Thursday, September 07, 2006

Listening Skills

Sometimes, I think Fiance just doesn’t listen. I think he has half an ear on the conversation, just to make sure I’m not saying anything important, but in general I think he’s pretty tuned out to my chatter.

Sometimes, though, Fiance manages to surprise me, and I realize he really does pay attention to the things that matter to me. And I feel like he cares.

Sometimes, these two completely opposite situations happen within milliseconds of each other.

After taking a shower last week, I was wearing my pajama pants with the monkeys on them. Fiance and I discussed our dinner options, deciding finally to walk a couple blocks to grab some food from a local restaurant. I mentioned that this meant I would have to change out of my monkey pants, prompting this exchange:

F: No, I like the monkeys! All the monkeys go berserk!

Me: Wow, good job, dear!

F: What?

Me: You actually paid attention to all my talking about Bubbers and his books!

F: Who’s Bubbers?

I swear, sometimes it’s one step forward and three steps back around here.


Anonymous said...

You should introduce Jeremy to Laurie, and they should have a conversation.

Lady M said...


I too was saying in my head, "Wow, he knows the Hippos book," before I read your followup line.