Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Classroom Conversations

Enjoy these brief peeks into my life...

[In a discussion about creating rewards systems while working...]
Me: So you set a goal for yourself, then give yourself some kind of reward for finishing.
Student M: Exactly. Finish one page, watch a weird Japanese YouTube video.
Student N: I let myself read a chapter of my book.
Student D: I had a Cheezit.


[Explaining a list of names on the white board...]
Me: Well, since the projects are due soon, people have been coming in for advice and editing help during lunches each day. So some people decided to sign up ahead of time to guarantee time to work with me, instead of just hoping I'll be free. You're welcome to do the same.
Student T: So basically you're like the fancy popular restaurant, and we have to make a reservation?
Me: Well, only because the projects are due. Normally I couldn't get anyone to spend time with me if I paid them.
Students: Aww!
Me: No, I'm kidding, people spend time with me.
Student F: I'm sure a lot of people would spend time with you if you paid them.
Me: Thanks... ?


[While doing an in-class activity in partners...]
Student M: You're so far behind! I'm practically done already, come on!
Student J (his partner): I'm trying! I'll be there soon.
Me: M, why are you so far ahead? J's your partner, you're supposed to be working together. You can't just leave him behind!
Student R (sitting nearby): Look Miss David, we're good partners - we're equally behind!
Me: ... Yeah, still not what I would hope for, but it's better.


[While having a class debate...]
Student F (after trying to make a point): I feel like I'm not explaining myself right.
Me: I get what you're saying. Here, I can use an example: Let's say when I was sixteen I got drunk, went out driving, and killed a small child. Fifty years later, I've served my time and moved on. I've become a responsible citizen, a hardworking employee, generous in donating to charity, and a volunteer in my community. I've genuinely repented and atoned for what I did wrong, and made a point of changing my life and the kinds of decisions I make. So should I have to tell everyone I ever meet about that one mistake, or should
I be allowed to protect myself from potential negative judgment about something long past? I think that's the point F. is making.
Student S: Wait, I have a question for you, Miss David.
Me: No, I did not get drunk and kill a small child when I was in high school.


I swear... The fun never stops around here.


fjd said...

Student R is awesome!

BetteJo said...

I'm totally student R at work. I guess that would be employee R.
Love this!

Clair said...

How do you keep your composure? I'd laugh out loud at some of the things your students say.

Lara said...

Oh, trust me, Clair - I do, quite often. It's far and away one of the best things about my job, the fact that I get to laugh daily.

Anonymous said...

I love it. My husband is a middle school teacher and some of the things those kids come up with are hysterical!