Monday, October 01, 2007


...and Black. These were the colors of our rivals in high school. They were just 15 minutes down the road in another small town which shall remain nameless. Their mascot was a dog. The specific breed shall also remain nameless.

You know how small towns and football go together. The entire town comes to the game on Friday night. And knows most of the players personally, or at least only through one degree of separation! I was in the pep band so I went to EVERY SINGLE home game. Of course I had to, but I still went to every game when I was going to community college and still living at home! We even went to away games when they weren’t too far away, which is saying something because our league is spread out over a good third of that state and we aren’t a small state! But our rivals were close. And we went to every game that we played on their field as well. And had our own red and gray section to oppose their orange and black.

Which also led to some pranks. Serious pranks! Like the one year that we beat them 49-0 on our home field. And then next year when we were at their field and it was their homecoming.... someone had gone and poured gasoline on the field so that it killed all the grass in the outline of 49-0. And to be honest I can’t even remember if we won or not! In retaliation they came and killed the grass in front of our high school in an outline of the initials of their school... except they forgot that both schools names start with the same letter! So we liked to think we were a
little smarter than they were!

But then again I didn’t like it when someone from our school went and set the wooden carved statue of their mascot on fire. It was pretty pathetic looking at that little dog all charred. I felt bad for them. But I suppose it was partially retaliation for them lighting off our homecoming bonfire a night early one year previous.

Being the pep band geek that I was I never actually got involved in any of these stunts or really knew who pulled them off. And to be honest I actually had some friends (gasp!) from this school as well. I don’t know if any pranks have gotten out of hand in the last few years, but I know the rivalry still goes strong! When one of our beloved teachers (and a football coach!) took a job at their high school I didn’t know what the kids would do! But in the spirit of community they went down on the night before school started, (with permission!) and decorated his new
classroom in red and gray. Just so he wouldn’t feel too out of place in his new school!

Hi, I’m Krista from Welcome to Married Life. I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane – especially as this past week was homecoming at my old high school! Now I write about my life as a mommy to 6 month old Cory, complete with silly pictures! Come visit!


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Anonymous said...

That's great the coach's room was decorated with the former school's colors!

Thanks for the walk down memory lane! It was very entertaining!

Suzie said...

we never burned anything...the boys just had fights!

Wolf Lover Girl said...

Wow! Those are some really interesting pranks. We never really did that (that I'm aware of) but we definitely had that rival team. Here's the interesting catch. Our rival school is the same school my dad grew up in! We never beat them in football until my brother's Senior year and he was actually on the team and it was on their turf! Oh I was sooooo estatic!!!

Sometimes I wish I could still go back and watch a good Friday night high school game... but I know none of them. Sigh!

~ Wolf Lover Girl

Anonymous said...

I blogged about school colors, too! Funny.

soccer mom in denial said...

Wow! People came to our football games to watch the marching band's half-time show. Football was this extra entertainment.

But what a great story. How lucky for you that your rival's colors were orange...... and black!

Heather said...

Wow I went to HS in at a larger school (graduated with 435 in my class). I don't think any of us were that big into school spirit.

Too bad, seems like we missed out on something after reading this!

Anonymous said...

that whole rivalry thing is so beyond anything I saw in school. okay, so we didn't have a football team, either, so that may have had something to do with it :)

Guilty Secret said...

Hi Krista! I was pretty sure that wasn't Lara as I read it but only made sense of it at the end. Now, off to read Lara's post...

Chad Oneil Myers said...

I just read your post over at Krista's blog. Wow, what a tragic event!

Your story was very well written though.

So sad.

Jonathan said...

Living on the other side of the planet in far-flung Engand, this stuff is *so* alien to me.

My memories of sport at school over here are of playing rugby on cold, windswept fields, or doing long distant runs through the surrounding fields in the biting wind.

Excellent post btw.

Anonymous said...

I hate to delurk on a guest post, but I wanted you to know that I am reading, even when I neglect to comment.