Sunday, September 12, 2010

Yep, Those Are My Kids

I'm exhausted, having just returned from a weekend retreat with our students, so a brief story to show you why I think I have such amazing kids:

Sitting at breakfast, one of the girls at my table wasn't feeling well. She was feeling very dizzy and a bit nauseated, not really sure what, specifically, was wrong. She asked to see the nurse, so I went over to the table where she was sitting, about five tables away from us, diagonally down the dining hall.

"One of the girls sitting at my table isn't feeling well. She asked if you could come see her, so when you get a chance, could you come by our table?"

"Sure," Mrs. W. - one of our science teachers, and our weekend nurse - said. "I'll just finish these last few bites and head over." She started looking around. "Which table are you sitting at?"

I looked back in the direction I'd come, to point out my table. At first I couldn't pick it out of the crowd - the dining hall has about 35-40 tables in it, so I had to peruse the area I knew I'd come from before I could find my exact table again. "Um, over in that direction..." I started to say, then stopped short. "Oh- you can see her there, with her friends praying for her."

Yes, the only adult at the table left the group of students all alone to their own devices, and what did they do? The students on either side of her had laid hands on her, and the whole table of kids was praying for her healing.

This is why I just love my kids - I think they're so cool and inspiring. Regardless of your beliefs, and whether you think laying hands on and praying for someone can make a physical difference, I feel like you must acknowledge the awesomeness of teenagers who want to help and support each other in times of pain or sickness, even when it's fairly minor. That they immediately think to stop their breakfast and pray is really sweet to me.

And now, it's just about bedtime for me, so here are some work clothes for you in the meantime:


BetteJo said...

Definitely cool and loving kids.

tpiglette said...

I totally suspected that you might share this story in a blog post!! Love it. :)

Also, I'm glad I get to see what you were wearing that week I was gone. Cute, as always!

Clair said...

Wow, that's an amazing group of students. I hope this year is going well so far.

Those boots? The first pair of brown ones? They are fabulous!

Jane said...

I second what Clair said; I LOVE those boots...and I also love those kids. You're totally correct; they are amazing and inspiring.

Breathe Gently said...

Gorgeous kids AND gorgeous outfits. You are the best dressed teacher, ever.

Anonymous said...

Where do you shop? I love the outfits!