Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spirit Week Recap

Day 1: Absolutely Nothing

Yeah, Spirit Week started with a normal Monday. What an anti-climactic way to start this post, huh? Still, cute argyle sweater vest, right? Yeah.

Day 2: Celebrity Day

That would be me as Hannah Montana. My kids thought it was awesome and hilarious and just generally great. In fact, a number of them said they liked me with blond hair and/or bangs. As for me, I mostly just enjoyed looking so different that many students had to do a double-take when they saw me. I passed one group in the hall and then heard, "Wait, was that Miss David?" Great times.

Day 3: Disney Day

Here we have Snow White (aka Tpiglette) and the Wicked Queen (aka me). This outfit actually caused multiple students to jump back in surprise/fear when they walked in my classroom. Apparently I really freaked them out with the makeup and everything. Of course, I figured the fact that I was usually smiling (when not in character for posed pictures) would make it better, but it turns out I was actually at least as scary - if not MORE so - when I was smiling:


Day 4: Decade Day

Too precious, right? I had a good time living life as a teenager again, albeit one from another decade. My kids ooh'ed and aah'ed over my fluffy petticoats under the skirt; I mostly itched and scratched at the damn things.

Day 5: Color Day

I cannot possibly explain how happy this day made me. See, my favorite color of all time is orange - in fact, it's "Crayola Washable Marker Orange." So when the sophomores got orange as their class color for color day, I was super excited. A chance to wear head-to-toe orange without anyone wondering why! How wonderful! The shirts we ordered as a class, but everything else I had to go buy. The skirt was $8 at Goodwill, and I got the two-pack of athletic socks (one pair as socks, one pair as gloves) for $5 at an athletic store nearby. My sneakers are from Payless and actually have orange trim. But the best part is the "hat" I got from Michael's:

Yes, it's a tiger. I'm wearing a tiger hat. What can I say? It was orange, so it seemed appropriate.

And thus ends Spirit Week 2009. I think I shocked a lot of my students with just how spirited I got, but it was a great time. And now we're on a winter break for a week, which is perfect for me because I have tons of work to catch up on, plus a lot of interview questions to write (no, I haven't forgotten about you!).

What have you all been up to?


Kennethwongsf said...

I think you do a better Hannah Montana than Hannah Montana does (if that make sense).

Anonymous said...

Aw I miss Spirit Week. Way to get into it. Where did you get the evil queen costume? It's fantastic!

Mrs. Chili said...

WOWIE, but that's some orange! I don't know that I've ever met anyone whose favorite color is orange, now that I think of it, and you REALLY know how to pull it off.

Tpiglette is adorable.

Lisa said...

I'm so seriously impressed with how into spirit week you were! (Does that sentence make sense!?!?) It looks like SO much fun....I LOVED the poodle skirt (although I imagine the itching wasn't fun)! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your vacation...mine is drawing to a close. :(

Mrs. C. said...

That looked like a lot of fun! Good choices on costumes!

Anonymous said...

Insanely awesome.

Mojo said...

Winter break this late in the year? How odd.

If you consider the nature of the Wicked Queen in Snow White, you were probably more in character when you were smiling than not. She was a sly one (the conniving witch!).

What have I been doing you ask? (Well, you did!)

Well for one thing there was this. That's the most recent accomplishment anyway.

Teacha said...

Awesome job for spirit week. Do all of the teachers get that involved?

Anonymous said...

The Hannah Montana was adorable!

nutmeg said...

I think you need to teach elementary!

Bryan said...

The smiling evil queen is way more disturbing. I love it.

And I remember Day 5!