Saturday, December 15, 2007

I Lose Things, So Sue Me

Posted by Lara at 11:55 PM
Yeah, so, the battery charger for my camera battery is... temporarily misplaced, let's say. I'm not going to go so far as to say it's lost, but, well, it's lost. Sadly, the battery in the camera is pretty much dead, which means that until I buy a new charger, I can't really take pictures with it. This has meant that I haven't been able to take all the shoe pictures I might have liked to share with you. And that has meant that I've avoided blogging.


But a friend was nice enough to take pictures with her camera for me, so I do, in fact, have some shoes for you today. In fact, I have one very special pair in particular for a little spotlight I'd like to call:

Boots: The Multi-Purpose Shoe

That's right folks, today I'll be pimping the boot. Every woman should have at least one great pair of boots because they look great in so many different situations. Here's my new pair of black boots to demonstrate this principle.

Here we have an example of an outfit I might wear out to a club or bar. Because, you know, I obviously frequent clubs and bars because that's totally my personality style. Okay, fine. But if I did frequent clubs and/or bars, this is an outfit I might wear to them. Sexy, sassy, and strong, and I owe a lot of that to the fabulous boots. As an added bonus, wearing the boots keeps my legs warm when I'm streetwalking. I mean, wait, what?

No, I'm not pregnant, even though somehow I totally look it in the picture. This ensemble is something I might wear out to drinks or dinner with friends. A nice sweater, some dark-wash jeans, and a nice pair of boots. Here the boots are a nice alternative to pumps, which might dress up the outfit more than you'd like for a casual meet-up with friends, while still keeping the outfit a little nicer than flats might.

My mom gave me this suit when I was in Vegas over Thanksgiving, and it makes me sad that I don't have an office job where I could wear it. But the point is to show that boots can go quite nicely with professional outfits as well. It's an easy way to keep your outfit looking nice without showing too much leg at work. It's also a great way to keep a suit looking younger if you're a twentysomething office gal trying to keep from looking like a thirtysomething. Or, hell, if you're a fortysomething trying to look like a thirtysomething....

Last but not least, boots can bring a little edge to a classic cocktail dress. In the spring or summer, you can keep a dressed-up outfit from becoming too formal by wearing sandals or strappy wedges; in the fall or winter, you can do the same thing with a nice pair of boots. Something good to keep in mind for the holiday season, when many of you will be attending parties (Christmas, New Year's, Scroogey Celebrations, whatever).

I love those black boots, but of course, I have other pairs as well. These brown boots are new this year:

Because they're flat (no heels) and a bit looser around the calves, they're more appropriate for casual wear than anything dressy. And, of course, we still have the cream-colored boots:

and the Uggs:

from last year. No, I don't, in fact, get an entirely new shoe wardrobe every year. Some classics manage to stick around for a few solid seasons.

So, how about you? Do you have a great pair of boots? If not, have you considered putting them on your Christmas list? Santa and his elves strongly believe in bringing boots for good little girls!


BetteJo on 1:25 AM said...

Very nice - I'm one who requires the pictures with the narrative when it comes to fashion. You sure you're not related to Stacey? Or maybe Clinton?
That's a good thing, btw. :)

Hanlie on 2:44 AM said...

One day... One day I will have a pair of boots! Ox-blood, I think! I may have to travel to the US to get them...

Anonymous said...

I do not yet have a good pair of boots, but I have been looking. I really like your cream-colored pair.

Tori on 12:24 PM said...

I have been totally admiring other people's black tall boots but have been too chicken to get a pair myself. I think you just inspired me!

Anonymous said...

I have no dressy boots. NONE. I've got a pair of Land's End snow boots and a pair of Target running errand boots. That's it.

Lara on 1:02 PM said...

bette jo - wow, i'm honored to be mentioned in comparison to stacey and clinton!

tori - if i have inspired even one person to buy fabulous shoes, then my work is not for nothing. :)

Aussie Boy on 1:08 PM said...

Was that post my Christmas present? If so, thankyou it was perfect.

flutter on 1:11 PM said...


a) You have the best legs EVER.

b) your boots are hot

and SHUT UP you don't look anywhere near pregnant please don't make me come over there and kick you square in the ass.

Lara on 5:33 PM said...

aussie boy - i'm sure i can think of something better to give you for christmas. like... um... okay, maybe not.

flutter - hottest legs ever? wow, that's a big deal. and as for the "pregnant" thing, i actually meant my posture more than my body itself. for some reason i'm standing with my stomach sticking out and my back arched and my hands like they're rubbing sore muscles. i look like the stereotypical tired, pregnant female. i'm sure i can pick better poses in the future.

Guilty Secret on 7:11 AM said...

I have six pairs at the moment... and another one of the way soon... woohoo!

seven on 2:28 PM said...

Boots are fun. I might still get around to posting more shoe pictures... I haven't completely nixed the idea, just put it off for awhile. Thanks for the comment, though!

WWEB/Betty said...

you'd be surprised at how far a pair of flat (or wedged) slouchy boots can go...i've definitely seen them paired very attractively with dresses & skirts in the city. not sure i'd ever wear them to a wedding but you know....not just for "casual" situations :)

also, what about the ankle bootie?!?! my favorite new addition to my wardrobe this year.

Lara on 4:07 PM said...

WWEB - seriously? ankle boots? jitta and i have been mocking ankle boots for weeks, but maybe you can prove us wrong.

Major Bedhead on 9:57 PM said...

I have no boots because I'm in denial that I live in New England and that we have 18" of snow on the ground right now. That and I have a high instep and have trouble with boots. Oh, and no money. *sigh*

I like the cream boots. The Uggs, not so much.

Wolf Lover Girl on 7:07 PM said...

How you model those many outfits so well. And I love the brown flat ones, they look so fun! I have to admit I have a pair of "fake" tall black boots. The kind that hug your legs like fake leather, no zipper required. But they were some cheapies from Payless!

~ Wolf Lover Girl

Lara on 9:16 PM said...

wolf lover girl - mine are cheapies from payless too! but they do have a zipper. :-P


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