Sunday, December 24, 2006

My Grown-Up Christmas List

Dear Santa,

I realize this list is coming a little late, but you’re supposed to be magic, right? This is the season for believing in miracles – that’s what people say. So I’ll go out on a limb here and ask you for all the things I want most this Christmas.

For Mom and Seeser, I’d like some job security and peace of mind. I’d like them to worry less about me and about the future. Please bring them health and happiness this holiday season.

For J., I want uncompromised joy, and an understanding that he is loved and cared for, beyond anything he could imagine. I wish for glad times with good friends surrounding him. Please take away his doubts, and replace then with hope and faith in life and good people.

For Lady M and SwingDaddy, I wish so, so many good things this Christmas. I wish for safe travel in the snow, I wish for laughter and love and togetherness with family. I would ask you to bring them both some peace in this hectic holiday season, amid the stress and the worry. Especially once Bubbers opens his noisy Christmas gift from Nanny Lara, they could probably use some blissful silence, too.

For Tpiglette and Baleeted, I would like to ask for easy, hassle-free wedding planning. More than that, I hope they have fun together, planning the ceremony that will begin their life as husband and wife.

For Her Bad Mother, I hope for a refreshing time with family and loved ones – a time to celebrate life and love and all the miraculous things the two can bring.

For Mom101, please bring a wholehearted enjoyment of all the agony joy and wonder of pregnancy, and supportive friends and family to listen to her whining love her unconditionally through it all.

For Mocha, please deliver a shit-ass-ton of good karma, because she deserves it like no other. I would also ask that you sprinkle oodles of goodness over those of her students who may not be able to enjoy a Christmas like the ones on TV. Give her a fun holiday with lots of mojitos and laughter with her awesome family.

For Mrs. Chicky, I have but one simple request – please grant her one whole day without any Chicky Baby tantrums, even when the baby girl has to wear that horrible adorable suit. Just one day.

For Caffeinated Librarian, I would like you to bring comfort and inner peace. A resurgence of strength and pride, and a calmer work life than she seems to currently have. And a resolution to family struggles that can leave everyone… well, if not happy, then at least content.

For Aly, I’d like more shoes. Because if she doesn’t have enough shoes to fill a month, that makes me and my shoe hoarder-ness sad. Also, a Hooters tank top. And safe and joyous preparations for her trip to New Zealand.

For Sassy Student, I wish for a renewed sense of self-confidence and motivational drive. I wish for the ability to keep perspective on herself and her actions, to remember that she’s a great girl, and that the future holds many possibilities for her.

For Lilit, I wish for a sense of calm, and peace, and a feeling of rightness, just where she is. And if she is meant to move on, I wish that you would help her find her way, wherever that takes her. And most of all, I wish for snow.

For Sunshine Scribe, I want the gift of sunshine, of course! But instead of just tossing a sunny day down for her, maybe you could give it to her through the smiles of her hubby and Little Sunshine. She shares the gift of time with her family, so maybe you could just give her a little bit of extra time, for her to spend on herself. Oh, and help her to go a bit easier on the self-criticism about The Book.

For Teacher Jane, please give some safety and security. I’m scared for her and her time at work, what with all the dangerous stuff she’s been dealing with lately. Please give her an understanding of the important role she plays in her students’ lives, and a sense of peace despite the craziness around her.

I guess that’s about it, except for… oh, me. I need forgiveness, and peace, and acceptance, and understanding, but I don’t think you can give me any of those things. I fear they need to come from me, and I fear I can’t give them to myself yet. So while I sit here, stuck in this place, I ask instead that you bring these gifts to all these people I love, and bring joy and love and happiness to the so many others I am thinking of and sending good thoughts to tonight.

