Monday, December 11, 2006

It's All You!

Her Bad Auction Before we get to anything else, please allow me a moment to spread some of the amazing kindness and generosity that is floating around the blogosphere. In the spirit of giving, two bloggers, Kristen and Julie, have created Her Bad Auction to benefit Muscular Dystrophy Canada. This is to honor Her Bad Mother and her wonderful nephew Tanner, who lives with this disease every day. For a very reasonable price (as low as a couple dollars!), you can buy raffles tickets to win some very cool prizes, and all proceeds will go straight to MD research. Please, please, please consider checking out the site, and buying some raffle tickets. Alternatively, the site has information on how to donate directly to MD Canada in Tanner’s name, if that’s more your style. And for those of you with children, they have mailing information for how you can help your kids send a card or letter to Tanner.

This is a great cause in support of a great lady and her family. Please consider helping out however you can, even if it is just by posting information about this on your own site.


Now on to my own business. … Um… I got nothing. Not because I have nothing to talk about, but because I have no time. Understand I was studying in the library on campus until 1:00am Saturday night, and until 2:00am Sunday night, and I still have tons of work to do. So, since I don’t have the time to put into a post worthy of you wonderful readers – and I certainly don’t want to subject you to utter crap banged out in two minutes in a frenzied rush as I stress about how much work I have to do – I am going to try something a little different. I am going to make you guys write the post for me.

I heard that “Oh no she didn’t!” out there. But yes, she did. Here’s what I’d like from you:

First, what did you do over the weekend? (It must have been something good, ‘cause I know y’all weren’t here commenting… *ahem*) Give us a recap of the who, what, when, where, and why of your Saturday and Sunday. You can even make stuff up – we won’t know.

In exchange for your telling me what exciting lives you were leading while I slaved away in the dank, musty corners of a really old building filled with really old books, I present you with a special, one-time offer: You may ask me any one question and I will answer it when I respond to the comments.

(You do all know that I respond to your comments, right? Two days after the post, like clockwork. Just thought you should know, in case you weren’t aware.)

So yeah, what information have you just been dying to get from me? What have you been wondering about for weeks but too afraid to ask? What do you most want me to blather on endlessly about? (Dangling prepositions, maybe?) Go ahead, bring it on, do your worst, and all those other silly challenging statements that amount to “Ask me a damn question already.”

Thanks for helping a stressed grad student out. Hit comment now. No, wait, don’t hit it yet. First, as per the requests from OP and Charcoal, I give you a link to some funny cats. Seriously, it’s about two minutes of your day, and you will not be sorry. These cats are hilarious. OP, Charcoal and I had tears streaming down our face because we were laughing so hard at this thing. You know you want to watch it. Just make sure you come back afterwards.

Back now? Okay, now hit comment. Oh, wait, no, still not yet. See the shoes first…


Day 11 of LaBloShoeMo: The Black Boots

Because I feel guilty for not giving you a real post, I offer you my own pair of Badass Boots. I loves me some knee-high boots. They’re sexy in this sort of kick-ass girl-power way, and in the winter, they’re a good choice to pair with skirts (‘cause you get to wear a skirt without subjecting half your legs to the freezing cold air (yes, I live in California and the concept of “freezing cold air” is pretty much out of my realm of understanding, but I’m cold, so it’s freezing to me)). These particular boots I bought way back in freshman year of college (holy heck – that was a looong time ago!). Then I lost them in Vegas, so I eventually bought a new pair. The new pair, however, was never as good as this pair – they were stiffer (these are smooth and flexible), the toes were more square (they pinched in on the sides), and the heels were thinner (which put more stress on the feet when I walked). All in all, the second pair wasn’t nearly as good as the first. But then Mom found the first pair, and all was well with the world.

Also, because these boots are so awesome and I love them so much, I decided to play dress-up and give you an outfit for these. Understand that I would not actually go outside in the current weather in this outfit, but it looks good anyway, right?

Of course, going out in this outfit might heat things up enough that the weather wouldn’t matter…


Dallas Blue said...

for a moment, i thought you wore nothing beneath your vest. and i thought... you ho!

but i see there's a shirt there. much more appropriate for a woman of such advanced age, you being so wise and all ;-)

i understand being busy -- and goober, i don't HAVE your email address. and, also, i had no idea you responded to comments. it kinda miffed me but i was miffed without reason, clearly!

you continue to rock my socks. (although currently, i'm wearing pink, mary jane style crocs.)

Anonymous said...

Q: What are you doing about global warming?

Anonymous said...

I think your kids might just die if you rocked up to school wearing that otufit!

And you know of my weekend - boring BORING accreditation crap.

aMom2E said...

