise me!

trina - it was a good 2-3 months of blogging before i got even one interesting hit. i've been blogging here for over a year to get as many as i get now. so be patient! they'll come. :)

Wolf Lover Girl said...

"If you pull it out now you'll ruin everything!" - just classic!

~ Wolf Lover Girl

Lara said...

wolf lover girl - if i had a nickel for every time i've said that to aussie boy... ;)

(shoot. he's not reading this, is he? i was just kidding!)

Unknown said...

Wow, what are rare and beautiful thing; Another 20-something with a brain and some motivation. I'm proud of you. I wish there were more of you around here. All of my friends are twice my age!