Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's Not Late, I Swear

Posted by Lara at 11:59 PM
Ha ha, I'm out drinking, actually, not even drinking, but watching other people drink and waiting until I get to drive them home. Yes that's more compelling than posting, so I jobbed it out.

(J. the proxy poster)

[2:28am, Lara says: This is SO not what I told him to type, but it's close enough. What do you all think - is posting by proxy cheating or am I still good to go on this NaBloPoMo gig?]


Mrs. Chili on 4:18 AM said...

I say it counts, but I'm not the one making up the rules. I think it's brilliant of you to "post by proxy" though, and I think you should get credit for that...

Happy Thanksgiving!



Amanda on 7:20 AM said...

I think if you're a DD, then a PP is fine.

Thanks for keeping the roads safe.

LaLa on 11:57 AM said...

A post is a post lovely.

flutter on 9:29 PM said...

Ahhhhh posting and booze....

Lisa on 12:44 PM said...

OK so I can't figure out how to comment if someone else hasn't yet. Thanks for the nice Thanksgiving wishes. Here's to another year of things to be thankful for.

Guilty Secret on 2:02 PM said...

Comments off on your Thanksgiving post?! How will we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving back?!

Have a good one ;)

Lara on 12:18 AM said...

mrs. C. - you're so right! it IS brilliant and i DO deserve credit! hey, universe, where's my award for awesomeness?

amanda - anytime, sweetie. i'm a safety girl.

lala - and that's my motto for all of this month. ;)

flutter - two great tastes that go great together?

lisa - back at ya, kid. :)

guilty - aw, thanks, dear. happy, um, weekend. :-P


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