Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday is Back and Better Than Ever

For the last two weeks, I've been too busy with my course work, a shit-ass-ton of grading, and/or Aussie Boy - who seems to be a fan favorite around these parts - to actually write up a Thursday Thirteen. And, for the last two weeks, Aussie Boy has been kind enough to write them for me in the comments section (though he's yet to successfully come up with a full 13 for his lists). But this week, Aussie Boy is out of town at a conference, and so, once again, my time is my own. By which I mean, of course, that my time is yours.

Thirteen Posts I Meant To Write But Never Quite Got Around To:

1. "Stuff, and Where the F*ck Did I Leave It?" - This was designed as a practical post, wherein I list all the stuff I currently can't find, and whinge about the fact that I can't find it. Idea was ditched when I realized the list would be about a mile long and no one wants to read that crap.

"So long, sucker!"
2. "Best in Breakups" - After talking to Seeser about her recent breakup, and her ex's inability to move out without stealing a bunch of her stuff, I considered writing about how lucky I was to have a fairly cordial split with J. Then, while thinking of the cordiality of our split, I began to cry, and thus the post went the way of the relationship: into the trash.

3. "The Kindness of Strangers" - This would've been a wonderful post, where I praise a complete stranger for giving me a passing compliment and completely making my day last week. But then I met about four thousand other complete strangers who proved to me that humanity is exactly as I always suspected: soulless and mercenary.

4. "I Am Not a Stalker" - Wherein I try to explain to aforementioned bastard strangers that I'm not trying to steal their non-existant souls with my camera lens, I'm just trying to get a picture of that rose behind them, so will they get out of the God-damned way already?!

5. "Survivor: Kitty Island" - An Aussie-Boy-inspired post, complete with videos monitoring the progress of our latest home entertainment. Will Nora eat Tenny, or can his quick movements tire her fat-ass out before she gets him?

6. "Oops, There Goes Another Inane Comment" - I feel like all my comments lately have been the most trite and useless crap ever. "Oh, your child is so adorable!" "Oh, I'm so sorry you had to go through that!" "Oh, I know exactly what you mean about _______!" Seriously, could my comments be any more lame? I think maybe I should just stop commenting altogether and spare people my inane word vomit.

7. "Me? A Sore Loser? Never." - Poor Aussie Boy had to encounter Sore-Loser Lara for the first time Saturday night, and he did remarkably well with it. What can I say? I'm a competitive person, and it comes out sometimes when you least expect it.

8. "I Refuse to Cry Over You" - A touching post where I begin to wax nostalgic over the impending loss of my students, only to be reminded why I can barely tolerate them when I find them throwing melted Twinkies across the room at each other while screaming, "We need reinforcements! Send more troops to cover our flank!"

9. "What Do You Mean, I Can't Graduate?" - Wherein I try to kick my own ass into gear with the realization that I'm supposed to graduate in a month and I've done pretty much no schoolwork in over a week. Whoops!

10. "There's No Such Thing as a Sanity Clause" - I think I might be crazy: I'm considering taking a job that would be 11 hours a day, 5 days a week, being a full-time caregiver for twin three-year-old boys. I'm sorry... WHAT?!

11. "BlogHer: Be There or Be... at a Wedding" - This was going to be my lament about having to miss out on the fabulousness that is BlogHer and all the opportunities to meet my favorite bloggers. But I realized I couldn't write it in a way that didn't make me sound like a whiny, ungrateful bitch, since the reason I'm missing it is to be a bridesmaid for Teeny-Weeny, and her wedding is way more important to me anyhow.

12. "Giving In To Spandex Temptations" - It's not as bad as you think, really. I went a little crazy at, buying four new leotards, two body tights, a jazz unitard with gaucho pants, and a new pair of ballet slippers. Yeah, that's about $200 worth of temptation, for those keeping score.

13. "Why Aussies Are Incapable of Coming Up With 13 List Items" - This would be purely for the purpose of mocking Aussie Boy so that he doesn't get too smug up there on his pedestal. (A pedestal on which YOU all placed him with your adoring comments, btw.) I might still write this post someday...

Still interested in seeing any of those? I might could be persuaded...

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Deborah said...

nice list! especially 1, 2, and 7.

Happy TT.

Anonymous said... u've finally posted all about it...hehehe!

Anonymous said...

Great list. Your #7 sore loser post has inspired me to develop one about the first time I played computer hangman with my future wife.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Happy TT! I've noticed you took a few weeks off; glad to see you back.

