Sunday, June 17, 2007

Graduation Google-age

After a birthday yesterday and a fancy ceremony today, I am now a 25-year-old Master's graduate. Hard to believe, let me tell you, because there were days I thought this day would never come. A few pics from the day:

Oh my God, I can't believe I did it!

Proud mom with graduate daughter.

With Charcoal and OP, two other fab grads.

OP - my "big brother" - kindly gives me a lift.

More graduation thoughts later in the week, but for now...

Quote Happy

"my decisions" - This is how most husbands describe the choices they make, because really? We know whose decisions those represent...

"tickling me again" - Seems like "tickling" here might be euphemistic for something else, eh?

one fine day "sung by many different people" - Looks like someone has mixed up when to use quotes. You see, it's the song title that goes in quotation marks, not everything around it.

"anxious at night" - Frankly, I'm anxious reading people's search terms with inexplicable quote usage.

"what's in a name" education game - Ooh, someone used them in the correct space! "What's in a name?" is a quote from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. I do not, however, know any education games that have to do with it. Sorry.

"maternal instinct" "teacher" - The quotes here just make it seem like the words are code for other things. Like, maybe "maternal instinct" means "attack," and "teacher" means "at midnight." So everyone be careful around midnight.

"sister's face" fart - Um... I just don't even know what to say about this one.

poetry + "pre-assessment" - This is the "pre-assessment" that the pretty girls get to take in Mr. Smith's class. The ugly ones just take a test.

"self-preservation is a natural" - A natural... ? Well, whatever it is, I'm not sure it really is, because these quotation marks are making me a bit doubtful.

"Craig's List" "horror stories" - I'm not sure. Any readers have some good tales?

"show your boob" clips - "No."

"digging my nails into his" nails - Okay, I definitely saw that statement ending differently. As in, not with the word "nails" there.

"first love" and ongoing effects - Translation: Sex and STDs.

dreaming of "unable to wake up" - Some people would call that "being dead."

"the shortest mother" - If you're talking about my mother, this definitely merits quotes, because she is anything but "short".

"swallow the good" - And spit out the bad. Or choke on it.

"perfume in the office" - Joe's explanation to the Missus about why he always smells like a cheap Chanel knock-off when he comes home after "working late"... again.

Interesting Pairing...

dreams alligator - Dreams about alligators? Sounds scary to me. Try some warm milk before bed.

friend farting - I promised ffbgirl a fart joke, so here it is. Although, I'm not sure this is all that strange a pairing. At least, not while I have friends like Bryan...

anxiety yawning - Interesting. Anxiety generally gives people energy and excitement, yet yawning indicates boredom or exhaustion. The two aren't often combined.

bleyers lake - Bleyers would be my two-toned swing shoes. Lake would be a large body of water. And the two are connected... how?

palm tree and numbness - I wonder if the numbness is caused by some sort of strange allergic reaction to the palm tree. Jungle fever perhaps?

caltrain sleep - I've ridden Caltrain, and it's not a great place to get sleep. It is, however, a good place to learn all about the the insane dramatic lives of your fellow passengers.

i.e. exempli gratis - Actually, "i.e." stands for "id est," and should be used when providing an alternate wording for something discussed. The initials "e.g." are used for "exempli gratia" or "for example."

tampon shooting - Do you put them in a machine and yell "Pull!" so that they fly into the air before you shoot them? 'Cause that's a sport ESPN needs to get their hands on.

metaphor education rainbow - I've never heard of any metaphors comparing education with a rainbow. I mean, how could you? There's sure as hell no pot of gold at the end.

gum poison - Careful what you chew, folks.

interpretation and salmon - And perhaps a nice white wine to go with that?

Cheetos circle - The third of Hell.

sun parasol for hiking - Hiking isn't generally the kind of activity for which you want a parasol. Just some strong sunblock and sturdy shoes. Parasols are for picnics and tea parties and riding through the park in your phaeton.

chicky chicky chook chook - Um, Mrs. Chicky and Aly? I guess that's not too strange a combo...

photography, cute, love, hate, depressed, happy - Lara's life in six words or less.

