Monday, October 23, 2006

A Vacant Space of Waking

For about a week now, I haven’t been sleeping well. So far, I’ve been dealing with this by finding ways to keep busy until about 2:00am, taking an anti-nausea pill to settle my churning stomach and make me drowsy, then turning on the TV to drown out my thoughts until I fall asleep to late-night reruns. For those of you not so good at math or not aware of my wake-up time, this has had me getting about four hours of sleep a night, generally speaking.

I was really hoping to change that this weekend, and did, to a certain extent. I was able to sleep a bit later in the mornings, but still was having the problem of not being able to just shut off my mind and let myself sleep. Then yesterday, a pair of good friends took me out to a lindy event on Santana Row, in the hopes of breaking me from the funk in which I’ve been sort of mindlessly existing for a while now. I was thankful for the opportunity to get out for a while, but I figured I would mostly be too depressed to dance.

I forgot, however, that dance negates depression.

Turns out I actually had a really good time. I danced quite a bit, both with my friends and with new faces I met at the event. We also had a good time watching many small children as they danced along, as well (see the example to the right). By the end of the afternoon, I was worn out from the time in the sun and all the activity. I thought, “Great – maybe I’ll finally be able to sleep tonight!”

So, that night, as I prepared for bed, I bravely decided to face the darkness sans anti-nausea meds and sans TV. After all – I can’t rely on those forever, right? In exchange for my bravery, I was rewarded with two hours of tossing and turning before finally managing to grab about three hours of sleep.

I think for tonight, I stick with what works.


Anonymous said...

Dancing, hustle, tomorrow night? (You know you want to...)

Anonymous said...

What starts w/ "m" and rhymes w/ "sedate"? Quite possibly the oldest trick there is to help one fall asleep.

Lara said...

kevin - thanks much for the invite! if i hadn't had other plans, i would have gone and let you cheer me up with dancing yet again.

anon - um... medicate? :-P

Anonymous said...

"Medicate"? I hope that peculiar orthographic sequence you use - a colon, hyphen, and uppercase Latin 'P' - is meant to imply that you're joking about that guess. I have seen another author of hypertext transfer protocol publications place Latin glyphs in the nontraditional orthographic phrase ";-P" to connote, this author reported to me in subsequent correspondence, essentially: "I'm in on your joke but am pretending not to be."

Another hint: the rhyme I suggested is, I believe, masculine, though perhaps a linguist with greater expertise in English rhyme would assert that it is, in fact, feminine.

Lara said...

anon - hmmm... so it's not medicate? darn, i was sure that was it. is it meditate? mediate? matriculate?

and yes, "i'm in on your joke but pretending not to be" is a pretty accurate interpretation of my ":-P"... so :-P again.