Monday, March 12, 2007


A little while ago, I finally took a small step towards something I've actually been thinking about for a year or more. For all those months, I've tossed around the idea of getting more serious about photography. Not as a job, by any means - just as a more regular hobby. In practical terms this meant I wanted to start taking more pictures, but it also meant finding a way to work with better equipment. My little digital point-and-shoot is nice and all, but I wanted something better.

Enter Baleeted, photography expert and dear friend of mine. He talked to me quite a bit about ways to start experimenting with light, angles, focus, and frames. Some good pictures came out of that talk, in my opinion. More importantly, however, he agreed to loan me one of his older cameras to play around with for a while. That made me very happy, and I was excited to begin.

Unfortunately, the concept of "free time" is not so familiar to me these days, so it took me a long time to even begin practicing. But once I did, I was really loving it. My college campus is absolutely beautiful, so I took advantage of the fabulous weather this weekend to go for a walk with Tali and K., and we snapped lots of photos and generally had a great time.

Here are some of my favorite Rodin sculpture pics:

So, what do you think? Could photography be my new artistic endeavor?


Still Jill B said...

I think photography is nearly everyone's endeavor if they'd only find what aspect of it sings to them. There is so much possibility, and who DOESN'T want a chance to show the world what they see?
Good job, girl!

Anonymous said...

They're beautiful!

Lady M said...

That's quite a nice first portfolio! Looking forward to seeing more.

TSM Oregon said...

Photography is a fabulous outlet, and makes you view the world differently. You'll love it.

On a side note, you never msg'd me about how you track your searches and stuff-some big blogging secret, I'm sure. Drop me a line! tracymort at

Teacher Anonymous said...

I like 'em! Actually, a lot of the decorations on my walls are photos taken by either myself or my sister, so I think I just have a fondness for photography in general.

Anonymous said...

ohmigosh! yes! and let me live vicariously through you. i would love to take up photography!

Anonymous said...

I'm not nearly that talented.
I'll leave the photoging to you. :)hee.

Angela said...

I've been salivating over a nicer camera for a long time. A point and shoot, while nice and convenient, just doesn't quite cut it. Your pics are great!

Anonymous said...

Great photos Lara! I'm glad to see you're getting out there and exploring the world through a new lens (pun intended)... we'll have to compare notes sometime. Happy snapping!

Lara said...

jill b - it's true that there is much possibility in the area of photography. i'm excited by all the prospects, which is why it's so much fun for me!

jen - thanks!

lady m - thank you so much. your little one makes an excellent subject too, so maybe i'll take lots of pics of him and share with you.

TSM - i'm loving it already, actually. and you're totally right in that it makes me see the world differently... much like blogging did.

teacher anonymous - yeah, i think i may start using them as decorations as well. some of them are pretty darn good, IMO.

ali - okay! you are totally welcome to live vicariously through my hobbies. :)

aimee - you're more talented than you give yourself credit for. i've seen your pics. and honestly, a really high-quality camera makes a huge difference.

angela - yes, i'm definitely loving the nicer camera. point-and-shoots have their place, but the better camera is awesome. i think i may be too spoiled to ever use a regular one again. :-p

baleeted - yes, we definitely must talk again. i already have more questions to ask you. thanks so much for the loan! i am loving it, as you can see.