Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More of Your Questions Answered

It just seems to go on forever, doesn't it? More questions from you, my lovely readers, even though based on comments lately you've all but disappeared. Bitter much? Nah, not really. I'm not complaining, I'm just making observations - expanding your horizons is a sign of maturation. (And if you can name that reference, you win my everlasting awe.)

So Maggie asked:

If you could forsee a single day of your future in its entirety, what date would you select?

Tough call, honestly. I considered the day of my death, just so I could know how it ends. I also considered the birth of my first child, but how could I pick to see the birth of one of my children but not another? So I think I'd have to go with my wedding day.

I worry a lot about finding the man to share my life. I want to know who he is, where he is, whether I've met him yet or not, and how we'll begin our life together. I want to see who will still be there by my side, who will be wishing us well. I want to see what my face looks like when I look at him, and how he looks at me, and how others look at us together.

Plus, obviously, I want to see what I'm wearing.

She also asked:

If you could have been told one thing that you weren't told when you were a teenager, what would you like to have heard?

Life is precious and fleeting - don't take it for granted. There's been too much death around me in my life, and too many moments wasted because I didn't realize how quickly they could be gone. I'm much more appreciative of that stuff now, and I wish I could get some of that lost time back these days. I wish I had more to say on the subject, but really, that's all I have.

Hug your loved ones, folks. Hug them often.

The Kaiser asked:

What's your favorite quote from The Big Lebowski?

I think he was kidding, because he knows I hate that movie, but if he was expecting no answer, he's in for a surprise. The best - by which I mean "most useful" - line to me is, "Nothing is fucked here." I'm a big fan of that one. The other one that's good is, "Nobody fucks with the Jesus." That said? I still hate the movie.

Lastly, for those who don't normally frequent the photo blog, I answered a question from Little Spoon over there, simply because it seemed more pertinent to that blog. But you should go and read if you're interested in my self-portraits!

In the meantime, I'm curious: What day of your future would you most like to see?


Hanlie said...

Wow, that's a tough one! I'd have to go with the day I become a mother. I think the birth of a first child is a little more special than subsequent children, because it turn you into something you weren't before - a mother.

I loved today's picture on the photoblog. Perfection is in the heart, not the eye.

I took some fun pics of my kitties... You should take a peek!

Mayberry said...

That's hard since I'm already married and my kids are born. Maybe the day I'll take my first one to college. Or my last one. It's kind of the first day of the rest of my life!

Still Jill B said...

Thought about it. Answered it here.

Mrs. Chili said...

I LOVE The Big Lebowski (do you still like me?). It's SUCH an odd movie, but I love it.

My favorite quote? "The Dude abides." Indeed, he does.

Blog Antagonist said...

Oh hon, don't feel bad, my comments seem to have dried up too. I loathe the big Lebowski. And that guy? He's out there. Have patience. Believe me, it's better to wait for the right one that to make do with the wrong one.

flutter said...

I think i would like to see the day I become a mother.

Thanks for this post, it made me think

Anonymous said...

I still don't understand how you don't like the greatest movie ever made. GREATEST. EVER. Watching that movie is almost better than watching basetball.

Maggie said...

I honestly have no idea what day I would pick. I think wedding day is an excellent choice...and I might have to go with that one myself. But I think if I had to pick, it would just be today, only 20 years from now. Because seeing a single day would probably give me a lot of insight as to what is coming up.

Since you asked both my questions, does that mean that now I get to ask more?

Amanda said...

I suppose right now it would be a day sometime later this month when I'll meet this little creature in my belly, but truth be told, I am happy with the promise of all the tomorrows ahead of me. I kind of just want to let them come as they may.

BetteJo said...

Hmmm. Maybe my 65th birthday. Kind of random I guess, but by then hopefully I would be able to see where my kids were at in their lives, married, kids, etc. Somehow it just wouldn't be about ME anymore, I would want to know about them.

Saffa Chick said...

Hi Lara. Ooh hard one.

Well, I just got married (and it was an awesome day, I loved every second) so I'll have to choose something else.

You know what - I'd like to see how I cope on the day I find out that I'm pregnant. I'm terrified but looking forward to it too.