Friday, October 26, 2007

Bad Case of Blogstipation

Posted by Lara at 12:52 AM
Seriously, I have plenty of time to post these days, but absolutely no ability to actually put words on the screen. I can barely focus my thoughts while they're still in my head, let alone string them out into coherent sentences. This is about what I'm able to do right now:

Dating a boy. Been on four dates. Fifth this weekend. No idea how I feel.

New Boy. Still hurt. How? Why? Where do we go from here? Arg.

Boss knows I'm leaving. Strangely understanding.

Need a new job. Something that can make me happy.

Er. Tired. Blank mind. Huh?

Kids. Poop explosions. Booger patrol all the time. Yelling and screaming. Did I mention the poop?

Socks for Xmas.

So yeah, how's that for an intelligent, generally well-spoken Stanford graduate? Oh yeah - I'm awesome.

Here's what I need from you: What do you all do when you're feeling funky and not-quite-coherent but still want to blog? Do you force something out? Seek inspiration in the mystic forces of the universe? Poke at your eyeballs until the pain clears your head? I'll take any advice or suggestions you have for me.

Let's hope this blogstipation episode goes away soon.


hanlie said...

I post a link to someone else's funny, insightful or inspirational post...

Cheating, I know!

Tense Teacher on 2:57 AM said...

I posted about the same thing today. I have no answers; I was seeking some for myself. If I come up with something good, I'll share, if you'll do the same...

Carol on 7:02 AM said...

I do actually end up "forcing" a post idea. I just figure that if I stop for a few days I'll never start again... and I figure that my readers will be forgiving enough to let a few really crappy posts slide! Plus, I know that a good writer can make any topic -- even the most boring and mundane -- shine, and that's my goal. SO far from it, but I know it's possible!

By the way, I graduated from Stanford too (a long time ago), and taught at Bing Nursery School as part of my graduate program in Education. Did we have similar paths??


Mayberry on 7:27 AM said...

This is where a meme or blog blast can come in handy!

the kaiser on 11:31 AM said...

You should right about Disney! Did you have a good time when you went last weekend?

mks on 11:53 AM said...

I usually just take a quote or word or prompt of the day - there are 100 types of web pages that will email you one each day - and I free write about that word. It usually ends up being stupid stuff but it is usually better than a list of what I did that day.

mr. franz the mouse said...

I think you should tell us about your trip to Disneyland and post pictures of your cute face.

Guilty Secret on 3:27 PM said...

So far, I force it out (but only because I know I'll feel better once I do). But, I've only been blogging three months, so it hasn't been much of an issue yet.

Even though you didn't write much today, you did use the word 'blogstipation' in the title, which I think is quite enough creativity for one day!

Take it easy with the date... have fun and it doesn't matter what you think.

Lara on 3:38 PM said...

hanlie - not necessarily cheating. some blogs do that all the time and do quite well with it.

tense - when i come up with something, i will most definitely share.

carol - you're right, of course, that good writers can make anything interesting. it's just that when my brain is like this, i don't feel like a good writer. as for stanford, i focused my education studies on secondary education, so i taught at a high school, rather than bing.

mayberry - you're so right! i need to find a meme to steal...

kaiser - i should "right" about disney? i think you meant "write," but i'll take the suggestion into consideration. ;)

mks - a random word prompt might actually be neat once in a while. good suggestion. :)

franz - aw, shucks. well, the disney part i can do. cute face pictures are a bit more subjective, and thus more of a challenge, but i'll do my best.

guilty secret - i can't take credit for "blogstipation," although i can't remember who i first saw use the word. and yes, i'm trying to take the date in stride and not stress, but it's tough for a worrier like me. :-P

BetteJo on 4:51 PM said...

There's always finding a cartoon or maybe a picture you can put a good caption with.

alyndabear on 5:01 PM said...

I hear you on the Blogstipation.. it's a bugger. I look for inspiration in my Bloglines, resort to a writing prompt, or just ramble. Can't beat that, some days.

CaliforniaTeacherGuy on 10:11 AM said...

Here's my advice: Just keep writing. Anything. Even if it sucks. The good stuff will flow eventually. Just keep writing.

yh on 4:32 PM said...

Sounds like you need a good long vacation... :) or some metamucil.

Dee on 6:13 PM said...

I second the meme idea. Otherwise, I usually just try to post a photo. At least it gets something popping up in the feed readers.

Major Bedhead on 8:11 PM said...

I usually post music videos when I'm really stuck.

I'm all stuck about blogging, too, but mostly because my days are spent packing and writing for dLife and trying to get the books read that I need to review and do laundry and cook meals and make sure the Shriek Sisters don't kill themselves (or me) and, y'know, pee every once in a while.

Plus, the Red Sox, man! I'm busy watching the World Series.

LaLa on 2:34 AM said...

Man, I KNOW how you feel.

For a while I forced a post, but then I started to begrudge my blog. I sort of started to hate it.

Sometimes life just gets in the way of blogging and you just need a few hours of silence when you get home, not your own voice in your head.

I had a rest for a few months, now I blog when I feel like it and I love my blog again like a fat kid loves cake.


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