Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Special BlogHer '08 Scavenger Hunt

After months and months of anticipating, BlogHer '08 is now two days away. I'm sorry, I mean: BlogHer '08 is TWO DAYS AWAY. I can't even believe it. I'm excited, nervous, stressed, anxious, happy, terrified - my emotions are all over the place about this thing. The only thing I know for sure is that I will be bringing many fabulous pairs of shoes in the hopes of impressing fashionable blogging types I will be meeting there.

One of the things making me a nice conflicting mix of nervous/excited (just the right amount so that I'm not *quite* peeing my pants) is the sheer number of fabulous women bloggers I want to meet while I'm in SF this weekend. I literally had to sit down and make a list just to make sure I knew who all I would definitely want to find during the conference. Once I did, I started thinking of how to record my memories with these fabulous ladies, and I came up with what is now my BlogHer '08 Scavenger Hunt list.

At the end of BlogHer '08, I will hopefully have:

A photo of me with Her Bad Mother's boobs. (Because apparently they feature prominently in every year's conference.)

A photo of my shoes next to Mocha Momma's. (Because we both have fabulous taste in shoes and large feet.)

An endorsement from Mom-101. (Because as an advertising professional and co-founder of Cool Mom Picks, I figure her words might have some weight to them.)

An interview from Ali. (Because she interviews real, live famous people, so if she interviews me, that makes me special.)

Sex advice from Kristen. (Because she is, after all, the Mominatrix herself.)

A poem from Flutter. (Because she's such a lovely poet, even a limerick from her would be awesome.)

A photo of Lady M's Japanese Fruit Friend with MonkeyDuck. (Because I think these two would hit it off so well.)

A flower from Amanda. (Because I once sent her a photo of a flower that made me think of her.)

A baby from Julie. (Because she has one she won't want to hold the whole time. And no, I don't plan to keep him or anything.)

A "hot tip" from Queen of Spain. (Because she knows everything about everything before it even happens.)

A parenthetical aside from Oh, The Joys. (Because she uses them all the time and I just adore that about her.)

A text message from Sandra. (Because she won't be there for any in-person chatting. Am so sad.)

A dance with Sarah. (Because she once posted about this awesome video of bad dancing and said she wanted fellow back-up dancers.)

And, for five thousand bonus points:
A photo of Dooce with MonkeyDuck on her head. (Because if I can actually get her to do that, I'm sure I'm magic.)

Doesn't that sound like fun? Anything else you think I should try to get while I'm there? Anything you're trying to get? Anything you want to complain about if you're bitter about not attending? ('Cause boy do I remember how sad I was to be not going last year.)

Please, share. Raise your hand. And wish me luck in my quest, because some of these ladies may turn out to big ol' meanies who make fun of me and pull my hair. (Ha! Yeah, right.)


Jakki said...

LOL..no I think you have all bases covered. I KNOW you will have a blast!

East Coast Teacher said...

Take pictures with Dooce, Emily Pie and Ashley.

Oh, so jealous.

Next year, I'm SO there! I wanted to do something fun for my 30th, and I think that shall be it :)

Dee said...

Sounds like fun! I so wish I was going to be there.

michelle said...

I am not going to be going but I will vicariously live through you and the photos you post! Have fun and then start thiking about coming to BlogHerBoston!

flutter said...

HA! on the fly poetry. I am going to be inspired, I betcha...

Yuriko said...

So lucky! I wish I could go! Maybe next year, eh? :) Have lots of fun and take lots of photos!

Lady M said...

I just unpacked JFF the day before yesterday, so he's ready to go!

OhTheJoys said...

Make sure you introduce yourself to me at The People's Party tomorrow and I'll try to speak entirely in parenthetical asides. (I had to ask my friend what that meant. Heh.)

Anonymous said...

Count me and all my buds at BFF in to text you. Only wish I were there in person to smooch you. Have fun - I know you will!!!

MB said...

Make sure you buy Greeblemonkey a cocktail...you can tell her it's from Mamalicious.

Anonymous said...

Did ya get my text?!?

Lara said...

sandra - i got it! :)

BetteJo said...

Oh you're gonna have so much fun! Pictures!

Anonymous said...

This post makes last night make so much more sense.

Lara said...

sarah - crazy dances with the kaiser don't have to make sense. that, my friend, is the beauty of them. but i'm glad the post cleared a few things up anyway. ;)

VDog said...

I hope all your dreams came true!


AWESOME! meeting you!