Friday, December 08, 2006

Bienvenido, Ramon!

It has been exactly one month since we lost our dear Iggy. That’s right – one month ago, I found his body decomposing in my car. Autopsies were performed, and we discovered that we lost that poor soul to a severe case of destickification. So sad.

But life goes on, and I must move forward without Iggy, holding only to the memories of our days together, driving down the highway, jamming to the radio… Oh, Iggy! Why did you leave me? How can I go on without you! Life – what is she worth without you by my side? I wail! I moan! I shake my fist at the heavens in despair!

[Give me a moment here.]

Okay, I’m better now, really. Sorry about that. Life is just hard without my little blue friend. Fortunately, I have amazing support from loving folks in my life, and Fourth Breakfast brought me a new friend – not to replace Iggy, she made sure to clarify. No, this little guy is just to help take the edge off my loss. And he has, he really has.

Meet Ramon. Now, before you even try it, let me tell you that you can NOT mispronounce his name. You MUST roll the ‘R’ – Rrrrramon! Never, EVER, call him a simple Ramon. He is Rrrrramon! And he is en fuego!

Ramon is amazing. He’s so flamboyant and wild – always up for excitement, day or night. He chatters about the fiestas back home in Montevideo (that’s where he’s from, Montevideo. Say it with me: “Montevideo…”), and his família whom he misses dearly. And sometimes, when the sadness is too much for me, he lends a supportive ear (do frogs have ears?) as I reminisce about Iggy.

But Ramon has nabbed a secure place in my life these days, and is already as dear to me as Iggy was. He picked out this nice shady spot for himself in the car, and he seems to be enjoying the cool temperatures – probably because he is so caliente! I’m not sure he’ll roam quite as much as Iggy did, since he seems pretty comfortable just hanging in his little space, but you never know. Maybe one day I’ll come back to the car and he’ll be hiding in the console. Or chilling in a cupholder. Or kicking it on the dash.

Or maybe I’ll come to the car and find him dead, just like Iggy… Ahh! The sobbing begins again!


Day 8 of LaBloShoeMo: The Brown Loafers

In an effort to cheer myself up, I offer you these cool shoes with even cooler argyle socks. These have a higher heel than I might prefer for most of my shoes, and they’re a size too big for me, so I usually have to wear two pairs of socks with them (under the argyles are a pair of white socks with monkeys on them. No, I’m not kidding). But those are pretty minor. The bigger problem is that the heel makes the loudest clicking noise of any shoes I own, which means I go clomping around in these announcing my presence like a gunshot with every step. The price I pay to have cute shoes...


AngelHawk said...

OMG_ we have an iggy- he lives on top of the microwave in our kitchen and he is green not blue and when he gets really dusty- because the house is old- and the heating ducts need cleaned- NOT becuse I am a bad house keeper- LOL - I just rinse his little butt in the sink and put him bakc up there- and I have to say - my kids really love him and wish that they could play with him, but no he's happy there and if anyone is observant enough to notice him- they usually are like- what the hell is that? I guess since he has sat there for almost 2 yrs now- we should name him? any ideas? ps. LOOOVE RRRRRamon! too cute and the loafers too!

Sandra said...

Very cool shoes.

And I love Ramon

My son has a few dozen Iggy's he'd be happy to send you :)

Major Bedhead said...

Rrrrramon es muy, muy macho.

Anonymous said...


Now I have that line from Romy & Michelle's High School reunion in my head.

"Ooooh Rrrrrramon!"

Anonymous said...

Foot Admirer likes argyle socks!

tpiglette said...

This is way funnier when you tell it in person! ;)

Lara said...

red dragon's angel - hmmm... names for a green iggy? how about... patrick? it doesn't quite have the ring of Rrrramon, but not everyone can.

sunshine scribe - a few dozen?! goodness, that's a lot of iggys!

julia - isn't he though? que suave!

aly - i hadn't even thought of that until you mentioned it, but you are right. "the earth is moving!"

foot admirer - i'm so glad to hear that. it makes you slightly less creepy. 'cause how bad could you be if you like argyle socks?

tpiglette - that's 'cause you get to hear the rolling of the R in Rrrrramon! :-P

fourthbreakfast said...

Girl, you are blogging up a storm! I just got to this post. I'm glad Ramon is keeping you company. All the best!

Lara said...

fourth breakfast - i am, as you say, definitely blogging up a storm. and i'm loving it. it's been so helpful for me, honestly, having this space to write every day. thanks again for Rrrrramon! :)