With faith, and hope, and even a little bit of belief in magic,

Lara David


Day 24 of LaBloShoeMo: The Monkey Slippers

As I said before, my family's traditional Christmas Eve gift was always pajamas. Three years ago, Seeser gave me Care Bear pajamas, and last year, she gave me these. Now, before you go getting all antsy on me, understand that I'm not showing you my slippers because I don't have enough shoes for 31 days. In fact, I'm strongly considering putting multiple pairs on for the last couple days, just to get all the ones I like into the month (and that's ignoring things like plain black or white flip-flops). At any rate, I just think these slippers are really cool - they were my first pair of open-toed slippers! - especially given how well they match my monkey pants. Remember this post? Well, these are the pants that started it all. They (and the matching tank top) are so comfy! And monkeys? Always a good idea.


Lady M said...

Merry Christmas! Thanks for the kind thoughts. We are wishing you all the best for the new year.

tpiglette said...

I am praying for all of those things for you. I hope that the grace made real to us by Jesus' birth will touch you tonight and in the coming days, in a way that brings the healing that only God can give. TLBY :)

Anonymous said...

Duplicate feet pictures!?! NO!!!! You MUST buy yourself more shoes!!! You must take more sexy photos of your feet!!! Make it your X-mas present to me and all of your feet admirers out there.

I wish you the Merriest of Christmases possible!!!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Lara!

Sorry I haven't been responding to your posts, I've been out of the country (and, thus, busy entertaining relatives and whatnot). I hope you are doing well (it seems I have many posts to catch up on).

Me and my better half have a small gift for you and can't wait to see you when you get back. By the way, when do you get back? Please let me know!



P.S. I have put out a hit on Foot Admirer's life. It was costly, but I consider it a gift to myself for this holiday season.

Anonymous said...


I hope you had a lovely Christmas - and I just bought myself some lovely thongs on Hee. Your wish came true!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Lara. This was a really sweet post. I enjoyed reading it.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Lara, to you and your family.

Lara said...

lady m - thank you. i very much appreciate your well wishes.

tpiglette - thank you much, tpiggy. i am hoping so, too.

foot admirer - hey, you're back! and no, no - no duplicate pictures. i meant i would include multiple pictures of different shoes. also, i did, in fact, buy myself more shoes today. so there you go. :-P

OP - thanks! yeah, i figured you were busy, so no worries. glad to hear from you again. i'll be back on the night of the 28th, so i'm sure i'll see you sometime soon after that.

aly - oh boy! my wish for you came true! also, i bought myself three new pairs today, too. :-P

aimee - and a happy christmas to you too. i'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

TB - thank you much. i passed on your wishes to the family, too, and they thank you as well. i hope you're enjoying your break as much as possible - you definitely deserve a restful break.

Caffeinated Librarian said...

Awwww, aren't you sweet! Thanks, Lady. I wish for joy to you this new year and a graceful ease to living.

Oh, and more cool shoes. *grin*

Lara said...

CL - why, yes, i am sweet, and thanks for noticing. ;) but seriously, you are most welcome, and i thank you for your wishes in return.

oh, and as to the wish for shoes? i bought three new pairs this afternoon. ;) so good job with that one!

Mama said...

What an awesome wish list! I hope you had a super holiday and I hope all your wishes come true!!!

Mocha said...

You are pretty awesome, do you know that? Also, did you know that the shit-ass-ton of karma came in the form of a virus? It did! How nice!

Actually, let's think about this: I get sick right after school gets out. God is telling me to take it easy. Ok, I'll listen.

Hope you are well and happy and healthy with a shit-ass-ton of karma that HEALS you.

Sterile Kisses,

Lara said...

jo - thanks! i hope all my wishes come true, but judging by mocha's comment, it doesn't look likt they did...

mocha - yeah, i read about your virus. yuck! i'm sorry for that. maybe santa got confused? i hope you get better real soon!

Sandra said...

I can't believe in my bloggy absence I missed this one. Thanks for including me on your list and for your kind wishes. Big hugs back at ya!

Anonymous said...

Seeing how long it took me to read your post, you were probably exactly right about me needing peace. That said, what beautiful things you wished for me. I'm honored.

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled across this - and what a doll you are. Thank you. I wish you the same and more.