Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Everyday Mundane

I won some awards recently - yay! And now I get to pass them on to other people, which for me, is an even bigger YAY!

First, the lovely Down-to-Earth Mama passed on the "Brillante Weblog" award. I believe in presenting me with this award, she called me both "funny" and "interesting," and neither referred to my physical appearance. SCORE!

The rules for this one say to nominate seven blogs, so, in no particular order, here are my "Brillante" nominations. I chose them based on the fact that I haven't been reading many blogs since work started, but there are some blogs that I ALWAYS read, every time there's a new post.

Blog Chocolate - I adore Sandra with all my heart, and I've been reading her for about two straight years. I know reading her will make me feel something, whether it's joy, empathy, or empowerment. I consider her a true friend, even if we have still not met face-to-face.

Crummy Cupcake - Ever since we met as random roommates at BlogHer '08, I've been captivated by Erica's updates. I miss her hugs and her kindness, and can't wait to see her again someday soon.

Her Bad Mother - Yeah, I know, Catherine really has no need for more awards. For one thing, she already knows I love her. For another, about a thousand other readers also love her, so she doesn't need my weird award. But still, I read her without fail, and she's brilliant, so Brillante is perfect for her.

Sweetney - Much like Catherine, Tracey SO does not need me to trumpet her awesomeness. However, that doesn't make her awesomeness less important, so Brillante it up, bitch!

The Bloggess - Damn! Why do I keep awarding all these "popular" bloggers! (Ha! Get it? 'Cause there was all that drama before about using the word "popular" which actually means pretty much nothing? Remember?) Jenny actually makes me want to be more randomly hilarious in my daily life, which would be great for my friends, but probably bad for my career.

Prince Charming is Dead - I'll admit that I might just like reading Dead Charming because I know he's got a crush on me. (Flattery will get you everywhere, my friends.) Really, though, I think it's because I never really know what he'll throw at me as a reader, and I like the mental exercise that gives me.

Blog Nosh Magazine - Yeah, I'm probably not really supposed to pass on a blog award to an online magazine, but I NEVER miss a day of noshing. There is some straight-up AMAZING stuff over at Blog Nosh, and I'm always awed by how much I learn and grow from reading the daily posts.

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! I also got a "Kick Ass Blogger" award from my Twitter friend iamdebra over at Reflecting. About the award:

Do you know any bloggers that kick ass? Maybe they’ve got incredible, original content. Or they’re overflowing with creativity. Is it someone that helps you become a better blogger? Or a bloggy friend you know you can count on? Or maybe it’s someone who simply inspires you to be a better person… or someone else who sends you to the floor, laughing your ass off.

Whatever the reason may be, I’m sure you know at least a couple of bloggers that kick ass. Well… why not tell ‘em so?

Wow, I am so honored! Apparently, I kick ass - who knew? And who do I feel kicks ass? Hmm, let's see...

Jennster - Damn if this chick doesn't flat-out crack me up. Plus, when she gets pissed off, she gets PISSED OFF. And that's just fun and inspiring to watch.

kerrianne - Oh, the kick-ass-ness of Kerri Anne. Emotion and style and flair and fun and all the other awesome stuff that I look for in a kick-ass bloggy friend. Plus, we've got specters from our past in common.

jenandtonic - Yay Jen! We met because we are both big-footed ladies and we were shopping for shoes in the clearance section during the Macy's party at BlogHer. And ever since, I've found her completely enthralling.

Mom-101 - Liz kicks ass because when she finally met me (after two years of being internet stalked by me) the first words out of her mouth were, "Look how cute and tall you are!" Okay, so maybe that's not why she kicks ass, but she did say that, and she does kick ass.

Stay at Aum Mom - Mel kicks ass because I've yet to see a cuter pregnant redhead partying it up all night at Macy's and then buying me a drink at the Cheesecake Factory afterwards. I miss Cute Preggo! Although soon, she'll be Cute Post-Preggo, I guess.

Kick ass, ladies. Kick lots of ass with my blessing.


