Thursday, June 07, 2007

Time for Another Thursday

13 Reasons I'm Glad I'm Not a Mom... Yet

Okay, let me defend myself before anyone gets upset. I love little kids. And someday, I will love being a mom. This post is about appreciating my life in the here-and-now instead of wishing I were already there, with kids and a dog and a little white picket fence. This is NOT about taunting all my mommyblogger readers by pointing out all the great things I can do that they can't. Really, it's not.

So on with the counting of blessings...

1. I can take a bubble bath whenever I want, and I can stay in there as long as I want without anyone pounding on the door and demanding my attention.

2. When I order something tasty to eat, I don't have to share it.

3. If I don't have work in the morning, I can (and do!) sleep until 1:00pm.

4. The only ones I ever accidentally wake from an afternoon nap are the cats, and I can easily assume they'll make up for it in one of their 15 other daily naps.

5. I can wear brand new clothes without worrying about being the target of regurgitated breastmilk.

6. When someone asks if I want to go to Vegas on five days' notice, I can actually consider going without thinking about childcare.

7. At the park, I get to ride the swings, because I don't have to spend the whole time pushing someone else.

8. If I decide I want a motorcycle, I can get one and not worry about a carseat.

9. I can swear whenever I feel like it without worrying that it'll be repeated in polite company by someone who has no idea what it means.

10. My house can be decorated with as many sharp edges and breakable objects as I want.

11. When I want something out of a kitchen cabinet, I don't have to bust through a childproof lock before getting to it. This includes the liquor.

12. The only pooping that ever happens in this place happens in appropriate waste receptacles (i.e. the toilet or the litterbox).

And the last reason I'm glad I'm not a mom yet?

13. Being a mom really wouldn't be anywhere near as good as I imagine without a dad by my side.

How about you? Why are you glad to still be childless? Or, if you have a child/children, what do you miss most about the pre-kids days? (You can admit it - we all know there's gotta be something.)

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Unknown said...

Im going to be a mom late next year and Gods timing is better than mine. I just want to use this time to make myself a better person

Anonymous said...

That is a great list. Although, I am not childless (I have 4) I do remember the days of spontaneity and long bubble baths. Vacations on a whim and dancing in the bars. In fact, when my oldest was still little, she had bi-weekly visits with her dad so I could still go out and be crazy once in a while, however, now she is 11 and she calls me on every I do that isn't "mommy" like. So, I guess my "Party like a rockstar" days are over for now. But, you just wait until they grow up.

You did a great job. Thanks for the memories. I have to say, I wouldn't give up my life for anything in the world now but it was nice to think back on times without kids. Have a wonderful Thursday!

Teacha said...

after a long day at work full of noise and hearing my name ten thousand times, I can come hold to complete and utter silence. I can sit on my counch and enjoy the peace and quiet. I don't have to hear Miss A or Mommy over and over again. It is a beautiful feeling.

However, on the weekends, the silence is a thorn in my finger.

shelleycoughlin said...

I definitely enjoy my sleep far too much to consider forgoing it just yet.

Anonymous said...

Now I'm crying.

Dee said...

I miss sleep. And going to rock concerts whenever I wanted to. Now I'm lucky to get one concert in a year. But, I wouldn't trade my little monster for anything.

Anonymous said...

for me it's really the sleep thing.
i'd love to be able to sleep in. love.

Lindz said...

My worst nightmare is that I wind up pregnant early on in grad school. (I'm responsible, don't worry) but I honestly dream about it and freak out. Lots of my friends are starting families and I can't wait to be there myself but there's some things I have to finish first, you know?

Anonymous said...

Thirteen great ones, as usual! Enjoy the single life while you can. And when you do have a child, you will be a Great Mommy!!!


Anonymous said...

BTW, thanks for you comment! My foot seems to be healing already so I guess the meds are really working well!

Major Bedhead said...

I think I was probably younger than you are now when I became a mom, so I don't really know how to answer this one. I don't regret it - it's sort of like asking someone if they regret that they're tall or have blue eyes.

Anonymous said...

Sleep and silence are the things I miss most about my childless days.

Crimson Wife said...

Fun list! I think I'll snag the topic for next week's TT (with proper credit of course)

jittacatgirl said...

but, but... we have cats...

Stephanie said...

That is a great list and oh so true and how it was for me up until not that long ago when I started dating a guy that has two kids. It is definitely an adjustment...even if you love kids!