Friday, July 13, 2007

Join the Ranks

Posted by Lara at 1:20 AM
Mrs. Chicky recently went on a trip with her family, and while she was gone, she had some very cool bloggers come "blogsit" for her. The concept of having guest posters wasn't new to me - I've seen guest posts on many other blogs over the past year or so. I think it's actually quite a cool idea because it gives the readers something interesting but lets the blogger off the hook for a vacation. Everyone wins!

For me, though, I was thinking that I can't see wanting blogsitters to "keep the place warm" for me when I go on trips. I'm at a place in my life where my blog is one of the most important things to me - I don't have a family to take care of, and I don't have a 24/7 kind of job, and so I have a fair amount of free time on my hands. I choose to spend a great deal of that time on this blog and in this blogging community while I can do so. If internet access is possible wherever I'm traveling, I'd be checking in with blogs the same way others check in with their kids.

But over the past week, I've been realizing that not blogging for a while wouldn't be so bad. Hell, I'm only writing this now (instead of after I return) because I don't really want to let my blog lie silent for too long. Hey! It wouldn't be lying silent if I had GUEST BLOGGERS! And suddenly, I realize that the concept of blogsitters isn't as useless for me as I had previously thought.

So while I'm not anticipating another vacation anytime soon, I do anticipate another one someday. And when I finally take a trip, I'd like to know my options for blogsitters.

Anyone interested?

Mom and Seeser give this plan a hearty two-thumbs-up.


ffbgirl on 2:12 AM said...

If you need me, hit me up. Hopefully by the time you take your next vaca my post will have some cheer and smiles!!

ali on 7:53 AM said...

i would never say no to hanging out at your place :)

Major Bedhead on 8:53 AM said...

I'd do it, but I'm easy that way.

franz the mouse said...

I am! I am! I'd totally rock at talking about shoes and mushy feelings and stuff!

Um. Just kidding. I'd totally suck.

Tori on 3:30 PM said...

I am totally in!!!!!
I would be honored!

p.s. I did a google image search for Gem (don't ask) and your blog came up near the top!!!

R U Serious?? on 4:31 PM said...

I will, but I'm afraid I might break it!!!

Mrs. Chicky on 4:42 PM said...

Blogsitters - They're a good thing. Just lock up anything embarrassing before you go. Trust me, you don't want bloggers finding your stash of porn.

alyndabear on 7:54 PM said...

You know I'm up for it... :D

Proverbs16three on 9:13 PM said...

Sounds like an interesting idea. . . blogsitting. I guess your readers would get a different perspective.

Lara on 3:18 PM said...

ffbgirl - maybe posting for someone else would actually be fun enough that it would be a nice break for you from whatever's going on in your own life.

ali - sweet, though i can be an awfully shitty host sometimes.

major bedhead - are you cheap too? 'cause that's how i like 'em: cheap and easy.

franz - you know, the point of guest bloggers isn't that they pretend to be me. it's that they offer totally different perspectives. yours would definitely be different...

tori - jem is fantastic!

r u serious? - break what? my blog? don't worry, it's actually quite sturdy.

mrs. chicky - hell, i was hoping the bloggers would bring me a stack of their own porn as a gift.

aly - i was hoping!

proverbs - exactly what i was saying to franz! getting to hear from new voices might be nice. just so long as the new voices aren't so good as to make people lose interest in mine. ;)

Redneck Mommy on 8:53 AM said...

I'm cheap, that's why Mrs. Chicky asked.

I work for compliments and/red wine.

That and she had to agree to allow me to talk dirty on her site without threatening to wash my mouth out with a bar of soap.

So, if you want me stinking up your joint with my foul language and bad attitude, let me know.

But the same rules apply to you!!

Lara on 1:40 PM said...

redneck mommy - like i said to major bedhead, cheap and easy is how i like 'em. clearly you're right up my alley. ;)

LaLa on 5:16 AM said...


I think I would terrify your regular readers with my obscene language and vapid musings!

Amanda on 7:26 AM said...

I'd love to play twenty-something for a day:)

Lara on 7:56 AM said...

lala - are you kidding? "obscene language and vapid musings" is the perfect description for my blog!

amanda - you're sooooo on. :)

cape buffalo on 10:50 AM said...

um, yeah!

Lara on 12:50 PM said...

cape buffalo - um, okay! :)


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