Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wish List

I recently checked a pretty big item off my ongoing wish list:

Hi, I'm a tripod-cat and I'm a little nervous...

Now I'm slightly less nervous, so I've come out from behind the toilet, and am now behind the futon.

It got me thinking about what else is on my wish list, so I thought I would share. Because why covet alone when you can covet with friends, right? Right.

Item #1:

Oh, how badly I want an iPad. And it's such a frivolous want too - I have absolutely no need for one. There are no moments during my regular daily life where I find myself thinking, "If only I had an iPad right now! Why, oh WHY don't I have an iPad?" I do, however, find myself thinking, "Gosh, it would be really nice to have an iPad right now. I really wish I had an iPad..." I want the bigger screen for checking email and Facebook, I want the FaceTime, I want iMovie, I want the drawing pad, I want the photo storage... I want an iPad.

Item #2:

Not only do I want a new mattress, I arguably need a new mattress, which probably makes this the most likely next item to be crossed off the list. (That does not, however, make it number one on the list, because this list is prioritized by desire.) My back has been killing me, and I am certain that a lot of the reason for that is because my mattress is so old and saggy. Tpiglette says you can see it sagging just from walking past my bedroom and looking in the open door. I've had the mattress as my own for almost five years, and I got it as a hand-me-down from J., and he'd had it for years before that. So yeah, it's really time for a new mattress.

Item #3:

Admittedly, I probably wouldn't want/need a massage so badly if I had a better mattress. But still, there are other reasons why my back could use some tension release. I recently drove myself out to Vegas to visit Mom and Seeser, then, obviously, had to drive myself back. That's about 9 hours each way, sitting in an uncomfortable position, staying slightly tensed the whole time. And let's remember that not all that long ago, I spent two weeks in a third-world country working with kids. And not long before that, I ended a HELLISH school year that tensed me up like you would not believe. Adding the mattress thing on top of all that other stuff really makes for a sore back. And a massage sounds mighty good.

Item #4:

Okay, compared to other things on this list, pretty cheap, but still, more expensive than I ought to be spending, given I really do NOT need any new shoes right now. But still... SO PRETTY!

Item #5:

This is so easy to get, it's really more on the "Remember to get this the next time you're at Target" list more than a "Wish" list, but still. There you go. My apartment is hot and I need a fan.

Item #6:

Technically the "item" in question is the man, not little cake toppers. Sadly, while this would normally be first on the list in terms of how much I want it, it's at the end of the list because I realize it's not an "item" and can't really be put on a "list." But I'm working on it. Really and truly, I am working on getting this "item" checked off. (As much as it ever can be.)

So, friends - what's on your wish list today?


Rachel said...

A wish list is what Pinterest is for. LOL.


Profesora de espaƱol said...

I love cats! Scrappers is so adorable! I hope you give him/her lots and lots of cuddles!

As for the rest of your list, it seems pretty balanced, including necessities and desires! Definitely work on getting that mattress. It can really make a difference! And if you can't splurge and buy a good one outright, there are tons of financing options available (0% interest for 6 months and such).

Good luck, and enjoy your kitty!

Still Jill B said...

I thought it was Pinterest-y, too!

Hey does your health insurance (presuming you have some) cover massages? A lot of the time you can get a massage, often through a chiropractor's office, and only have to pay the copay. You can get, like, a MONTHLY massage. Nice, ehh? Check into that (I'd say contact chiropractor's office and they can tell you - trying to decipher your info from insurance, or even asking them "directly" will likely only make you need a massage even more).

Oh, and my wish list?
Degree (cross your fingers that it works out for December 2011)
Resolved awkward/frustrating situation with fiance's roommate (who has some psychological issues- including, IMHO, that she's in love with him and resentful of me, oi)
Wedding with successful chocolate party reception (12/31/11, presumably)
New job when I move to fiance's town (after degree, after wedding - so, February would be a good time to end the hour long commute across a mountain to my job)

And presuming planned wedding happens - I get to check off "awesome dog" and "super-awesome comfy bed", along with groom. :)

Bella said...

#6 is what I want, too.

And #1.

And a job, but I guess that wouldn't count either?

fjd said...

Yay Scrappers! Boo mattress! (You might try to flip the mattress to see if the result is temporarily more supportive.)

BetteJo said...

One. But I NEED two. My mattress set is at least 15 years old. That's insane.