Monday, December 04, 2006

Six Things You REALLY Didn't Need to Know About Me

I actually saw this meme a long time ago on some random blog, and took note of it to save it for a rainy day (or just a low inspiration day). I started drafting it a couple days ago, and then wouldn’t you know it? Caffeinated Librarian did it just yesterday. She didn’t actually tag me (or anyone, for that matter) to do it, but I’d already started it, and I’m going to do it with or without a tag. So there. On with the strange facts about Lara:

1. When I’m in a lot of physical pain, I often laugh. Mostly when the pain strikes very suddenly for whatever reason – like when I stub my toe really hard, or slam my hand in a door or something. It’s tough sometimes, because people see me laughing and think it means that it must not hurt very much, when, in fact, it means quite the opposite. I was reminded of this yesterday when I got a blinding pain in my eye all of a sudden – fortunately, it didn’t last very long, but still, it hurt like hell for those few moments – and I was just cracking up alone in my room, occasionally interrupting the laughter with cries of “Ow!” or “Damnit!”

2. I don’t run for things. Ever. Like, if I were walking to the train station, and I saw the train pull up when I was still across the street, and I knew if I missed it I would have to wait an hour for the next one, I still wouldn’t run to catch it. I would walk quickly, but if I missed it, I would wait the hour. This stems from my lifelong aversion to doing anything that might make me appear foolish in front of other people.

3. I cannot stand to have my back to a room. When I sit down in restaurants, I always have to have my back to a wall, preferably a corner. In classrooms, I never sit with my back to the door if possible. Some sort of strange mafia instincts, I guess, but I just can’t do it. The other day, I was working in my program’s small library, and a colleague came in to work and sat facing the wall with his back to me and the entire room. I couldn’t understand how he wasn’t incredibly nervous the entire time, ‘cause I sure would have been. Me? I was safely seated with my back to a corner of books.

4. No matter how unhappy I am, watching Horse Feathers is all but guaranteed to break me out of my funk. That movie is HILARIOUS – seriously. So many awesome lines, all with amazing delivery. What a classic flick. Other things that can pretty much always cheer me up: the MNF theme song, cute images of penguins, spending time with Ladybug, and retail therapy.

5. I am pretty much incapable of peeing if I think anyone is listening to me. Even in a public restroom, where there are only complete strangers – if it’s quiet enough in the room, I just can’t do it. Okay, sure, if I’ve been holding it for six hours after drinking a quadruple espresso and a bottle of water, then I’ll probably be able to go no matter who’s around and listening. But in general, I just can’t pee with an audience. I just can’t.

6. I am terrified to call people on the phone. There are a very few exceptions to this: Mom, Seeser, J., and… um… that’s it. Honestly. Calling anyone else will make my heart start pounding and my throat get dry and my hands get clammy and I just spend the whole time thinking “Please don’t answer” because I have irrational fears that they won’t know who I am or they’ll be busy and I’ll be bothering them or I’ll get confused and accidentally make some horribly embarrassing mistake like confuse a male voice for female or vice versa and then this person will hate me forever and why oh why did I have to make this phone call in the first place? And yes, I have these fears even when I’m calling to order pizza or make a doctor’s appointment. I am an equal opportunity coward.

So - how many of those did you already know?


Before we get to today’s shoes, two minor notes that occurred to me. Firstly, is anyone else here feeling the pressure mount as the string of daily posts continues? I’m just saying, the longer I go with posting every day, the bigger a deal it’s going to be the one day I actually don’t. Of course, for now, at least, I’m sort of locked in by this pair-a-day shoe posting gig. But come January, who’s to say what will happen? I just hope everyone doesn't abandon ship the one day I miss a post...

Secondly, it occurs to me that when I said Dre was a "bad influence on me" in this post, people may have gotten the wrong idea, and I feel the need to set the record straight on yet another person’s behalf. It’s funny, actually, because I generally try to be pretty cognizant of what I say about other people on this blog – I may be open about myself, but I try to respect other people’s privacy. At any rate, when I mentioned that about Dre, I was mostly referring to the fact that he and I packed up our study materials, left the library, drove around for a bit, then sat in the car chatting for about an hour. Sat around chatting instead of either doing more work or getting some sleep, both of which we probably should have done. However, whether or not he was a “bad influence” is probably up for debate, since as much as I had work to do and was tired the next day, I needed that time to talk pretty badly too. So thanks, Dre. Sorry if I accidentally slandered your good name.


