Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #9

Thirteen Recent Photos I Have LOVED

For those of you who have been paying attention, I've recently been getting more and more engrossed in my photography habits. As such, I have been taking lots of pictures - some good, some less good. I generally delete the less good, but some of them I have really liked. Unfortunately, some of my favorites have been of my students, and I'm sure you can all understand why I can't post those here. However, I will share with you thirteen recent favorites of mine that do not put me in danger of a lawsuit:

1. An autumn frolic with Tali and K.

2. If I could save time in a capsule...

3. He just doesn't know he wants to be hugged this tightly. But he does. Really.

4. Mmmm... fuzzy oranges in the background.

5. Can we just talk about how gorgeous she looks in this photo?

6. "Hello, Lord. It's me, your child. I have a few things on my mind..."

7. My campus is so pretty. I'm really quite lucky to be here.

8. She's so cute! I just want to giggle and hug her.

9. Apparently, Mr. P. also wants to hug her. :-P

10. More Rodin pics for you - so beautiful to me.

11. Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice modern art.

12. That light? It appears to be getting brighter... though that could just be an optical illusion.

13. Perhaps my favorite of the recent pics. She's so lovely.

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tpiglette said...

Fuzzy!! Yay! :-D

And ooh, Sara Groves...I haven't listened to that album in a long time. I should go dig it out again. Good stuff. Thanks for the reminder. :)

Love the photos!

Angela said...

They are very lovely. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

Love your photos!! Especially the black and white ones. It's a lost genre. I was a photog for my high school newspaper (had to develope them myself) many moons ago.

Anonymous said...

You're so talented!

Stupid question, but: what's that flower in #12? It's beautiful, and we certainly don't have them over on this coast at the moment!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore the photo of the girl reading the book - it looks very professional, K :)

jittacatgirl said...

aw, poor tenny and his pretty buggy eyes.

Anonymous said...

XLNT pics, you definitely have the eye.

Well done.

Lady M said...

Keep up with the pix - it's great to see them.

I got a nice photography book for Christmas, but have I gotten past page 1 yet? I need to read up and learn how to use my camera as more than a point and shoot!

Lara said...

tpiglette - yep, i know how you feel about fuzzy. :) and hooray for sara groves. that's a great album.

angela - thank you, dear. :)

r u serious? - thanks! i agree about black and white photos. not that they're necessarily a lost genre, but that they're certainly underappreciated these days.

jen - thank you. it's camellia, i believe. :)

aly - yeah, i love that picture too. thanks for saying it looks professional.

jitta - yeah, poor little bug eyes.

nocturnal - thanks! :)

lady m - if you find any good tips in your book, feel free to share them. :)