Sunday, June 24, 2007

Anniversary Google-age

This weekend is the Stanford Waltz Weekend, and tonight will kick off the Waltz Week. These are annual events, and you can basically think of them as dance camps for adults. I've been helping out with them for probably five years now, and while they can be quite tiring, they are great fun. But the anniversary I'm referring to is not the anniversary of my time at the Waltz Weekends, but rather, my time with Bubbers at Waltz Weekends. This was our third anniversary together - my first time babysitting him was when he was about three months old, at Waltz Weekend 2005. We had a fun walk last year, at Waltz Weekend 2006, where I took this picture:

I mentioned that when I saw the picture, it made me think, "Little Man, Big World." So for this year, Waltz Weekend 2007, we took another walk, this time with our friend C., and we had a bit of a reprise:

Still my little man, exploring a big world. Happy anniversary, Bubbers!


It's a Buzzword

education in truth - An interesting concept, certainly, but perhaps we should consider the reverse: truth in education. If only we could have a little more of that.

education + handwriting - Some of my kids' handwriting disturbed me so much, I can't even begin to describe. How did these people pass second grade?

educational direct address - My most common one was, "Shut up and get to work, you snotty brats!" Okay, well, never out loud, but I said it in my head a lot.

ongoing education future work - Yeah, that's the state I'm in right now. Do I continue my education, get some future work, or something else entirely? Blarg.

education and dreams and poems - Oh my!

Education Emily (uncensored) - Sounds like a bad porno: The Education of Emily (uncensored!)

Education of the Rascal Flatts - I'm not sure how Rascal Flatts were educated, but they seem to be doing well for themselves in the music business.

celine dion life education - Celine Dion's "life education" largely consists of where to buy her diamonds and how to piss off the majority of sensible people in the world.

blank slate-education - They're only a blank slate for a brief moment as small children. After that, you're just building, adding, changing, erasing, and editing their previous knowledge.

education school mottos slogans themes - My high school's motto should've been something like "We'll keep educating your kids as long as we don't sink into the swamp."

future of the blog education - And education on the future of this blog will be coming soon, I promise. My blogiversary is coming up, and I'll be talking about the future of this blog then.

EDUCATION NEEDED AS A WAITER - Well, I think the only real education needed is how to take orders, carry food, and not spit in rude customers' faces. But that last part is optional.

education theme songs - Can we count the "Welcome Back Kotter" song?

educational pictures of shoes - As far as I'm concerned, ALL pictures of shoes are educational. Check out LaBloShoeMo - you'll learn a lot.

education is pathetic - Genuine education is never pathetic. There are some times that the public education system in this country is pathetic, but that's a different story entirely.

starbuck employee education - Lesson #1: Correct pronunciation of macchiato.

reason for ongoing education - Certainly couldn't be learning for learning's sake. That would just be silly.

why do i feel like a failure because i don't have a college education - Kinda seems like you asked and answered your own question there.

Should've Been

Ten searches that should've been band names, with twenty searches that should've been hit songs:

10. Psych Unit, with "Funny Farewell Letter from the World" and "Psychomotor Retarded"
9. Foot Fetishism, with "Flip Flop Fetish" and "Asian Leggs"
8. Oreo Twist Scoop, with "Randomity" and "Don't Wear Perfume Around Horses"
7. Rook Swap, with "A Diary on Christmas Morning" and "Organizational Freak"
6. Growling Grizzly, with "TILF Diaries" and "Period Cramping in the Afternoon"
5. Mocking Aussies, with "Happy Without Love" and "Lonely Crave Hugs"
4. Atticus Proctor, with "Fortune Telling Through the World" and "Shoes for Little People"
3. Janie Woods to Holden Caulfield, with "Deep Thinking Snaps" and "Optimal Learning"
2. Edamame Before Bed, with "Major Bedhead Riding Ostrich" and "Define Forgotten Dead"
1. in Fiction, with "Elizabeth Bennet Halloween" and "Maintaining Me Time"

And finally, because we haven't had one in a while, some WTF?! Awards

Third Place:
i find myself trapped in web + difficult to come out + love you + blogspot - Huh?

Second Place:
big brother teaching little sister sexy bad t - Um...

First Place:
On January 10, 2007, in my english class, our teacher asked us to define the word "love." The idea was that we would all write our own definition and hand them to her. She would then read each one out loud an - WTF?!


Anonymous said...

My question to you is... do people know that Google is not God?

Aimee said...

It really just floors me how some people can be so "search" retarded.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see my little man hit the big world on his feet!

Lara said...

lala - it would appear not. some people crack me up. ;)

aimee - i think some people are just computer retarded, and it spills over into their searches.

nutmeg - awww... i can't wait to see the pictures of it! :)

(and wow, what a low-comment post. seriously - there haven't been this few comments on a post since february 3!)

Anonymous said...

So, obviously, I'm WAY behind in my blog reading, but I wanted to say that I think we have a piece by that artist here in Kansas City, too.