I kinda like knowing mundane details about bloggers. It makes them feel just that much more genuine to me - that much more real. Life can't be full of hilarious anecdotes and heartwrenching moments ALL THE TIME. If it were, I think most of us would just go insane. Instead, I think most of us - you rock stars can be excluded (ahem, The Bloggess) - live fairly quiet lives with a number of ordinary routines.

I thought I'd bore regale you all today with my morning routine, so that you can all get a closer glimpse into my humdrum life.

5:30am - Alarm goes off.
6:15 - After repeatedly slamming my fist down on pressing the snooze button, I finally roll out of bed.
6:16 - First prayer of the day. (This is usually a simple, "Jesus!" and is usually prompted by tripping over an electrical cord or stepping on something sharp. It's not my best prayer, I'll be honest.)
6:17 - Potty time!
6:18 - Brushing of teeth and washing of face. (Okay, normally I'll skip washing my face because I'm naturally fresh and clean lazy.)
6:20 - Choose outfit for the day and dress.
6:22 - Change mind about outfit. Change outfit.
6:24 - Put on most make-up. (This includes my Bare Minerals foundation and blush, and a quick coat of Maybelline mascara.)
6:29 - Grab bags and keys to leave, give one last glance in the mirror to obsess over check my appearance.
6:30 - Change mind about outfit again. Change to third outfit of the day.
6:33 - Grab bags and keys. Leave the house.
6:34 - Go back in the house for forgotten coffee mug.
6:35 - Go back in the house for forgotten lunch.
6:36 - Begin driving and curse under breath for not having remembered to go back in the house for forgotten sunglasses.
6:41 - Arrive at Starbucks. Order triple grande nonfat white mocha. Finish makeup - concealer and powder - while waiting.
6:43 - Receive drink and remind the barista yet again that despite my request for nonfat milk, I do want whipped cream.
6:47 - Wait at red light.
6:49 - Grumble about length of red light while still waiting at red light.
6:53 - Commence daily battle with parking lot speed bumps.
6:55 - Emerge (mostly) victorious from battle and park.
6:56 - Walk into classroom and wonder why the heck it is so warm in there.

From there, it's any number of work tasks, including checking email, getting lessons organized and ready, writing homework assignments on the board, etc. At 7:25 we have staff devotions and prayer time - Christian school, remember? - and then homeroom begins at 8:00.

Fascinating? Not really, but now you know, and knowing is half the battle. (Anyone?)

In the next episode, a detailed look at my classroom and desk, with pictures and everything! I feel the suspense building already.

So, what does your morning routine look like?


j.sterling said...

first of all, THANK YOU! i love that i have been one of the first people that comes to mind when giving out the KICK ASS blogger award. no seriously. i wear that shit with pride. cause i DO kick ass. i just am happy it's recognized. LOL... thank you. sincerely. :)

another thing- thank you for linking to a couple of blogs i've never read before, and will go read now. i like how this works. it's fun for the whole family.

my daily routine? HAHAHAHHA- i may have to post about that.. ispired by you of course.

brooke said...

I was going to leave it as a comment, and realized that it would be the longest comment ever, so here you go:

My Daily Routine.

Mom101 said...

Aw, thanks Lara.

Indeed you are cute. And tall! And now - big-footed too. Who knew. (And yes, Jennster does kick ass.)

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Hee! Thanks! And you included me with the best company...and some people I still need to discover.

You rock!

PS. My daily routine? Get up at 4am. Get to work before 6am. Do spreadsheets all day long. Pick up the kid. Play Hungry Hungry Hippos. Blog a bunch. Get yelled at by my husband for blogging a bunch. Go to sleep watching Mythbusters.


I'm kinda depressing myself here.

Tracey said...

AWWW! so freakin' honored! thank you so much, lady! xoxo

ps: fuck pretty, you are GORGEOUS.

Anonymous said...

Thank you my dear friend. You made my day.

Ali said...

GI JOE baby!!!!!!!

Mayberry said...

Two words about my morning routine. Disney, and Channel.

Anissa Mayhew said...

You lost me at "tall"...but you do kick ass and I love reading while you do it.