My blog name, ffbgirl, comes from my obsession with fantasy football... I know, not that exciting. I really went back and fourth trying to come up with some catchy name, to no avail. I wanted to remain somewhat anonymous, although I still haven't figured out if my e-mail address is out there for the world... If you loved the linky love in that one, I am afraid to say I really gave you some this last post. I do think we might have been seperated at birth! I mean that in a non-scary, non-stalking way, I promise!

And my weekend, rode the motorcycle in the cold, went to a christmas party for employees of my favorite bar (is that a bad sign?), that is about it.

I am holding on to that question right... I have to think about that.

Her Bad Mother said...

Well, that was a wonderful post-in-part of Tanner - thank you so much for talking it up.

My weekend? Car accident. Percocet and television.

Anonymous said...

I worked in the banquet room for the first time (and then second, and thrid times...Friday, Saturday, Sunday). It's a fancy schmancy room on the second floor of the hotel and it's an EASY shift compared to my normal ones. Plus, they feed me! Highlights include the very religious (revival-like) birthday party for a deacon, at which a sinfully sexual comment was overheard in the hallway, and the Hawaiian Christmas party, at which the hula dancing and ukelele playing evolved into a muumuu-clad woman's karaoke rendition of Patsy Cline's "Crazy". Good times.

Question: Have you heard the political hoopla from some Republicans regarding the outrageous new propaganda film..."Happy Feet"...and how do you feel about that? Yes, that's two questions. You can handle it. :)

Teacher Anonymous said...

Saturday was my sister's brithday breakfast (her birthday is actually the 15th, but I'm going to be gone). She's turning the big 2-0. Sunday I decorated cookies with my sister and cousin (we realized that this was the 5th year, so it is now officially a tradition).

Not really sure what to ask you. I should probably read your archives before I start asking questions (so you don't have to repeat yourself).

Man, that cat video was great. I tried not to laught out lound (as I was watching it at work), but I still wound up squeaking hilariously. I love cats, but they have such tiny brains!

tmb said...

Saturday was dancing in San Francisco and getting rained on, then eating yummy chinese food, then hanging out with Kevin's college friend. Sunday was breakfast + pedicure + football + hilarious cat video watching with Lara, then chaining myself to the desk to write this darn paper, then chilling with college drawmates.

I'm still trying to think of a good question (that's why it's taken me so long to comment too, I know you like your instant gratification =P). So I'll get back to you.

Also, Blogger Beta thinks it already knows who I am since I'm signed into Gmail in another window. We'll see what happens when I hit post...

Lara said...

sassy - ho ho ho! (sorry, couldn't resist.) my advanced age and i thank you for realizing our sober decision-making skills. and goober, you now have my address, so feel free to use it anytime. oh, and now that you know i respond to comments, you're not miffed, right?

celia - A: absolutely nothing. i'm hanging my head in shame.

aly - um, i think my principal would die first. but the kids? some of them would find it awesome, others would just be weirded out. i'm sorry your weekend was so boring, but you're almost done with school!

ffbgirl - ah, fantasy football. i've never done it myself, but i like watching football under normal circumstances. i imagine it would be even cooler with a personal stake in what's going on. i liked the post! we do have an awful lot in common, it seems. motorcycle riding, though? that's a difference we have... let me know when you come up with a question.

catherine - yeah, i'm sad for your weekend experience, but sooo glad you're doing (relatively) okay now. but i'm glad to be doing what i can for tanner and your family, small though it is.

seeser - wow, your weekend sounds kick-ass. glad you got to work a new room, with better money and food. as to your question, i regret that i know nothing about any political hoopla. elaborate?

teacher anonymous - happy birthday to little sister! sounds like a fun weekend. let me know when you come up with a question - offer will stay good for quite a while (read: forever). and i'm glad you enjoyed the cats. :)

tali - blogger beta did indeed recognize you. glad you seem to have had a fun weekend... well, until the chaining occurred to assist with the paper-writing. i certainly know the feeling. as i told ffbgirl and teacher anonymous, let me know when you have a question, and i'll do my best to answer. :)

Anonymous said...

Re: Hoopla

On CNN, or some such news program, they were showing clips of many Republicans who are upset with the propaganda in Happy Feet. Apparently, the fact that it shows humans littering and taking fish from the penguins is a blatant attempt by the liberal, Al Gore loving, environmentalist crowd to brainwash our children. One guy was quoted as saying something like, "If I had had any idea that my child was going to be shown this environmentalist propaganda, we never would have gone to the movie". Clearly, showing kids the truth is BAD.

Oh, and some were also upset because they think Mumble is gay. That is BAD, too. :)

Lara said...

seeser - interesting... i had no idea. it's not so surprising, i guess. it, of course, never occurred to me, since i just think of that stuff as unavoidable facts. also, re: mumble - he's definitely effeminate, but i'm pretty sure he's not gay. i don't know for sure, though.