Friday, November 07, 2008

Ten Reasons I Love My Job

Posted by Lara at 6:06 PM
I decided after yesterday's whiny, "I'm a failure" post, I needed to remind myself (and all of you) that I really am quite blessed to be where I am in my professional life. So here are ten reasons I love my job:

10) I get to work with my best friend, Tpiglette. There is nothing like knowing your gal pal is just a few classrooms away for calming stress. We can eat lunch together, we run a home group together, we take much-needed afternoon breaks to get caffeine from 7-11 together. And, in the black hole of first-year teaching, there is nothing better than a dear friend willing to make photocopies, staple homework packets, or grade vocab tests when you're about ready to fall apart.

9) I get to dress up in cute professional clothes and fabulous shoes. Not like when I was a nanny in sweats and running shoes every day.

8) My school is about 8 minutes from my house. Morning commute? SO easy.

7) My colleagues rock. Are there some people here I wouldn't mind never having to see or interact with? Yes, definitely. But I've to encounter anyone truly heinous, and for the most part, I get to interact daily with some awesome people. Besides Tpiglette, whom I've already mentioned, I also adore and admire my department lead, B., and her husband, J. They give me tons of support and advice - in fact, just today, B. gave me flowers and a card to encourage me after yesterday's rough afternoon. Plus, they're just all-around fun people.

6) I get to love and serve God openly every single day. People all have different beliefs, and what you believe may be completely different from what I believe, but I think most of us can agree that being able to easily blend your work with your fundamental beliefs is a pretty ideal scenario. I have a passion for God and His work, and I get to share that with students every day.

5) I get to talk about literature and the English language every single day. I am passionate about God, as I said, but I'm also passionate about English! I love discussing novels, studying grammar, learning vocabulary, writing, etc. So I get to stand up in front of my students and share that love. I think it helps them, too, to see their teachers really engaged with the subject matter.

4) I get to do fun "extra" stuff in addition to teaching. A couple weeks ago, I got to teach regency dance to the drama students for one of their plays. In January, I'll be chaperoning a student trip to Disneyland. And in June, I'll be accompanying kids on a service trip to Africa. Plus, I get to bounce through the air, get dunked in a tank, and all sorts of other humiliating yet awesome things. So cool!

3) Hot Teacher Guy. 'Nuff said.

2) I get to change lives. How cool is that? Maybe many of my students will forget me over the years - maybe many will leave my classroom completely unaffected by my presence in their lives. But some will always remember me. Some will be changed forever because of me. It is a terrifying responsibility and a tremendous honor all in one.

And the number one reason I love my job?
1) The kids. I love them. Okay, are there a few I don't always enjoy having in class? Yes. But for the most part, they're amazing. They like me, they respect me, and they make me smile. They are, without a doubt, the highlight of my every day.

Truly, I am blessed. What do you love about your job?


lspoon on 7:08 PM said...

One of the main reasons I want to become a teacher one day? Besides sculpting young minds of course...? Field Trips. I tell my husband all the time that I get to be the one who goes on all the field trips with our future kids! :)

jorge the ferret said...

I really like this list. Seems like you found your calling.

Lady M on 9:12 PM said...

I'm so glad that you've found this terrific school. Your students are lucky to have you.

Lisa on 9:44 PM said...

I am also so glad that you are loving your job. Teaching is so frustrating, and so rewarding and so amazing in so many ways. I would have to make a long list to tell you everything I love about teaching, but I'm with you on the #1 reason- the KIDS!

Hanlie on 3:48 AM said...

I'm so happy that you've found your niche! I'm sure your passion makes all the difference. You're right, teachers can be pivotal people in children's lives...

Clair on 9:20 AM said...

I'm envious of number 6 on your list. It's rare to be able to merge your faith with your job, and you're very lucky. As for me, I love my colleagues, and even when things aren't going well, I know that the work I do has a small impact on treatments and cures for all sorts of diseases.

BetteJo on 1:03 PM said...

Oh. And I just created my lame badge. :)

Ashley on 7:21 AM said...

Dude - this almost makes me want to be a teacher again.

Almost. :)


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