Anonymous said...

Those would have been good posts so at least you got them written somehow. I have a list of the posts I meant to write about but just never did. I hope that wasn't too much word vomit ;)

Learning Team said...

same here, i have a few things which i have made drafts but never get around to edit and post them. great ideas you have here....thanks for the visit. see you next TT

Learning Team said...

same here, i have a few things which i have made drafts but never get around to edit and post them. great ideas you have here....thanks for the visit. see you next TT

Unknown said...

Great list...funny, clever, and so fun to read!

Susan Demeter said...

This is a great list! And oh I so could do it myself. My problem is that I come up with a good idea for a post, and then am either too tired or busy, and I end up forgetting what I wanted to write until weeks later. Thanks for stopping by, and Happy TT!

Aussie Boy said...

You've found me out Lara. The reason I've never managed to complete a thursday thirteen is because (shock, horror) I cannot count past 10. The whole mathematician thing is a scam. I'm actually a door-to-door insurance salesman called Stan working the Peninsula route over the next few months and I thought it would be fun to have some company. I was going to get nowhere with my true identity, so I naturally chose to take the coolest fake ID possible: Australian mathematician. I'm sorry you've had to discover these truths from the inhumane face of the inter-web-thingy, but as my father Chuck used to tell me growing up on the potato farm in Idaho: you gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away, know when to run.

Wolf Lover Girl said...

I have written down a list of items that I want to post. Funny.

Oh and I know you'll hate me for this... AussieBoy... just funny.

~ Wolf Lover Girl

tpiglette said...

I do feel very bad about the conflict with BlogHer! :( But given that I have to be back at school two weeks after that weekend, and Brian's sister's wedding is only three weeks before (her date was set well before ours), we were really penned into that weekend being our only real option. I know going to BlogHer would've meant a lot to you. :(

Thank you for still choosing to be in our wedding even given the conflict, though! It really means a lot to me, and of course you get all the credit for introducing us to each other.

(By the way, and I only mention this because you are an English teacher and would probably prefer to fix it -- there's a misspelling in #13 about Aussie Boy's smug location. At first I thought it was just a typo, and then when you wrote it twice I thought it might be an uncontrollable repeating finger spasm. You know, whatever makes the most sense.)

Major Bedhead said...

Why, oh why are there t-shirts on your cats? I can see their little brains plotting ways to get back at you. They're both thinking "If I only had opposable thumbs...."

Oh, also a very sore loser.

jittacatgirl said...


or at least tolerate them.

i trained them since they were kittens to tolerate harnesses, collars, leashes, and clothes, for practical purposes.

so yes, they wear shirts occasionally.

and at halloween, they have costumes.

sue me.

Anonymous said...

Must check out discount dance for new ballet slippers. I wore mine with a Halloween costume and they are ICKY.
Yeah for a new shopping site.

Please keep commenting - that's how we know you love us! :)

And you know I'd read any of those posts. :) hehe.

Anonymous said...

They all sound wonderful. I wish you had posted them all. There's still time!

Lara said...

deborah - thanks! number 1 is my favorite. :)

jenny - indeed. it was a sneaky way to get them all done, in at least the cliff's notes version.

pistol pete - computer hangman, huh? good times. i look forward to it.

susan - i did take some time away, yes. but i'm glad to be back!

slackingoverachiever - nope, no word vomit here. i'm glad i got to post them too. you should do a TT about yours!

mm del rosario - i have some drafts waiting as well, but once they're drafts i plan to get them up at some point. these were more like just ideas i had but never wrote.

tori - that's generally what i'm aiming for! :)

sue - i started keeping a notebook with me at all times expressly for the purpose of writing down blog ideas so i wouldn't forget them later. try it!

aussie boy - *gasp* you fraud! i knew finding an australian mathematician was too good to be true.

wolf lover girl - ssshh! don't inflate his ego any more!

tpiglette - i know, don't worry. i'm not mad or anything, and i don't resent you at all for having the wedding that weekend. i'm sad that i couldn't attend both, but i would never even consider missing your wedding. also, thanks for the spelling correction. i actually just didn't know how to spell that word correctly, apparently. :) but now i do!

major bedhead - i refer you to jitta's comment, since she's the one who dresses them...

jitta - they wear shirts for our amusement, admit it. :-P

aimee - yes, is awesome. must shop there more often myself. and yes, i'll keep commenting, of course, because yes, i do love you guys. :)

nicholas - well, in a way, i did post them all. :-P maybe i'll keep them in mind for later.