Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Future of the Blog

Well, after the recent flurry of posts, I think it’s time for a State of the Blog address, just to see where we’re headed. First, in all likelihood, posts will be increasing in frequency. For one thing, the series left me with an overflow of material and nowhere to put it. That is, I wrote all seven posts in the series before posting even the first one. Then, I took even a couple more days doing last-minute edits and adjustments. And then I took seven days to put them all online. So I was left with about a week and a half of time during which I couldn’t blog about anything current, because I was devoting that time to recapping the past. Don’t get me wrong – those recaps were invaluable to me, so I don’t regret that time at all. It’s just that with all those days, especially given how many of them I spent with Mom and Seeser in Vegas, I find myself with lots I want to share.

[By the way, the above is a completely unrelated and gratuitous picture of me and Seeser from dinner Saturday night. I just love my new dress, and pictures of me and my Seeser are always cute, so I thought I'd share, just to brighten up the post. Of course, I'm not supposed to be showing my face, so you miss out on the cute smiles, but the dress is still there!]

The fact that I am still, in all honesty, going through an emotional crisis of sorts will also contribute to increased frequency of posting. As I always say, I am a writer down to my very core, and writing is how I work my way through the struggles. Plus, there’s obviously just a lot more on my mind these days.

I hold this belief that posts will be coming more frequently in spite of the fact that the quarter is ending in less than three weeks and I have a shit-ass-ton of work to do (shit-ass-ton = an intimidatingly large quantity). But as a friend of mine recently remarked, “Nothing gets in the way of that blog.” It’s so true. This blog is my lifeline sometimes, and if posting will help me stay sane, then the hell with anyone who would make me feel guilty for using it, even if I do have schoolwork. “Wind, water, stray bullets, even repeated hammer blows…” – nothing will keep me from blogging, friends. Nothing, that is, except my own lack of motivation, inspiration, or some combination of the two.

I’ll keep you posted.

[Oh. My. God. That was a horrible pun. Please don’t hate me.]


Anonymous said...

Haha! Loved the pun. And the dress. My gosh Kari, you're absolutely beautiful. :)

Hope to see lots and lots more posts. And as for the comments? I dunno where they came from. It's bizarre!

But with me as a stalker, you'll get to 1000 in no time.

Anonymous said...

lovely dress! seriously!

looking forward to hearing more from you, oh wise one! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow...my quote made the blog!
For that, I offer this token of my appreciation to the comment whore.

Maybe once I become less obsessed with the shit that is swirling in my own toilet I will even progress to a point where I comment on things that aren't related to me in your blog.

Back to watching the shit...

Lara said...

i can't believe no one posted about the bud light commercial...

aly - i'm glad someone appreciated the pun. and beautiful? i'm tempted to ask when you last had your eyes checked, but instead i'll just say thank you and move on.

sassy student - oh, you'll be hearing plenty from me, young grasshopper. those extra three years or so totally make me a sage.

dre - oh my effing goodness, you finally commented on my blog. this comment whore is mighty appreciative. i'll show you just how appreciative at our next study party...

hmmm... that was a bit awkward. forget i said that.

and hey, i'm a narcissist at heart, so certainly understand the motivation to comment on things related to yourself. clearly it just means i should mention you more. ;)