Anonymous said...

My morning routine involves waking up at 5 a.m., shower, check e-mail & blogs, dry & straighten hair for 40+ minutes, dress, grab 9,000 teacher bags, eat in the car.

Then, once I make it to school, well...that's a whole other post!

Anonymous said...

That was interesting, not mundane!

Lisa said...

Totally impressed that you get out of bed at 6:15 and manage to get to school by 6:56. My commute is so ridiculously long I can't even fathom that! And right now I'm just loving your clothes and your shoes.... :) (In a non stalker, harmless way of course!)

Anonymous said...

6:00am Alarm sounds and Coffee grinder automatically starts.
6:00am & 2 seconds Husband says, "Why God? Why does this woman awaken so early?"
6:09am Alarm sounds and slam the snooze, again.
6:18am Get my lazy rear out of bed.
6:19am Fix my lovely, oh so tasty cup of coffee.
6:20am Quiet time in the Word and with my God.
6:30am Second cup of coffee and CNN.
6:45am Third cup of coffee.
6:46am Caffeine trimmers begin.
6:50am Fix trimmers with big bowl of oatmeal.
7:00am Love on Matt Lauer!
7:05am Open the bedroom blinds. Awaken my husband and ask him if I can please stay at home.
7:06am His answer...No.
8:00am Finally out the door, but hoping to stay home...some day.
Because I love my home.

Unknown said...

My routine: rise at 4:30, make coffee, read Bible, write in journal, drink two cups of coffee (all at once) blogs, drink 3rd coffee...It is now 5:30...I can move like a human. Pick out clothes for the day, go upstairs for son's "first call". Dress (while asking God why I couldn't be a new miracle and lose 15 pounds overnight.) Makeup (not much here either)...check lesson plans for the day. 2nd call for son. Back to computer for a quick look. 3rd call to son...fill coffee cup and load car...4th call (more like a screaming banchee) to still sleeping son...sit in car and wait 5 more minutes while he crawls into his clothes and into the car (he is 15). The rest is just the drive to school...nothing that fun!

Congrats on the awards.

Teacha said...

Goodness gracious girl! You look good every day you go to school. What do I need to do to be down? Maybe you should become a personal shopper for the shopping challenged. Okay, my morning sort of looks likes your except for the staff prayer and it all happens about an earlier than yours. What a great blog post! Thanks for the idea.

Wolf Lover Girl said...

Here ya go:
5am: wake up
5:05: brush teeth
5:07: try not to fall over dog while going downstairs
5:08: remember to turn off house alarm
5:09 let dog out to do her thing
5:11: let dog back in
5:12: back upstairs to guest bathroom (or really its MY bathroom) and turn on sink water for cats to drink
5:13: shower
5:25: turn off sink, get dressed, dry hair and put on make-up
5:50: back downstairs to feed animals
5:55: make "blech" noises as to trying to decide what to take for lunch
6am: leave for work
6:30: after long commute just happy found spot in company garage to avoid the Texas heat!

~ Wolf Lover Girl

Mojo said...

GI Joe... the cartoon. Featuring the half-scale GI Joe's of Generation X, not the full grown models from when I was a kid. No sir, no nantsy 5-inch joes for the Baby-Boomer-on-the-Cusp-of-X Generation. Uh uh! We needed those studly full-on action figures in those days. We were battling Comm'nizm doncha know? Keeping the world safe from all those Little-Red-Book Thumpers! Those Russkie lovin' pinkos that invaded ever' square inch of our TV sets during the 6:00 news. That's right, I said six o'clock news. We didn't need none a them 24-hour talking head shows tellin' us every little detail about Sarah Jessica Parker's dress bein' worn by somebody else before she went slinkin' down a red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards. Come to think of it we didn't have no MTV either and we didn't care 'cause we had AM Top-40 Radio and who needed more than that! We got out from in front of the TV (except for Saturday mornings and when Dark Shadows came on at 3:30 on Channel 11) and played hide and seek in the fog those trucks were sprayin' for the mosquitoes.

And we liked it!

- Mojo