Sunday, November 02, 2008

Coherence Comes Later in the Month

For now, random, fire-at-will style posting...


I spent my extra hour today going grocery shopping. There were a bunch of things I really wanted to buy, because they looked so tasty, but I knew they'd go bad in the fridge long before I ever ate them. It's nice that I know my own sloth so well. What did you do with your extra hour?


I want to buy this dress. Or rather, I want to buy the opportunity to have that lady make me a version of that dress in my choice of color. I'm thinking pink. I already have a green gown:

But I like variety. Should I buy?


Teaching is still hard, and very very time-consuming, but I love my kids. They are just phenomenally awesome. They make me laugh, they include me in their lives, they ask me how I'm doing. Oh, and they laugh and throw softballs when I sit in the dunk tank at the school carnival:

Yet again, we realize that I am one of the most awesome teachers on the planet. My kids love me and my crazy antics.

Would you sit in a dunk tank for students?


Seeser has news - go see!


That's it for me. Oh, wait - here are some work clothes for you:

(Wow, sorry, there were a lot of pictures to show.)

Okay, but now that's really it. Until tomorrow!


BetteJo said...

The dress is fairy tale awesome for sure! I would never buy one like that because I would have absolutely no occasion to wear it. But omg if you might actually wear it - (I didn't notice, was it incredibly expensive?) it might be a really satisfying purchase!

And yes - I would love to do a dunk tank!
Or I would have, before I was forty-freaking-nine years old!

tpiglette said...

I like all your clothes. Well, I like them on you - they wouldn't necessarily look good on me. But you've had a positive influence on my dressing habits already so far this year! (e.g. the "I-look-like-Lara" vest)

And hey, that's me in the background of your 2nd dance picture!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to your sister and her fiancee.

I'm not usually a fan of buying clothing, but anything handmade by a crafts(wo)man is super cool, so, yeah, go for it. I think a zebra pattern would be totally fab.

Lisa said...

I sometimes love the random posts like this.
I would totally sit in a dunk tank for my students, and it is so cool that you did that! I'm glad you love teaching so much at the high school level, it really is NEVER boring!
Go for the dress, it is so incredibly gorgeous how could you not?!?
And, again, I love the work clothes. I need to shop.

Anonymous said...

Man, as soon as you said "Seeser has news" my first thought was "they're engaged!" But then when I saw the post I was all "oh, they just got a cat. Well, that's cute too". Heh. Good thing I kept reading =)

Let's do a meal or something some time soon - I didn't really get to hear about how teaching is going when we went shopping. Call me when you're free!

Wolf Lover Girl said...

Love the dress, and the green one too!

I think that would be fun to sit in a dunk booth, especially if it was people you knew trying to dunk ya. As long as the weather was warm.

And what exciting news about your sister. I love the way the proposal was done. Lovely.

~ Wolf Lover Girl