Friday, March 14, 2008


Posted by Lara at 8:32 PM
My priority list for this weekend:

#1: Spending time with my mommy, who is here to visit me.

#Less than 1: Blogging.

Sorry, folks, but that's just how it is. I'll be back on Sunday night with a new Google-age.

What are your priorities for the weekend?


Aussie Boy on 11:57 PM said...

Just got back from playing 3 trial games of (field)hockey in 30 degree (celcius) heat - not fun. So that was the priority for today.

The priority last night was to drink my weight in beer, and I gave it a good crack.

Tomorrow's priorities will just have to be decided upon when tomorrow rocks up. Too sore right now to think about it.

Mrs. Chili on 5:20 AM said...

I'm celebrating my younger daughter's ninth trip around the planet this weekend: kid-party today (complete with pizza and pottery painting) and family party tomorrow. YAY, Beanie!

lspoon on 6:27 AM said...

Haha, "less than 1" Awesome :) Have a great weekend.

gnomesque on 7:07 AM said...

Write an essay and have and easter egg dying/cake baking party with friends.

Oh, and convince the lovely maintenance people to fix the shower ASAP. Oh, the joys of ancient university residences...

alyndabear on 5:13 AM said...

Relax and not spend any more money because we're going away next weekend.. oh, crap. :(

Ali on 10:10 AM said...

whatever woman! you look GREAT!


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