Thursday, September 14, 2006

I Can Just See It...

Posted by Lara at 11:54 PM
Fiance and I went to The Counter recently. It’s a new gourmet burger place that opened a couple blocks away, so one evening when we were feeling particularly uninspired for dinner options, we decided to give it a try. It was really tasty, though a bit pricey for burgers, and we had a good time. Despite the great food, however, I kept getting distracted by the staff. The staff of the restaurant is almost primarily young people (presumably all over 18, since they have to be able to serve alcohol, but not by much in some cases), roughly gender balanced with a slightly higher number of girls. Given how new the place is, and the fact that it was a Monday, there weren’t very many customers, so a lot of the staff had nothing to do. Rather than leaving, however, they decided to all stand around and flirt outrageously. I mean really obvious flirting – these people need to learn subtlety. I’m all for casual flirtation and all, but not if it involves being stupid in a public place, especially a public place where you’re working.

While watching the giggling, tickling, and play-fighting (and attempting to ignore my own disgust with their asinine frivolity), it occurred to me that this might be interesting to share on the blog (‘cause who doesn’t want to hear me go off on a judgmental rant about something I used to do all the time when I was younger?). I said to Fiance, “I should blog about this.” He rolled his eyes good-naturedly and gave me that indulgent look he always gives when I say, “I should blog about this.” It reminded me of a poem I read senior year at Stanford, in my Contemporary American Poetry class. To avoid copyright issues, I will sadly not post it here. But the poem was essentially written by a mother, describing a trip she and her daughter took to the shore. The daughter makes a cute statement, and just as the mother begins to jot the statement down as a note for later, the daughter says, “Mom I can just see it / in your poem it’ll say…” That’s exactly what Jeremy is saying with his eyes when I say, “I should blog about this.” He’s saying, “I can just see it – in your blog it’ll say…”

He’s so good to put up with me and my obsessive blogging. :)


Seeser said...

Yummy! I went to the website and put together the perfect burger, so I'm ready for my next visit. :)

Nanny Girl on 5:46 PM said...

We have a place like that here in Ottawa, Ontario Canada but it's called "The Works" check it out at

Miss Ish again said...

I'm a patron of the original Counter in Santa Monica, and although I believe this one skimps on the toppings (which I loved about the SaMo one--it was like a turkey burger salad!), I'm glad you appreciated this establishment, minus the flirting, in light of your discerning taste.


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