More Q&A

sunday age? - Well, almost always, your Sunday age is one day less than your Monday age and one day more than your Saturday age.

mixed word like brunch? - Are you asking if there are others like it? How about "spork" or "skort"? Ooh, look, I even picked two that almost rhyme.

mkay acronym means? - I'm not sure I've encountered the acronym before. I've encountered "M'kay" as a version of "Okay" or general encouraging/agreeing sound. But an acronym? Maybe it's "Mighty kings anger youth." I don't know what that means, though.

what is meant by depressant? - Something that depresses. Alcohol for example, because it depresses your system. Or polyester, because it depresses the fashion-conscious world.

what if female student has a crush on male dance instructor? - Time for private lessons! Giggity giggity...

can cats be bad mothers? - I think the better question is can they be good mothers?

what does ack mean in amish? - I'm not sure they use that word in Amish country. But if they do, it probably means "butter churn."

is it okay to eat ostrich? - Ewwww...

do mothers want their sons to wear boxers or briefs - I'm pretty sure most mothers don't care. A pink thong, however, might cause some concern.

what are the government doing for fat kids? - About as much as the government are doing for grammatically incompetent internet users.

have you ever made your husband wear pantyhose? - No. I don't even has a husband, but the answer is still no. Just... no.


Anonymous said...

I know I already emailed you but CONGRATULATIONS! That is so exciting, I am so so so proud of you Miss D. ;)

Anonymous said...


Soooo excited for you.

As you can probably tell by the multiple letters!

Thank you also for providing me with the inspiration to write that post, I feel overjoyed today, so that must have been your gift to me :)


Anonymous said...

Holy mother of CONGRATULATIONS! I am SO proud of you! You are SO awesome!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I start my Master's this fall -- and will most certainly NOT have it by the time I'm twenty-five! You should be so proud!!! :)

Aussie Boy said...

So the "No." in quotation marks could be could for something else? Like "yes, in my next post"?

Nice post. This blog is taking a rest day from sucking.

shelleycoughlin said...

Congrats!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay!!!! Many congrats!!

Now, how long before you ever pick up another book to read? For me, it was about 5 years...

Dee said...


Also, Happy (belated) Birthday!

nutmeg said...

You go, Girl! I'm feeling all proud of you over here!

aMom2E said...

CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS!!! Graduation feels fabulous, doesn't it. Next time you make a presentation, just for kicks, make sure and put a cover page that says Lara David, M.S. (or M.A. whichever you have). Those letters behind your name were hard earned--you deserve to show them off!!! Way to go!

ffbgirl, M.S. (hehehe, that just makes me giggle!)

Angela said...

Congrats on your graduation! What a great feeling to finally be done. (And no, sadly, I don't make my husband wear panty hose.)

Anonymous said...

that first picture is great, congratulations!

Bryan said...


Regarding "friend farting," of course that is not a strange pairing. What are friends for, if not to fake a fart in your vicinity and pin the blame on you?

Anonymous said...

Another Happy Birthday wish and CONGRATS on your graduation!!! I'm SOOOO happy for you!!!!

You are a SUPER woman!!!!!!!!
Hugs, Bob~

Anonymous said...

I know this is a couple days late, but CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Lara said...

aly - thank you so much, miss s.! :)

lala - hey, if you're feeling overjoyed, then congratulations to you!

sassy - holy comment loving! i've missed you 'round here! thanks for the good wishes, friend.

teacher jane - ooh, good luck in your master's program. will you be teaching while in school, or will you be in school full time?

aussie boy - "yes," it "could" be.

NPW - thanks!

tense teacher - it's not the reading that's a problem for me so much as the writing of papers. i had lots of ideas for academic-style pieces to submit for various journals and things, but now i don't think i can write them for a while... :-P

dee - thank you, and thank you!

nutmeg - aw, shucks. i'm feeling all flattered at the idea of your being proud of me!

ffbgirl - ooh, that's a great idea! "lara david, M.A." ha!

angela - it is a WONDERFUL feeling, for sure. and hey, maybe you should consider asking nick to try out some pantyhose... ;)

ken - thanks, kid. :)

bryan - i immediately thought of you with that search. of course.

r u serious? - super woman? me? nah, just a super grad. :)

eric - better late than never! ;) thanks!

Anonymous said...

WAHOO! Congratulations!

Lara said...

mayberry - thanks, lady! :)

Anonymous said...

Something I'll always remember, that you taught me:

June's flower is the rose.
June's gemstone is the pearl.

Happy birthday and a big fat mazel tov on your degree. You and your mom both look so great in those photos.

Lara said...

lilit - thanks, sweetie. i'm flattered you remember those things because of me. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Now you're edumacated.

Lara said...

elroy - thank you. i thought maybe you were still mad about the comments thing and you'd gone on permanent strike, so i'm glad to hear from you again.

Anonymous said...

Nope. A. went on a long backpacking trip in the Santa Cruz Mtns and thus had no contact with the world until last night. (I followed him home from Castle Rock.)

Teacher Anonymous said...

A really belated congratulations!