On to LaBloShoeMo, Day 4: Black Flower Heels

Lady M and I were at a dance rehearsal one night when she commented that I had “great legs for redowa.” In a rare moment for me, I decided not to be self-deprecating, and responded jokingly, “No, I just have great legs.” We chuckled about it, but I have to say that even in my down moments, I will admit that my legs are possibly my best physical asset… or close, at any rate. When taking pictures of my shoes for LaBloShoeMo, Mom and I decided to capture these with a little leg context to go with them. These three inch heels are excellent for showing off the gams, and – best of all? – they’re actually very comfortable. Of course, the “three-inch” part of the three-inch heels puts me darn close to six feet, but maybe being freakishly tall is a worthwhile trade for nice legs. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

holy mother of sassy legs, friend!

i, too, fear phone calls.

i worked for a presidential campaign where my entire job was to call people and ask them to vote for my guy.

oh, the terror.

never. again.

Anonymous said...

Sexy legs, momma!

Those shoes look ready for Broadway, super cute. I have noone to take my shots for me right now, so mine are terribly "self-taken".

And I know what you mean; but in January, I'll be away for three weeks, so my blog will be having a resting period then!

Mary P. said...

Quelle legs, there, lady!

I share point 2, but for me it's because, ever since child two shot out of my body in less than an hour and a half, weighing in at just under 10 pounds, running = peeing. Just not worth it.

And point 3, mostly because I am hugely distractable. (But sitting with my back to a door in a strange place? Creeps me out.) If I want to have a sensible conversation with my dinner-mate, I'd better put my back to the room, otherwise conversation is full of "Ooo! something shiny!" at irregular intervals.

Anonymous said...

Damn! You really are my long lost twin! (Never mind that you're like what, ten years younger than me. Details. Details.)

Let's see I do 2, 3 (I like to think I was a gunslinger in a previous life), 5, and 6. Good list.

And Good God! How are you not arrested with those legs. They oughta be illegal! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Here I was, replying to your comment on my own blog. Silly Tali. I should clearly be repaying your comment by commenting back!

So yes, a Sunday outing would be nice. Us gals only, or K. too?

And those shoes (and legs) are H-O-T!

Lara said...

*bah... apparently now that i've switched to beta, some of my commenters have magically become "anonymous"... that's an unforseen annoyance.*

*also, one-time send-out of "thanks!" to you all for saying i have hot legs. now, if only some available men could come here and say that... ;)*

sassy - ugh... i'm shuddering just imagining how awful that must have been, having to call people all the time. i would never have survived it.

aly - yeah, fortunately, i had my mom take some pics for me when i visited her, and J. has taken some since i got home. but many have been "self-taken" as well. it can be way tough. also - boo to an extended blog break from aly! what will i do with myself for three whole weeks sans aly posts?! :(

mary p. - ah, but then running would solve my problem #5 (not being able to pee with others around), so i guess it's a trade-off. and if i have my back to the room, i'm distracted the whole time by looking over my shoulder for mafia hit men coming to get me. it's better for everyone if i'm nice and relaxed, with my back to the corner.

CL - oooh, a long-lost twin! i've always wanted one of those! ten years, shmen years, i say. a gunslinger, eh? that's also a good explanation, in addition to my aforementioned mafia one. and i just bet my legs are illegal in some counties of alabama. i'll go check the books...

tali - i already commented to you via email, but just in case any of the eavesdroppers are curious, we're going to brunch on sunday, and K is, indeed, joining us. :-P

Major Bedhead said...

Oh, those are some cute, cute shoes. And lovely legs.

Anonymous said...

(Sorry this is late, a very busy week) WHO ARE YOU??? Surely not my baby I bore and held and watched and, to this day, repeat stories about. (Not proper but shorter)When you were little you most certainly did not laugh when in pain. The running thing I didn't know about but the embarrassment thing...from toddler days always. Didn't realize the back thing, the peeing thing (til recently disclosed) or the phone thing. The Marx thing in general I knew, but when one grows up hearing quotes, one usually loves or hates the source of those quotes. I'm glad for you it was the former. Oh yea, the legs...I'm glad you got my length. I love you.

Lara said...

julia - welcome to the site! and thanks! and, um, thanks again! :)

mom - um, i don't know... who am i? speaking of quotes, i can't remember why now, but the other day i was singing, "hooray for captain spalding, the african explorer..." and yeah, i'm glad i got your length, too. ;)

Her Bad Mother said...

So, wow, I'm commenting on this post MONTHS later, but it certainly is a good one (and you and I share number three)