Thursday, April 05, 2007

Wisdom Beyond His Years

This past weekend, I got the chance to spend a lovely couple of hours with Lady M and Bubbers, taking a walk around campus and enjoying the sunshine. I, of course, brought my camera with me, and as we walked and visited fountains and picked up sticks and ran in the grass, I snapped a couple hundred photos. Going through them later, I realized that I could learn a lot from my Bubbala.

[Aside: Near the end of the walk, Bubs was getting tired and slowing down a bit, so every so often I would turn around and say, "Come on, Bubbala!" After a few times of this he repeated me, saying, "Bubbala!" as he ran to catch up. So cute!]

So, here is Thursday Thirteen #10...

Thirteen things I've decided I need more of in my life, following in Bubbala's footsteps:

1. Noticing the little things.

2. Taking walks.

3. Investigating new discoveries.

4. Enjoying my favorite foods.

5. Looking at things from a different perspective.

6. Practicing new skills.

7. Romping through fields of flowers.

8. Exploring the world.

9. Celebrating small victories.

10. Being silly.

11. Reaching out to others.

12. Laughing.

And of course, most important of all:

13. Taking time to play with the ones who love me.

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Xilly said...

He is so cute. I love the laughing face!

Anonymous said...


That post makes my heart hurt, in a nice way.


Unknown said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.
I am so excited to have discovered yours. I love it and am going to put you on my blogroll.
I can't wait to read your archives!!!

shelleycoughlin said...

What a cutie.

Unknown said...

Those are lovely photos! He is such a active little boy. Thank You for coming to my blog. I don't think I have ever been to yours. I glad that I didn't miss my chance.

Rebecca said...

Isn't it funny how easily children can teach adults about the wonders of the world?
Thanks for stopping by my TT13!

Anonymous said...

That is a great list! I learn a lot when I take care of my two nephews. We love to laugh. Thanks for stopping by!

Myrna said...

Precious child1 Precious friendship! Thanks for visiting my blog. I, too, love learnning. Even more, I have always loved watching children learn--it is a privilege to see the light come on when they accomplish something new.

أحسن بوفليغة said...

i'm a father and a teacher. I have 3 kids. You're right when you say that life is an ongoing process. Unfortunately, few do notice that it's a very short one.
"for when you die
it's the same
the space between is but an hour
the same duration of a flower"
there is a proverb in my culture that says "
Two people never get enough; the one who seek knowledge and and the one who seeks money"
Life is short
Knowledge has no limits
Time is...
too short for those who rejoice
too swift for those who fear
too long for those who grieve
too slow for those who wait
but for those who love...time is ETERNITY

Unknown said...

this is by far the best list I have read this week. thanks for making me smile

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this post. You've served up the life in the day of a child I could digest in about 20 seconds. And, I feel my day has been made much brighter.

Nicholas said...

Great list! I'm not much of a one for romping through flowers but I agree with how necessary all the others are. Especially being silly -- I'm good at that.

My TT at

alisonwonderland said...

absolutely darling TT! what a cutie!

thanks for stopping by my list. i'll have to check out your "Google-age"!

Curly said...

What an awesome post! It made me get all watery-eyed.

aMom2E said...

Okay, I am doing my first one... I hope I get it right.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome set of photos - and memories! We can learn a lot from this little guy.

Lara said...

michelle - i love that face, too! he's wonderful when he laughs.

lala - yeah, seeing him always does the same for my heart.

tori - i'm so glad you like it! i'm honored to acquire a fan so quickly! i'm glad i visited your site too. :)

nancypearlwannabe - yes, he is. :)

skittles - yes, he's very active these days, and very adorable. thanks for visiting!

frigga - yes, i find myself constantly learning from the wisdom of little ones. so nice to have such patient teachers.

stone girl - yep, like i said to frigga, they are patient teachers. i learn a lot about life and laughter and love from the little ones.

myrna - i love that too! it's one of the things i love most about teaching, seeing that moment when they really "get it." so wonderful, at any age.

ahcene - that was beautiful, and quite true. thanks for sharing that.

amy - i love seeing you for every TT. :) and thank you for the compliment!

pistol pete - i'm glad you enjoyed it, and feel you learned something from it. and thanks for the linky love in your post, too.

nicholas - yeah, romping really isn't for everyone, but we'll say it's just a way of being silly and agree that we're all okay.

alisonwonderland - yes, the google-age is right up your alley if you like metadata. :)

curly mommy - but in a good way, i hope! i get a little teary sometimes when i watch him play, too. it's nice.

ffbgirl - better late than never! i'm glad you joined. :)

she - i'm always so glad to get these sorts of shots, so that i know i'll always have them for memories. good to keep around for the future.

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Thirteen lovely photos. Simple, yet profound idea. Thank you.

Lara said...

CTG - much like the children themselves, no? simple, yet profound. and you're welcome. :)

da Pup said...

be quiet...wait for His soft Voice..when a Child smiles...God each of us...what we need to hear

Lara said...

pup - wow, that's really beautiful. thank you for that. :)