Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Baby Love

"Sweetness and Light"

"All you need is love..."

(Thanks to Mocha for bringing the fun Flickr toys to my attention, so I could make these awesome projects showcasing my absolute adoration of small children – and these few in particular.)


Day 26 of LaBloShoeMo: Dance Shoes

Okay, I’m sorry. I went shopping today. And I bought three more pairs of shoes. I’ve planned out the last six days of the month, and if I triple up today and double up the rest of the days, I can get in almost all the pairs I wanted. However, there are two more pairs I wanted to buy today, but they didn’t have them in my size. If I end up finding them back home and buying them, we may have some spilling over into January. Ah well, you don’t mind, right?

Okay, first pair of Day 26: The Grecians

This was the first pair of dance shoes I ever bought. Okay, when I was five and I took about a year each of tap, ballet, and jazz, my mom bought me some shoes. But I bought these for myself when I was 18 and a freshman in college. I bought them a few weeks into my first social dance class and they have served me well. They’re stretched out and wrinkled now, but they still fit and they still work. I don’t wear them often, though – they’re mostly around for sentimental value.

Second pair of Day 26: The Black Character Shoes

I don’t actually wear these to perform, ‘cause I don’t have any dark performance gowns (instead, I wear the tan shoes from yesterday). I just wanted them because a) black heels are useful and match many outfits I might wear out dancing, and b) I think t-straps are cool. Seeser bought these for me a couple Christmases ago, and they’re actually very comfortable. A bit slick on some floors, but otherwise, very useful.

Third pair of Day 26: The Dance Sneakers

I don’t think I can possibly describe how great these shoes are. For years I’ve been saying I need to just buy a second pair for wearing out and about (not dancing). I’m pretty sure Lady M has a pair she wears around (though hers are red and much more stylish, of course), and I so need to do that. These are amazingly comfortable and provide great support. Along with the Bleyers, they are the dance shoes I wear most often for social occasions.


Dallas Blue said...

no comments on this one? no, ma'am!!

hi! dance shoes... i took ballet one time. i threw up during the family recital and my mom took me home from off the stage. just scooped me up from the line of little pink dancers and took me away.

never again.

i do have a sick, sick love for dance movies. does that count?

Lara said...

yeah, the lack of comments made me sad, too. i thought someone would at least say, "awww, babies! cute!" or something like that. ;)

your ballet story made me sad. but mostly it made me laugh. it was an appropriately sad laugh, though. :-P

dance movies totally count. i'm a fan of them as well, though they make me wish i were better.

Dallas Blue said...

yeah, dude. watching "Center Stage" always gives me the urge to.... I don't know. Make out with hot boy dancers and then... "DANCE!" while wearing violently red toe shoes.

I just saw a new one, reccently -- "Step Up." Very good. And a variation of the dance movie, "Stomp the Yard" which is about black fraternities and stepping is coming out soon. Can't. Wait.

Oh, geek, they name is Sassy.