Friday, December 15, 2006

Hey, Look!

Today's post is a pictorial. A walk through the weird and wacky things I've encountered recently - the things that were just too amazing to ignore. Enjoy the visual insanity!


While shoe shopping yesterday afternoon:

Can a shoe possibly scream "I'm a Vegas hooker" any more loudly?

Yes, it can.


While taking LaBloShoeMo pictures with Tali and K:

The funny thing is there is one male foot and two female feet, and the one without the painted toes is actually not the male foot...


While visiting the new apartment:

I wanted a picture of Tennyson in his Christmas sweater. Tennyson wanted to be right next to my legs. We had a battle about this for a while. Eventually, I ran across the room and snapped this picture as he ran back to be right next to my legs again.

What with his fascination with toes, I think Bubbers would find these absolutely fascinating. I know I do.


After a dance performance:

Wow. I mean - just... Wow.


While shopping for Bubbers's Christmas gift:

I'd like to thank my mom for never buying me skanky dolls like these. They make me ashamed to be female.


At a recent dance event:

Someone should tell the Purple Pieman that he finally hit the love jackpot.

Here there be mermaids - and I thought they couldn't walk on land. Apparently this one had some sort of fin separation surgery.


While shopping for art supplies for a class final project:

Thank God there's a guide! Because apparently bending fuzzy sticks is way more complicated than we realized.

I had to take this picture for Lady M. I admit it's not nearly as cute as most of her other anthropomorphic sealife crushes, but still, pretty entertaining.

It's Iggy's long-lost plush father! I couldn't bring myself to tell him of his son's demise. Poor Iggy Sr....


In my high school class a few days ago:

Our students get calls on Barbie's Dream Phone way too often.

A dance-off between our two class mascots. The frog sings "Joy to the World" by Three Dog Night. The skeleton sings "Play That Funky Music, White Boy" by Wild Cherry. Both dance. Who do you think should win?


While on a trip to Fry's:

I guess even meddling kids need office supplies...


While browsing a hardware store downtown:

Doesn't it look like someone crawled into this bag and died? It creeped me out to look at it...


While leaving the library after an afternoon of studying:

You know in The Birds, when Tippi Hedron is outside the school, smoking a cigarette, and she looks at the jungle gym, and there are a couple birds on it, and then she looks back a few minutes later and there are about a thousand? Yeah, that was how I felt when I left the library and saw all these bikes crowding the entrance. Creepy...

And of course, there are the shoes...


Day 15 of LaBloShoeMo: The Cream Sneakers

So, as I mentioned above, I was shoe shopping yesterday afternoon. That's right - shoe shopping. Do you hear the choirs of angels singing a heavenly chorus as you read those words? 'Cause I do. I bought four new pairs of shoes, and they were all "cream-themed," as I was telling a friend recently. These are a lovely light shade of cream suede, with brown stripes. And they are comfy and cozy, like all sneakers should be. I have already debuted them, first meeting Lady M for coffee last night, and then to school this afternoon. Mmmm... new shoes...


Anonymous said...

Hee. I loved this post! And I love your sneakers, I don't really have any casual ones like that.. must get some. Four pairs? Omg.

(And yes, for a second there I actually thought you owned the skank shoes.)

Lady M said...

Sealife in action! No one has yet presented feet in toe socks to Q, so that should be entertaining.

Sandra said...

So much fun. I love your pictorial post :)

Dallas Blue said...


and i see hooker shoes EVERYWHERE. target has these like, four inch, leopard print, platform-esque peep toe heels.

no ma'am!

Anonymous said...

"Joy to the World" wins, every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

And the Mystery Machine had me rolling. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to make an unpopular statement here. Buying material things saddens me. Which is finer: the beautiful, forever surprising earth; or some preposterous material item meant only for adornment, extracted at inconceivable cost from the earth and that will last no more than a few years? (Ok, so my language is not exactly objective.) But, seriously, doesn't anyone else agree that we're destroying our dear home one consumerish item at a time?

"Foot admirer" might also point out that Lara's feet need no adornment. Get a few pairs of comfy, practical shoes and call it quits.

Lara said...

aly - yes, you must get some casual, yet nice-looking, sneakers. they're invaluable to any teacher's wardrobe. (and i can't believe you could think such a thing about me, after we've known each other for so long now - what's it been? a month?)

lady m - sealife in artistic action even! and i think toe socks are just what bubs needs to enliven his day. ;)

sunshine scribe - i'm glad you enjoyed it! it was fun to write and photograph. :)

sassy - yeah, i'm pretty sure there was a leopard pair too, but i couldn't make myself put them on my feet. i should have snapped a shot of them in the box.

seeser - but it stops halfway through the chorus! that's what's keeping me from announcing it the winner. and i'm glad you enjoyed the mystery machine. meddling kids and all.

hugh - it saddens you, does it? simplicity is all well and good, but we all have our "poached eggs and tea" (as emerson would say) - those luxuries with which we are unwilling to part. while it might be nice if we could all live simple lives without need of frivolous pursuits for happiness, it's not really practical. and so isn't it better for me to spend a little extra cash buying shoes from payless, but be happier for it? maybe not, but that's what i think anyway.

Anonymous said...

The issue is difficult. Certainly I do not mean to suggest we should ban pleasure from our lives. Pleasure is by no means a stranger to this specimen of Equus ferus. Two points of inquiry:

1. Do consumers consider all that goes into a material items -- all the messy entanglement of globalization -- before purchasing them? If a consumer determines the true price of an object, would he be so eager to purchase it?

2. Does happiness really result from purchasing things? I grant that some material items are useful: they serve as tools to accomplish something else and so are valuable. But adornments? Knick knacks? Unhealthful foodstuffs? Noneducational toys (e.g., consumer electronics)? If an individual were to think a lot more deeply about what he desires, might he realize that most of what he does for pleasure is just a substitute for what he has not hitherto identified as his true desires?